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Sissy Girl Stories


Gigi the Geisha Girlee

By Priscilla Gay Bouffant

Hi girls, Gigi here. I've asked Mimi not to publish any of my letters just yet. I'm really not a Geisha for real. Mistress Brenda and Mistress Pamela call me that sometimes. Well, actually, once in a while they will have me put my hair up really big, and wear a kimono, and take teeny weensy steps, and wear really oriental looking makeup, and act really extra polite and servile and scraping, and call them 'Most Honorable Mistress'. Then again they pretty much have me do anything they say. You're probably wondering who Mistress Pamela is. Well, while I was at sissy school, Ms. Bren more or less gave up on males for a while. One day she hired this really cute piece of fluff, named Pammie as a shampoo girl. I of course don't ever dare to call her Pammie, only Ms. Bren does that. Anyway Pammie moved in, and when I came home, Bren made sure that both Ms. Pamela and I knew that Ms. Pamela had just as much authority over me as Ms. Bren. To reinforce this, she had Ms. Pam give me my 'welcome home' paddling. But I'm getting way ahead.

The night Bren told me she knew all about my affairs and what she intended to do, I cried like the baby I am. The next day was the day the two ladies from the sisterhood showed up. They persuaded me without being too rough, but they definitely were not gentle. They even stayed for two weeks to help begin my 'pre-femme'. After they left Felicia came over nearly everyday to help out. Having a Mistress who owned a salon really helped accelerate my pansyfication. My already blonde hair was platinumed and permed and always fluffed out really big. My lips were given collagen shots. My makeup was tattooed on as sort of a background for the extra heavy makeup I sometimes wear.

One day we went over to visit Felicia, who had remarried some guy named Duane. He wasn't home. Just Felicia and her really cute little maid Mimi. We were there about 30 minutes when I was told that Mimi was a grad of the same school I was going to attend. Then I was told that Mimi had once been my old partying friend, Paul Lane. I freaked. I really freaked. This mincing, cooing, swishing, parody of a parlor maid, had been so thoroughly feminized that she told me not to fight it and I'd be fine. I actually had to be sedated before I could calm down enough to even get up off the floor. I'd landed there in a frenzy, curled up in a ball and began whimpering, when I realized the reality of being dominated by the sisterhood.

A week or so later, Felicia and Ms. Bren piled me in the car, under really heavy sedation and restraints, blindfolded me, placed me on the floor of Ms. Felicia's Mercedes, and drove me to a place that would completely change me.

There were a couple of things that really were hard to get used to when I first began to become sissified. One was wearing that restrictive 'modesty' device, or 'gaff' as many people call them. The other was having to wear rollers in my hair to make sure it looked 'just so'. I found it especially trying to have to wear curlers, as they are also called, to sleep at night, or even to nap in them during the day. Prior to attending sissy school, I mentioned to Ms. Bren that 'real ladies' didn't have to do stuff like this. One slap in the face later I was having something done that most 'real ladies' didn't do either. I was over her lap getting a good old fashioned hair brush spanking. She got a real thrill out of encouraging me to kick my legs, wave my arms, wiggle my butt, and squeal like a little girl. This could be really humiliating if done while she had guests, male or female. After my spanking she gave me a good scolding in which she told me that as a sissy I wasn't a real female and never would be. In that respect I would be expected to do extra things to become even halfway accepted. I recall the first time she instructed Ms. Pamela on the correct way to spank me. When Ms. Pam was done she was so amused at the way I had acted "just like a little girl."

At school I recall going into the laundry room on a Saturday and seeing at least half the sissies there with their hair up in rollers. Then at lunch, I noticed these same sissies getting quite a bit of attention from a few of the instructors. The sissies would get called over to one of the ladies tables and they would get asked questions about their hair and make up. You could see them blushing and preening and patting their 'do's', and the instructors fussing over them. It must have made me jealous. Sunday afternoon before dinner, I began to shampoo my hair, set it, and then started to do my nails. I remember the shock I got when I looked up and saw myself in the large vanity mirror. I was seated on my bed, legs crossed, my left hand in front of me, fingers spread. I was admiring the coat of, 'peach frost' I had just applied. I was even musing that I had to remember to make sure my lipstick matched. When I came out of my sissy reverie, I was upset, and actually wanted to throw the bottle of polish at the mirror. I didn't of course. My eyes teared up and I cried some, dried my tears, fixed my make up, and completed my nails, thinking how pretty I would look at dinner. I even had one instructor I had a crush on. I would get so excited any time she noticed anything about my clothes, hair, make up, even my housekeeping skills.

About two weeks after I started, the school instituted a policy, described by Dr. Kathy as "milking". Some sissies, who were not on real heavy hormone doses, were kind of responsible. A few instructors had complained that some sissies were swelling up 'down there' at inopportune times. "Not that there is an opportune time," Dr. Kathy remarked. We weren't permitted to do the 'milking' ourselves. It had to be performed by a member of the medical staff, under sterile, clinical conditions. I was only milked a couple of times, mainly because I kept a small stash of sissy mags in my room.

After I began to take care to see that my appearance was always just 'so so', all sorts of neat things happened. The first incident was being invited to Ms. Kimberly's room to clean and give her a foot rub and pedicure. A couple of ladies dropped in and they chatted while I worked on her feet. One even asked if she could borrow 'the sissy' when Ms. Kimberly was done using me. I noticed this was very common at the school and even at home. Most, if not all ladies, pretty much ignore us or treat us like a piece of furniture or a convenience. For instance, I recall my first non-classroom spanking at the school. It took place at Ms. Kimberly's rooms. Instructors who supervise the dorms are given a suite of rooms, kind of like an apartment. She had me serving at a small get together. I forget what I did, but it warranted an over the knee spanking with a belt. While Ms. Kimberly warmed my butt, the ladies continued to talk and do whatever, as if I weren't even there.

My next neat affair was being allowed to be an assistant maid at the Main House. Princess Lynne had a party for quite a few of her friends. I was assigned to assist with setup, cleanup, and serving liquid refreshments. It was an early afternoon to early evening affair. I recall entering a room during cleanup where she was present. She was speaking to a friend on the phone, and had not one but three sissies attending her. One was rubbing her feet, another was massaging her hands, the third was alternating between brushing her hair and massaging her shoulders.

My first off campus trip and exposure to men took place at Ms. Kimberly's off campus house. She had three lady friends over. The ladies all brought their men and Ms. Kim's man was there also. Ms. Kim and her man had been discussing their future together, (engagement, marriage) and Ms. Kim was trying to sell him on the advantages of having a well trained, obedient sissy maid to do housework. One of the other couples there was married and had brought their sissy, Candy, to help out. Mr. Greg, Candy's master, told everyone what a great job she had done at his last Super Bowl party, serving beer and snacks to him and his friends. He then laughingly recounted the first time he had seen his wife, Ms. Gloria, spank the sissy. Candy's face really did turn red. About 30 minutes later, I wound up over Ms. Kim's lap and had my first spanking in front of a group of men. I would have one more first that night. Ms. Gloria and Mr. Greg stayed the evening. Ms. Kim had only two spare rooms, so Candy and I had to share it. At bedtime, Candy asked me if I would like her to put some cold cream on my butt to soothe it. I smilingly told her, "I'd love for you to do that sweetie!" Soon she was putting the cream on other places. After a while we were entwined in sexy sissy lovemaking.

The next day we couldn't wait to get together again. I'm so happy for Mimi and Brandy, because I know they have a really special sissy relationship like Candy and I have.

Hi, dear readers. It's Mimi again. Gigi has asked me to continue for a while. One of the first letters she sent me from sissy school was about her new love interest Candy. I thought that was really cute as my lover is named Brandy. Mimi and Gigi, Brandy and Candy. Kind of cute, huh?

Another interesting letter she wrote to me was about a "Sissy Seminar" she got to participate in. It seems that Princess Lynne decided to hold one every three months for ladies who were considering sending someone to the school for training. She would exhibit sissies, for groups of ladies. The exhibit would be more or less a sissy metamorphosis, showing sissies at various stages of sissyhood. I'll let her tell you about that a little later.

First, I have just got to tell you about the first time Brandy and I got together after we graduated. I had settled into working Monday,(10-4), Thursday and Friday(10-5) at Bren's and doing my housekeeping the rest of the time. Finally I began to get every Sunday off and every other Wednesday. One afternoon I was doing this really nice ladies hair and I realized that she is Ms. Lisa, the stockbroker that Brandy is working for. I also realize that she attended college with my mistress. I had to drop a lot of hints after dinner that evening while giving Ms. Felicia a foot rub, but it finally worked. She set up a weekend tennis date with Ms. Lisa, Mr. Duane, Ms. Lisa's girlfriend (Ms. Lynne) and herself. Ms. Lisa invited them to spend the weekend, and it was agreed that Brandy and I could stay here.

The Sunday they came over, I was incredibly nervous. They weren't planning on returning until Monday afternoon, as it was a holiday. That meant Brandy and I would be alone for about 24 hours. I recall Mr. Duane remarking, "Mimi is acting as if she's getting ready for a date." Mistress then replied, "She is dear. She and Brandy were very 'close friends' at school, if you know what I mean? They probably can't wait to get their hands on one another." All I can recall is Mr. Duane saying, "Yuck! Just the idea is enough to make me puke! That's absolutely disgusting! A couple of pansy queers! Oh my goodness!"

Mistress had a good laugh at his reaction, and added, "Now Duane. It's a lot better that she has a sissy for a lover. I'd hate for her to be coming on to you." This comment really got him disgusted even more and he left the room cursing. I hoped he never imagined that I was ever coming on to him.

Once Ms. Lynne and Ms. Lisa arrived, I began to show Brandy around. We never got past my room before we were kissing passionately. "Oh my goodness Mimi, you smell so pretty, and your skin is so sissy soft!" she said. "Oh Brandy Poo darling, I just adore what you've done with your hair, my sweet sissy pants! I do hope you'll let me be your little sissy slave slut puppy, my munchkin!" I said in my best sissy baby talk. We rolled and frolicked, cooing and playing with each other's lacy lingerie, and putting lipstick on each other, and doing all sorts of overly prissy things that only sissies do when their together. We played all sorts of games, giving each other "spankies" for being "bad widdle thithies". Finally we both collapsed, exhausted in each others arms, completely spent in hot sissy love, our pretty panties soaked in 'sissy creme'. We even played maid and mistress, although we both admitted we preferred being bossed around more then anything. I did get her in a real tizzy though, when I told her that this really cute gay guy named, Phillipe, at the salon had the hots for me. A while later though, she asked me if I thought he'd be interested in getting together with both of us. We had a giggle over that one and admitted that we were both real sluts at heart, and really incorrigible. All and all it was a really great weekend. I'm going to turn the story back over to Gigi and let her tell you about the little sissy seminar she got to model in for Princess Lynne. She says it was a real honor to even be asked.

As Mimi has already told you, I was picked for one of Princess Lynnes seminars that she conducted for women interested in having a sissy trained by her. She had begun holding one every two months about midway through the nine week sessions. The neat thing about being picked meant that I got a special beauty parlor appointment out of it. Students were normally entitled to three. One at the start of school, one before graduation, and one before our mid-term exposure to the outside world. I had just had that one, but as a model at a seminar it was mandatory I have another. Princess Lynne expected all her girls, to look their best at all times. Even when doing really heavy housekeeping we were at least expected to wear some light make up, especially lipstick, and have on some type of decorative head scarf or turban. Even sissy gardeners were expected to look 'cute'.

These beauty parlor appointments were by no means designed to pamper us. They were meant to make us very conscious of our appearance, and make sure we appreciated what ladies go through to be attractive. During my appointment I was given a light lunch and arrived at the main house reception room and was taken into the dressing area. I was 'posed' along with the other four sissies who would be 'showcased' with me. We were all in different stages of being sissified. Princess Lynne came in and gave each of us a final once over. "Hmm," she said, pointing at me, "Gigi here could use a little more lipstick." She held her hand out and a sissy attendant minced over to a vanity station and asked, "What shade Mistress?" "There should be some 'Terra Cotta' by 'Sassy Lassy'. Bring that." The sissy did as she was told, and very quickly. Mistress then said, "Pucker up my dear," and began applying the lipstick to my already wet lips in a very loving, careful fashion. Once completed, she gave us all another once over, and handed the lipstick back to the very attentive sissy. "Very good," she added. "I like all of my girls to look exquisite, especially when I'm putting them on display for the amusement of perspective clients. Line them up on the stage behind the curtain, in this order from stage left to right." She then pointed and counted, "One, two, three, four, five." She started with a sissy I hadn't seen before, and ended the counting with Hortense, her own, personal, boudoir maid. I was to be in the middle. "Make sure they are all posed very prettily, like little mannequin models. Be original. All different poses."

As she left, Ms. Lenora and two sissy attendants took us to the stage and posed us as directed. Soon the curtain opened and we saw a luncheon in progress. Princess Lynne worked the room as four sissy maids served food to approximately 30 ladies. Occasionally one or more of the ladies would glance up at the stage, point, smile, and then resume eating, drinking or talking. Once the luncheon was over, Princess Lynne went to the podium, and began her magic. "First I'd like to let you all know that if you need anything at all just point at one of the four sissy maids in attendance and they will quietly come over to you and take your order. I'm sure you're wondering how we manage to take that useless sissy you have at home, and mold 'it' into one of these exquisitely groomed, perfectly trained, models of sissified submissiveness, that have been waiting on you at the luncheon. Well I will be showing you each stage of this with the five delightful specimens of sissy servitude that are so demurely posed here on stage. If you will open your brochures to pages one and two, you will see the 'before' photos of each of these 'ugly ducklings'." She left the podium and walked up onto the stage with a pointer extended. "This is Tammy. She is on loan to me for the day. She will be attending class here when the next term starts. Her mistress has her in the third week of the 'at home pre-femme'. Already you can see that the hormones have begun to make her more docile, chubby in the right places, and her beauty regimen and manner of dress have begun to make her appear to be 'cute'. Okay Tammy, why don't you tell everyone a little about yourself, and how much you look forward to life as a sissy," ordered the Mistress. Although Tammy began to sob and burst into tears, the Mistress didn't bat an eye. "Could you say that a little more clearly sweetie?" the Mistress asked, smiling. "I want to go home! I'm scared! I miss my momma! I want my mommy!" she said as if she were a 6 year old girl. "Oh goodness, you poor little girlie. As you can see it doesn't take long for a sissy to become really dependent on you, once you begin to whip them into shape. You'll also notice that the hormones can make them really fussy, as well as mommies girls." She signaled for Ms. Lenora to put Tammy down for a nap, and call her Mistress.

Next she showed off Giselle, a sissy I had seen only around the main house. "This is one of my 'pet projects' that I take on from time to time for close friends. Giselle here was once the fiancÚ of a close friend's daughter. I know, can you imagine any women wanting to marry 'little miss thing' here? Not me. As it is, my friend's daughter came to her senses, and as you can see I have a new 'pet' for a while. Giselle has been getting my undivided attention for the past three months. She won't be able to show you how sweet she sounds because today she is being chastised with some well needed 'quiet time.' Open your mouth honey, and show the nice ladies your pretty smile." Try as she might, with the red ball gag Giselle was wearing, no one was going to see her smile any time soon. "Giselle is really making progress. She was never very bright. All she thinks about are hair, clothes, and make up. She does have lots of potential as a real 'ditzy' housekeeper. You'll notice we've dyed her hair red, and given her an old fashioned Lucille Ball bubble perm. It really suits her 'air head' personality." she added.

"Next we have Gigi, a real 'future homemaker.' Gigi has just been to our on campus salon, thus the beehive up do. They tell me she loved every minute of it. Didn't you, princess? Why not give the nice ladies a pretty curtsey, a pirouette and a pretty bow with a real flourish?" I did as I was told and Princess Lynne smiled and said, "Now wasn't that graceful?"

Next she showed off Gretchen, a recent graduate. A real blonde knockout, with Farrah Fawcett, Charley's Angels,

'big hair'. She then commented, "You know ladies, you have to be careful with two slutty looking sissies like, Gigi and Gretchen here. Make sure, that your special man knows that your sissy, is actually a sissy. Tramps like these two, can't be trusted." This got a lot of laughter and applause. Princess Lynne would feel out her audience carefully before ever making a remark like this.

Finally, after dismissing us to go back stage she had Hortense pose at stage center. "As Gretchen, a recent grad, was the 'finished product', Hortense, my personal boudoir maid, is the 'refined and polished product'. As you can see, she's prim, proper, obedient. This is no 'tart' here. She is faithful and loyal to a fault. As you can see from her 'before' picture, and her synopsis, she was an accountant. Not a very good one though. Her employer caught her embezzling. Given the choice of prosecution, or a lifetime of sissified slavery, this pathetic creature did what any simpering sissy would do. She chose to be emasculated, and live a life in petticoats and skirts. She came to me three years ago when her mistress got married. Apparently the new husband was appalled at the thought of a sissy in the household. Many real men are. The idea that someone, physically male, would permit themselves to be effectively neutered, and live the life of a 'harem eunuch' is nauseating to many men. To have one of these effeminate 'Nellies' in their household is offensive. You can't blame them really. Only we women can actually see the miniscule value of having a 'Nancy' like this around. It takes a very special type of man to tolerate a pansy like this. Anyway, my friend and her new husband now have a more conventional form of help. Although I started her as a scullery maid, Hortense proved to be both very attractive and efficient. Ideal as a boudoir maid. I've actually considered promoting her to social secretary. You are excused Hortense. You may return to your normal duties." With a curtsey Hortense left as we all did, to return to our regular day. Princess Lynne then opened the floor to a question and answer session.

I actually got tagged with the nickname Geisha Girlie the evening of the day I did the seminar. I'd been given that beehive 'do' by Ms. Danielle at the salon because she liked to do real retro-do's on sissies for fun. Princess Lynne enjoyed it also, especially for something like a seminar. I had fully intended to shampoo it out after dinner but never got around to it. It was a Friday night so I was up, and had just finished my nails, when the phone rang. I was wearing this kimono Candy had gotten me on her first school shopping trip. In fact I had put it on expecting her to come to my room for the evening. It was lovely, bright red with pink and white flowers and birds all over it. It had a huge sash belt that tied in the back in a giant bow. On the phone was Ms. Lauren the dorm mother. "Get ready for a long night sissy Gigi," she said. "I want it all tonight honey. Full massage, somebody to pour my wine, and play my music. Foot rub, nails done, hair brushed. Get down here now!" I told her I had a robe own and no make up. "Well", she said, "Put on some make up and real tall heels. The tallest you have. I like my girls in tall heels, it gives them practice. Just make sure your hair's done. The robe is fine." I must have been quite the sight when I got to her room, with my 6" heels and a 6" beehive, not to mention the kimono and my shiny off black hair. The off black shade was courtesy of Ms. Bren before I'd left for school.

"Oh my," said Ms. Lauren in her South Carolina accent. "Wait until I put some more make up on you and call the girls." When she had finished my make up she had me look in the mirror and my face definitely had an Asian theme. "Now honey, I want you to take the most teeny weensy baby steps you possibly can the whole night through. I just dumped my boyfriend and I'm a little blue so I want us all to have some laughs tonight. Go ahead before I call a few of the girls I want to see you walk for me." I did the best I could and she seemed satisfied.

She picked up her phone, "Gwen honey, this is Lauren. I just broke up with Charles and I want to have a ladies get together. I have one of the sissies all Geisha looking, some wine, the massage table, some snacks. Why not get Carolyn and Amber and we'll have some fun. OK? See you soon."

It didn't take the ladies very long to call me Gigi the Geisha, or Geisha Girl. Finally when they had enough wine it became, Gigi the Geisha Girlee, and it really stuck. Even today my mistresses love to have me play that most submissive role, not only for their amusement, but for the amusement of their friends.

As much as I was at first angry with Mimi for helping Ms. Bren to feminize me, I realize that everything worked out for the best. I was never really cut out for the business world and I'm much happier as a sissy maid. I was actually thrilled when I found out that Ms. Bren was bringing Mimi to my graduation. Ms. Bren, being very impressed with Princess Lynne, had asked Ms. Felicia if she could volunteer, Mimi's services at the school beauty parlor, for all the graduation make overs. Ms. Felicia had replied, "Gladly." This of course included not only do's and make overs for the graduates, but also for teachers and the administration. I was thrilled when I got to the salon and not only saw Mimi, but found out she would be doing my hair.

Princess Lynne also impressed me with her memory for former students. Mimi had given me my shampoo and condition, and had me in a styling chair when Princess Lynne entered the salon. She had her own private stylist who came to her off campus residence. He was actually world renowned and said to be married and also straight. So powerful was this women, that this famous stylist, accompanied by his wife, would actually dress as a female, in order to do this grand ladies hair. His wife, a long time friend of the Mistress, would actually perform the transformation at their hotel room in the Baltimore Inner Harbor area. The couple was from the west coast and the hairdresser had actually taken charm lessons to be a convincing female. All the sissies in the school salon naturally curtsied if they were standing. The Mistress acknowledged the greeting one time, and then made a tour of the salon with Ms. Gabrielle. Passing by Mimi, who was giving me a light trim, the Mistress stopped and said, "Hello Mimi, Ms. Gabrielle told me you'd been volunteered by your mistress and your employer. You've been a good little girl since your graduation, have you not sweetie?" Mimi nearly fainted. She curtsied and said, "Oh yes, your Highness, I've been a perfect little goody two shoes." The mistress smiled and replied, "There is no need to exaggerate, young lady. I know better then to believe any sissy is perfect. Don't worry, we send out questionnaires to all Mistresses twice a year. If they are experiencing any major problems, we offer them free 'at home counseling' for their poorly behaved sissy. Thank both Felicia and Bren for me again. I'll of course be sending them a card and I will ask them if you remembered." "Oh yes your highness, I won't forget." With that this beautiful woman left.

After graduation, Ms. Bren and Ms. Pammie were going to a Lesbian resort in The Keys. They had a full staff of both sissy and regular maids there, so I was left with Ms. Felicia, Mr. Duane and Mimi. "When will you see Brandy again I asked of Mimi." "Not for a couple of weeks she said. We're sort of serious," Mimi replied, "but not real serious," she said kissing me on the lips when we were alone after her mistress and master had gone to bed. "Are you and this slut Candy serious?" she asked , as I reached inside her sissy panties. "No, not too serious," I said. Mimi then told me, "I'm kind of pissed at Brandy anyway. There was this new cute shampoo boy flirting with me at the salon, and Brandy came in, saw me sort of flirting back and told me I was a slut." "I'd be pissed too, if Candy said that to me," I replied, as she rolled over on top of me and started to kiss me hotly and rub and grind her pelvis against mine. "Well then", she said, "I won't tell either of the witches if you don't." I agreed with her, and something most of the mistresses used to say at the school. "Sissies, are such incorrigible sluts."


Sissy Girl Stories