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For live phone fantasies, or to schedule an in-person session, or to purchase intimate items, call Princess Lynne at 410 719-9026. 
Call 10 AM till 8 PM Eastern Time.


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I am Princess Lynne.  I have lots of real life experience with panty slaves and the feminization of sissies.  I love my little sissy girls.  I enjoy dressing you up and making you as pretty as you can be.

Please call me at 410 719-9026, 10 AM till 8 PM Eastern time for luscious phone fantasies, to set up an appointment, or to purchase intimate items.  Discrete billing.  You may also prepay $40 per 15 minutes to:

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Visit my Catalog to buy my Sissy Training fantasy CD or audio cassette tape.  To buy clothing, check out The Sissy Store!

       Love from,  
Princess Lynne
Baltimore, MD  


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Ask me about my new monthly party group, Women Rule, for dominant women and the people who serve us.

Some boys just love to be Sissy Girls

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Lady Jennifer

Miss Koko

Mistress Donna

Mistress Donna is back again, and looking as lovely as ever. Call 410 719-9026 to ask about how you might qualify to meet one of my sissy girls in a session with me. 

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The way to pay for phone calls:

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 CC.jpg (9945 bytes) For phone training sessions, you may call me directly at 410 719-9026 to use your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.  You may also use an American based Amazon gift card.

Only $40 per 15 minutes.

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