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My Name is Amy

 By Amy

Hi, My name is Amy, it used to be Alan.  Let me tell you my story.

I was a successful sales rep and my wife, Trish is a lawyer in a big firm in Denver.  I lost my job when the market slowed down but we were still alright for money so I was waiting for the right job.  Since I was home and my wife was working I started to do the house cleaning and cooking, which I must say is kind of fun.  One night at dinner my wife told me to start doing the laundry and that she wanted here lingerie hand washed.   I protested but what could I say, the next thing I knew we were in the bathroom hand washing her panties, bras and stockings, the nylon material and lace caught my attention.  We then hung everything up to dry.

Things went on like this for a few days when as I was folding her panties I decided to try them on, ooh what a feeling as the smooth lacey white nylon panty slid across my legs.  I was in heaven as I let the waistband go with a snap.  Shaking, I slowly put on a white lace cup bra, what a feeling; I was so confused and excited knowing and wanting to do this again this again.  I touched the front of pretty panties and exploded into them the biggest load I have ever seen.  I hurriedly clean up the mess and did the laundry.

I loved the feeling of the nylon panties against my skin so soon I was wearing panties, bras and nylons when ever I was doing the wash and I knew that my wife would not be there.  About two weeks later on a Friday morning I was doing here lingerie while wearing panties, a lace bra and stockings that I decided to try a little make up.  As I was putting on her red lipstick the door open and there stood my wife, Alan she said with a smile, you look so cute my little sissy, should we call you Amy?  I did not know what to say, standing in front of my wife in her cute white, white lace bra and stockings with red lips.  I stammered what are you doing home?  She said that she got a call and the court was canceled for the day and to just make a three day weekend of it.  Then out of her purse she got here cell phone camera and took a picture, I asked here what she was doing and she said that she had just emailed the picture to her office computer.

She then said that since I liked dressing as a woman, since I was doing women’s work around the house that I had two choices, either leave dressed in pretty lingerie and she would show the picture to all of my friends or do what she tells me to do.  What could I say, standing in front of my wife dressed the way I was?  OK I blurted out; I will do as you ask.  She told me to take a long hot bubble bath and to shave my body clean.  I was shaking as I was filing the tub with here pink sudsy bubble bath.  Before I got in she told me where to shave and gave me a few tips on how to do it.  Once I was in the tub I could hear her talking on the phone. I could hear her asking someone could you get this…., can you do that……, and what time.  She then said that we would be there.

Then Trish yelled are you about done Amy, yes I stammered, yes what Amy, you will start calling me Ms Trish.  Are you about done Amy, yes Ms Trish I said wondering what I had gotten myself into.  Trish then told me to put on lotion over my whole body and then put on her robe before coming in to the bed room.  Yes Ms Trish I said.   What a feeling it was putting the feminine smelling lotion on my legs, arms and chest.  Then I put on her pink nylon bath robe and waked out into the bedroom.

She said come over here my little sissy girl, I want to see how you look all shaved up.  I walked over to where she was sitting and she undid the robe and slid it off of my shoulders, oh little sissy Amy your manhood is all so small, she was right it was almost hiding in my body.  She then pointed to the bed and said to put on the lingerie that she had picked out for me.  There on the bed was a pair of her pretty pink panties that had a bow in the front, a pink lace bra, a white lace garter belt and a pair of suntan stockings.  I was trembling as I slid the silky nylon panties on, it felt so good, next came the bra and then the garter belt and stockings.  What a great feeling rolling the stockings up my shaved legs , it felt so good that I could feel my manhood growing in my girlie panties.  Trish saw that too and said; Oh sissy Amy you must like being a woman, look at the front of your panties.   I was blushing red at that but I was excited.   Trish then said do you like being a girl Amy?   Yes I stammered, yes what Amy, yes Ms Trish.

She then walked around me inspecting how I looked, when she got to the front she poked the empty bra cups and said we can do something about that later, then she roughly grabbed me through the panties and said sissy girls should not look like that, twisting my manhood so hard it brought tears to my eyes, stop please stop.  What she said, what is my name she demanded as she twisted harder?  In between sobs I blurted out please stop Ms Trish please.  Ok she said when she let go my hands went to the front on my panties until the pain and erection subsided.  She then took me to her closet and picked out a short black skirt and a sheer white but simple blouse.   Next she handed me a white full slip and had me put it on followed by the skirt and blouse.  Nest she said you need shoes little sissy Amy, and we looked in here closet until she found a pair of 3inch open toed sandals.  After putting them on and learning to walk in them she looked at here watch and said it is time to go Amy.

Go, Where, Dressed like this I said.   Is that anyway to talk to me Trish said, sorry Ms Trish I mumbled.  She then handed me a purse and off we went in the car.  I asked again where we were going and she said to the beauty shop, then to the mall to get you the proper clothes to wear.  Here I was dressed as a woman, no make up on short hair and no breast.  When we pulled into the parking lot at the beauty shop she said when we go in Amy you will ask for a manicure, a pedicure, pierced ears and a wig.  No way, I stated, no way. Trish then said fine, I will leave you here with now keys and no way to get home as there is no money in your purse.  Frantic, I looked in my purse and she was right there were only a couple of tampons, and some makeup in it.  I was stuck, yes Ms Trish I said, let’s go.

Once inside at the desk the receptionist said; Hi Trish and you must be sissy Amy, red is not the term for the color I turned.   Answer her Amy and tell her what you want dear. Stammering in a low voice I said I need a manicure, a pedicure, my ears pierced and a wig.  By now every woman in the shop was either giggling or laughing at me.  As embarrassed as I was I said in a louder voice that I need a manicure, a pedicure, my ears pierced and a wig.  Laughing the receptionist good, come with me sissy Amy.  She took me by the hand and led me to a chair in the back and said to take off my blouse, skirt, nylons and shoes. I did as I was told and took a seat in the chair.  I set there for about 5 minutes and I waited until two nice looking came in with nail files, polish, and red polish and long red fake nails.  As they were working on my toe nails one of them looked up my slip and said what pretty pink panties you have on dear.  Blushing I said thanks, then they went to work on my finger nails.  As they were working on my finger nails one of them brushed up against my bra and started laughing, you have no boobs.  I was just hoping the day would end.  Ever now and then a different woman would walk by and look, giggling as she walked off.

Next came the wig, it was blonde, shoulder length with bangs, the lady said I could wear it in a ponytail if I wanted and I said that would be good, not knowing how to do hair.  Then Trish walked in to see how things were going and said oh Amy, my sissy Amy you are starting to look so cute, do you like it dear, Yes I said, yes what Trish asked, yes Ms Trish I said and the girls in the room started giggling again.  Next came the earrings, they pierce both ears twice and told me to watch for infection.  Finally the make up lady came in and did my makeup.  Then she held up a pair of silicone breast and had me place them in my bra.  I did as told so I could get out of there.  She then said to put my stocking and shoes and skirt and blouse on that they were done.  I had trouble with the nylons and blouse as my new finger nails always seemed to be in the way.  As I was buttoning the blouse I could not help but notice how much better my bra and slip fit with my silicone breast in them, the weight of the breast was amazing.


Sissy Girl Stories