Mistress Psyche's Feminization Fantasies


Sissy Girl Stories


Mimi, the House Sissy

By Priscilla Gay Bouffant

After my feminization, my ex, whom I now called Mistress Felicia, decided to have me go back to work at my old job, at Bren's Cut & Curl.  I had the housekeeping routine down fairly well and Ms. Felicia's new man Mr. Duane was really tired of me not working.   Brenda needed help Monday, Thursday and Friday, but wasn't sure how her employees and customers would take to having a sissy around. Felicia assured her I could pass, and that my ID, including my stylist's license, reflected my femme picture, femme name and had my sex as female.  Still, Ms. Bren wanted to see for herself.  She came over on a Sunday afternoon for dinner, drinks, and even had her nails done by me so we could have a casual chat.  "Whoever did this femme-up did a fantastic job!  I'd still like to have her for about a week at the house. Can you spare her for that long?" she asked.  "Of course, I can," my Mistress added laughingly, "Mimi's just a house sissy.  Besides, Duane and I are going to Myrtle Beach in a week, for some golf, country music and relaxation.  She'd just be in the way."

So it was settled.  It was a great relief to know that Ms. Bren's fiancÚ Mr. Gary would be out of town on business.  We'd known each other before I'd met my well deserved fate, and had even partied together, with some loose ladies.  It was always a real humiliation to see someone like Gary, because they always seemed to laugh hysterically when they found out who I was.  The week really went great.  I kept the house spotless, met a lot of Bren's neighbors, did a lot of hair and nails and waited on plenty of people.  I passed well.  There were a few of Bren's customers and employees that Bren "just had to tell" who Mimi Lablanche really was.  They loved it and said it would be their little secret, so as not to offend any of Bren's more conservative customers and employees.  The real embarrassment for me was that some of the ladies that now knew, were women I had once dated.

When Ms. Bren finally returned me to Ms. Felicia, she asked her, "When would be a good time to have a private girl talk?"

"Well Duane is at work for the day, how about now?  Don't worry about Mimi, she's as much one of the girls as anyone."

"Actually, I'd like to have Mimi present, I'd like to confirm some suspicions," remarked Bren.

After serving some coffee, I was made to stand in the middle of the room and then recite to Bren, every time that I knew of Gary, cheating on her.  There are certain times in the life of every sissy when it really hits home that we are sissies.  I don't mean the lavender scented bubble baths.  I don't mean having our hair colored 'pink blonde' or getting a 'Shirley Temple' perm.  I don't mean the time that Mistress drenched us in six different perfumes at the cosmetic counter in Macys.   It's not the clothes, the corsets, the heels, or even the garish makeup.  It's the things they can make us do because we're "their sissy".  It's serving them and their boyfriend breakfast after they had a night of hot sex.  It's washing 'his underwear' by hand.  It's drawing 'his' bath , curtsying to 'him ' and saying to 'him', "thank you sir" when he brings you a bouquet of 'pansies' after she had you clean his apartment.  It's doing her hair and helping her pick out sexy clothes to turn the boyfriend on.  It's telling one of her girlfriends that, "Yes, he cheated on you a lot, and I'll do whatever I can to help you make him a sissy."

Once I was done I was actually relieved.  I felt for a moment like one of the 'girls'.  Soon after, Bren asked the inevitable, "Okay, so where did you send her to have this done?" she asked.

My Mistress answered, "To a really wonderful facility near Baltimore, run by an absolute angel, named Princess Lynne."

"You sent her to Baltimore!  Aren't their any facilities here in Northern Virginia?"

"Yes there are, but I liked this facility the best.  It's in the country, it's very discreet and private.  It's a good distance from the Mistresses home so there aren't a lot of nosy people for her to contend with.  Lastly, she has very reliable assistants, two of whom are sissies themselves.  It's a 6 week course, and it's worth every penny."

"Okay," said Bren, tell me about the training."

Felicia look at me with a gleam in her eye, glanced at her Cartier watch, and said, "We've got some time, why not let 'my sissy' tell you all about it?"

I took the metro to the D.C. station and boarded the train for the BWI stop.  Some of my 'things' had been sent ahead, when Mistress had visited the facility, and I had only two very heavy suitcases. My hair was brushed back in a ponytail, my body was hairless, I had been started on hormones, and I was dressed really 'unisex'.  Ladies black flats, matching stirrup pants, a white blouse with peter pan collar, perfume, clear polish on manicured nails, and waxy, white lip gloss.  To top it all off a large red beret, placed at a jaunty angle my head.  My 'bangs' showed prominently.  I had been told someone named 'Donna' would be meeting me.  I had no idea what she looked like but, was told I wouldn't have any trouble finding her.  They weren't kidding.   As I got to the lobby, struggling with my suitcases, I saw a really sweet looking redhead, with a very pretty smile, holding up a sign that read, 'My name's Donna, I'm looking for Mimi.'  I froze.  Just then a man bumped into me and said, "Excuse me miss."

I struggled up to Donna with my bags and said, "Hi, Donna, I'm supposed to meet you here."  She looked at me, smiled, put her sign down, and said quite loudly, "From now on it's Miss Donna, and can you prove to me your Mimi?"  I didn't know what to do but then she smiled and said, "I can tell from the way your blushing, that your definitely Mimi, come on outside to the van, and you can meet Velvet."

As we walked along, Donna's shoulder length curls bounced and glistened.  She was wearing 4" heels and she acted as if she had worn them on all her life.  When we got outside I was introduced to Velvet, who opened the door of the van for me.  She showed me where to put my bags and also where to sit."Okay sweetie, we now have to take some very necessary precautions.  Don't worry, the van windows are heavily tinted, no one can see what we're doing.  First school rule, students can't know where it's located until they are deemed, 'fully trained'.  This means we'll have to blindfold you and.....well, restrain you," Velvet stated.  First cotton was placed over my eye's and then a blindfold was wrapped tightly around my head.  I was then hand cuffed and laid on the large backseat and my ankles were strapped together.   Using a couple of bungee cords, these nice girls made sure I was fastened securely.   That way if they stopped quickly I wouldn't be injured.

Velvet then told me, "Donna is going to drive and I'm going to keep my eye on you.   Don't speak unless spoken to, and even then, speak girlishly soft.  Remember, you're a helpless, little, sissy girl, away from your mommy.  But don't worry no one's going to hurt Missy Mimi unless she's a bad girl. For the next few days Donna and I will help you adjust to life at the facility.  It will be about a week before you will see or meet 'The Mistress.'  That's all you need call her unless she tells you differently.  We are not Mistresses.  We're girlies, but you will call us Miss Donna, Miss Velvet or just plain Miss.  You got that?  You comfortable?"

"Yes miss, I understand, and yes miss I'm comfortable," I said in a 'real' scared little girl voice.

"Good sweetie", Miss Velvet stated, "enjoy the ride."  On the way to the facility they played all female music, Spice Girls, Madonna, Joy of Cooking, Joan Baez, Melanie, Melissa Manchester, Judy Collins, Aretha, Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, you name it.  In fact in my entire time at the facility, I never saw a male, nor did I ever hear the voice of one on a tape or CD.  I was completely immersed in the sights, sounds, and scents of girlishness, at this 'inner sanctum' of femininity known as "The Temple of the Goddess Princess Lynne."

It was a nice easy ride to the "Temple".  Once the van was parked my handcuffs and ankle restraints were removed but my blindfold was kept on.  I was escorted by Misses' Donna and Velvet to what they called their "office".   On the way there they explained to me that 2 sissy students, close to graduation were taking my bags to my room.  They would inspect my luggage, and as a training aid, put things away as if they were now back with their home mistress.

Once in the office I was seated on an elevated stool. Miss Velvet, speaking to Miss Donna only, excused herself to check the e-mail and answering machine, and report my successful pickup and delivery.  Miss Donna sat down at a desk and began going over some preliminaries with me.  Even though I was seated above her I felt helpless and inferior to her.  I later noticed that the seats in the salon here, and the makeover chairs had the same design and effect.  The occupant was made to feel, "on display" and helpless, even though they were elevated on the stool or in the chair.   The convenience of the salon operator, or the interviewer, making eye contact and evaluation was considered of the utmost importance.

"Okay, 'sugar', just a few more items and then you can see your room. 1.Unless it's an emergency, never speak to anyone unless spoken to.  2. Unless told to converse, sissies never speak to each other.  3. Never go anywhere on campus without a huge, school issue, pink bow fastened to your head.

Now, a good example for rule #1 would be in class.  If a teacher is giving a lecture, don't ever interrupt to ask a question.  Jot it down, wait for her to say, "any questions" and then raise your hand like this, go ahead, raise it like I'm doing, and wait to be called on.  When you get up and curtsy, let her know how many questions you have. You will then ask them one at a time and she will answer them one at a time.  Believe me, forget any of this and I know one little sissy who is going to be spanked right in front of all her sissy classmates.

Here's a good example of #2 in action. You wear the huge bow so everyone knows you're a student. It's late, say 8 PM Saturday night. You're studying, you're planning on going to bed at weekend lights out, which is midnight. You're in a nightie, gaff, panties, marabou slippers, your hairs in rollers and you have green facial creme on. The dorm mistress summons you by the inter-dorm phone system, for a late night foot rub.  Plan on getting the goop off and putting on some 'cute' makeup. Your clothes are fine for a late night visit to the dorm mistress. What about the hair?  Before you hang up, very politely tell her the situation. If she says to style it, ask her if she has a preference to the type of style.  If she says to cover it up and get to her room pronto, then put a nice stretch turban on and attach that big pink bow with a pin.  Don't forget makeup and don't forget cocoa butter cream for her feet.  Also, bring your school issue makeup bag in case she wants you to put more on.#3.  The only time sissies speak to one another is a slumber party or at 'group'.  The party is self explanatory.  Do each others hair, makeup, play kissy-poo, act silly etc.  At sissy 'group' you all let your goody-two-shoes, feelings out.  You talk about sissy fun, how you love being a sissy, how you want to be a good sissy for your mummy and new daddykins.  Get the picture?"

I nodded, mesmerized, stunned that I had agreed to go through, with this.  Then it dawned on me, I would probably never, ever again, have to make an adult type decision.   I'd be told, what to wear, what to do, how to look and act. I'd more then likely be disciplined for improper conduct.  The beauty of it was that as long as I remained a 'good sissy' I'd really never have a thing to worry about. Later I would bring this up at group. Miss Donna was the moderator that evening.  When I shared this she smiled and said that I was "a perfect example of a 'born sissy'."  At that moment I really felt at peace.

Ms. Velvet came out of the back office carrying some clothes, "Over in the corner, sweetie, and get these on. We're going to dress you for a "thweety tour."

Donna jumped up and said, "Goody, I get to play beauty parlor." She returned with a cart of beauty products.

Soon I was stripped to my modesty device and had put on a white panty brief with tiers of ruffles and lace trim. Then a matching training bra. Next a pair of anklet socks in pink, and a heavily ruffled crop top, with a high collar and puffed sleeves. Next, Miss Velvet handed me a pair of tight pink shorts that failed to hide the lace edging of the panty brief. Then a pink vest jacket that stayed open. The shorts had a white bow at the waist in back. Finally a pair of 2" pink patent leather heels.

"You are looking real delish honey" said Miss Donna.

Then I was given a white patent leather clutch purse containing my demerit book, mirrored compact and tube of 'Creamy Ginger Matte" lipstick, by Ultra-Priss, a new company from Key West.

I was told to pose, and do a sissy strut. Purse in right hand held slightly above my shoulder, hanky in left hand, wrist limp, waist high. Then I began to take teeny steps, wiggling my hips, saying out loud, "I look, feel and smell so pretty." After a short time I was told to keep up the walk, and let the 'mantra' play in my head.

Then Donna had me sit on the elevated stool in front of a full length mirror and began to work her magic. She really made me feel special by saying things like, "Velvet, she has such pretty skin. Oh, baby you have such big, expressive brown eyes! You are going to be a little heartbreaker Mimi."

She turned me away from the mirror and started on my hair by jelling it, then put new earrings in my ears, pierced a month before. Then she alternated between my hair and make up, stopping every once and a while, like an artist inspecting a canvas. Finally she doused me with perfume and gave my heavily jelled hair a generous application of hairspray.

The whole time she had been working on my hair and makeup, Miss Velvet was doing my nails.

As soon as she felt I was ready, Miss Donna went to her desk and got a lace hanky which she put in my hand, then she let me down from the stool, and 'posed' me in the same 'sissy strut' position as before. When she turned me toward the mirror I shrieked.    Everything about me said, "Look at me girls, I'm a sissy. Where's the 'pansy party'? I want to be there!"

My nails and pouty, puffy lips were the same shade of "Ginger Matte" by Ultra Priss. My heavily jelled hair was in a shiny 5" high, French twist. At the base of the "twist" was a pink bow, 4" wide. My cheeks were heavily blushed a cheery red. My foundation was a vivid, garish, masque, similar to a 1940's Hollywood ingenue. My bangs were sleek and shiny, puffy, and just to the top of my, thin, high arched penciled in eyebrows. My silver, dangling, hoop style 'gypsy' earrings shimmered. Ms. Donna had me shake my head to feel them touch my neck.

In a flash I was out the door and on my way to my room with Ms. Velvet, Donna staying behind to catch up on secretarial work. On the way, I saw quite a few of the sissy gardening staff wearing their employee issue baby blue bows, in a real assortment of hairstyles. Some had twists like mine only not as high, others, cute perms. Still more had French rolls. The theme seemed to be keeping the hair out of the face and eyes. They were all very trim and tanned and wearing strappy 2" heel sandals in different colors. Their clothes ranged from sundresses, to hot pants with halter tops, to "rhumba seated" rompers with tiers of lace. The funny thing was no one seemed to give my prissy appearance and pansyish manner of walking a second look.

A tour of my room was given so I knew it's location and it's contents, as to clothes, when to wear what, books, pamphlets, beauty products, etc. Then out on the campus I was shown the "Main House" where Princess Lynne resided when present at the school. In her absence Ms. Gabriella, the head of the beauty department and chief dorm mother took over. The house also contained an office, servant and guest rooms and the 'Temple'. I was told Princess Lynne also had an off campus private residence and another office near Donna's as Donna was her chief maid and social secretary. At present, Princess Lynne had a 'special' project going on. Her close friend and confident, Ms. Gabriella had a delinquent nephew. Ms. Psyche now had him, at her on campus residence and was personally seeing to his feminization.

"If you're ready in time the two of you can be cleansed, purified and initiated into the 'society' together. It's all performed at the temple, by The Mistress," said Ms. Velvet.

I had to admit Ms. Velvet resembled Liz Hurley a lot, especially her jet black, tapered, mid-length bobbed hair. As I'd left the office a while ago she and Donna, had laughingly compared me to the "prissy princess of poof", Audrey Hepburn.

After being shown the cafeteria, I was told to be there at 6 PM, and to sit with my two mentors, Ms.'s Donna and Velvet. I was to come just as I was dressed now. "We'll present you to the school then and assign you a 'big sissy sister'." Ms. Velvet said.

We stopped at a ballet class in session, and then went to a class in posture control. Next we observed a modeling seminar, as well as a class in high heel walking/skirt management. Our last stop before I was to return to my room, was at the school beauty parlor. It was really busy. Some sissies were working, others were being worked on.

In the middle of the salon was a real scene. A little sissy named "Brandy" was getting her first perm, and she was whining to "Auntie Gabriella." Apparently, this was the 'nephew', and the smelly perm solution and the way it made the perm rods get tight, scared her. Her auntie and another lady were holding her hand and dabbing her eyes. On the way out, one little sissy was standing in the corner sucking her thumb, sobbing, her skirts pinned up and panties down showing off a hot pink butt. A lady with a name tag that said Ms. Lenora was standing behind the sissy, poised with a hardback wooden hairbrush. The sissy also had a pink, lacy pom-pom, the size of a grapefruit, perched and pinned atop her head, instead of the usual bow. Ms. Lenora was now doing a very precise, verbal chastisement. The sissy had forgotten to wear her bow to the salon for work and would be wearing a pom-pom in it's place for one week.

Then I was on my way to my room, and was told to skip the whole way. When I get there I got busy studying till supper. At 5:45 I left my room, sissy strutting all the way, and really enjoying the solitude. I knew then I would be able to fulfill, my destiny as a real sissy, as long as I tried my best.

I arrived at the cafeteria, spotted my two mentors and sashayed toward their table with my best sissy, simpering smile. Told they were fine we all got in line to get our food. The fare was vegetarian, with light seafood. As we ate I remained silent while the girlies, discussed their day. I was told to take their trays back and when I returned I noticed that a small, stage-like platform, with three steps was being wheeled into the center of the room. A microphone, was being hooked up. Once the baby blue ribboned sissy employees left, Donna and Velvet stood up, and told me to stand. "We're going to introduce you to everyone from that little stage Mimi. You're about to be the evenings entertainment. Remember your pretty pose, and remember how to sashay honey", Donna said with a smile.

I followed her to the platform, her waving to everyone, as polite applause started. She was quite the showoff. Velvet was right behind me.

Being introduced to the entire student body, sissy employees, girlie employees, and the real ladies on the staff was scary. About all I could say was that I hoped I could become a real good sissy.

When we sat down and Ms. Gabriella got up to introduce Brandy, her new niece, a sissy maid named Bambi, came over to our table. She spoke to Donna, and told her that Princess Lynne wanted to see her now.

Donna looked at Bambi, and Bambi replied, "She's not pleased, I'd get over there now. She told Ms. Lenora that she didn't care for your waving and preening as if you'd just won the Miss America Pageant."

Donna looked scared and glanced over her shoulder. From where I sat, I could see The Mistress, curling her finger, and mouthing the words, "get over here now."

Donna didn't hesitate. I'm amazed that she could walk so quietly in 5" heels. As she got closer, I saw The Mistress point to the vacant chair next to her. Donna sat down.

Miss Velvet remarked casually, "I fear our titian haired angel may be in for a very sleepless night, or possibly a long day tomorrow."

Soon there was polite applause as Brandy was led to the makeshift stage by her "big sissy sister" Molly, and taken by the hand by her T'auntie Gaby, as she was now required to call her.

T'auntie is a British sissy way of saying auntie. Actually British sissies are often called Nancies, or Nellies, which I have sometimes been called by my mistress.

Brandy began blubbering helplessly she was so embarrassed. I'd last seen her in the beauty shop crying about her new perm. Trust me they had really "Shirley Templed" this little girl. Hair and clothing both. Red velvet dress, huge bouffant petticoats, ruby slippers, curls and curls and curls. A bouncy, springy, combo of sausage and banana, curls. She soon left with her big sister, t'auntie explaining, that baby was tired and cranky and needed to go beddy bye. It was just 7 PM.

Then Ms. Gabriella introduced The Mistress. As this Regal Lady stood up, she seemed to glide to the mike. She was coifed, dressed, and shod in the manner of a Roman Empress. She insisted on polite, ladylike, clapping only. She spoke beautifully on the matter of being a real sissy, and how it wasn't the clothes, makeup, shoes or perfume, but what one did, once they had them on. She closed with the statement that "Real ladies don't cook, housekeep, or launder, and we definitely don't iron. Real sissies do it for us."

I glanced up and noticed that Donna was she leaving with Lady Daphne whom I had seen teaching the ballet class earlier during the day. Donna had on a new item of clothing, two actually. A collar and a leash. The leash was in Lady Daphne's perfectly manicured hand.

I got up the next morning and removed my hairnet and straightened my 'twist'. I dressed in my school issue plaid jumper, white blouse with peter pan collar, ankle sox and 2", block heel, Mary Jane's. Pink bow in the hair, neat makeup, and off to a light breakfast. I sit down with my new 'big sister' Camille. She has classes, I have one more day of 'sissy prep' before I start classes on Wednesday. On my agenda is a clinic visit and a long beauty parlor appointment. Long enough that I'll be having lunch there.

I finish breakfast. On my way out the door, I see Donna. She's not dressed much differently, really cute as usual, except she's wearing a really big pom-pom on her head. About the size a cheerleader would use. She's also still attached to the leash, and being led around by a mistress I've never seen.

Of course I don't speak to her. She can't speak to me either. The ball gag she's wearing will prevent that. "Come along with Mistress D'Ann sweetie. I have lots of toilets, tile and tubs for you to scrub."

I head for the clinic. This will be my last leisurely day until I start classes.

As I headed toward the Clinic, I read an announcement handed out as we left the cafeteria: "Effective immediately, school term to be increased from 6 to 9 weeks.    Extra classes will concentrate on the 'Domestic Sciences', i.e., housekeeping, cooking, ironing, etc.  No mistress shall incur any extra tuition fees.   Any mistress needing or wanting her sissy home sooner is free to remove her at the end of the 6 week term.  Any mistress with a sissy enrolled for future classes also has the same privilege. Tuition increase will only be effective to future enrollments.   Any student enrolled solely in the 'feminine arts' curriculum, i.e., being trained as 'sissy socialite', (aka, "country club sissy"); lady's companion; 'trophy sissy'; 'mommies girl' or 'kept sissy'; will not be affected." Princess Lynne, Headmistress.

At the clinic, nurse Trina had me strip completely, even removing my gaff.  I was given a cream colored negligee, with slits up the side, and some really pretty thong sandals, to wear for the exam. The nurse did the usual; height, weight, blood and urine samples, eyes, ears, blood pressure, reflexes.  Then the really sweet and lovely Dr. Kathy came in and the nurse left for a while.

The first thing Dr. Kathy did was check to see if all my info was correct. "Okay Mimi, it say's here that when you graduate you plan on being a House Sissy for your mistress and her boyfriend. She has a house, and he keeps a condo, so that means you'll be pretty busy with two places to clean. In addition, you may end up dressing hair at a salon part time. I'd recommend you stay in shape with some aerobics. By the way, Mimi, do you know the origin of the term House Sissy? Well, before they had sissy schools like this one, the first training centers for sissies were private girls colleges. The sorority sisters used to chip in and hire a few sissies to wait on them, clean, iron, answer the door, the phone, all those boring tasks that they didn't like. They considered these sissies harmless and let them live at the Sorority House. Thusly, they would refer to them as 'our house sissies'."

Dr. Kathy was a font of info. She also recommended a good book for me to read, written by a friend of hers. The authors name was Dr. Gloria Staylace, a specialist in transgender studies. The book was titled; "Nikkie is Very Special": 'Sissies, a Sex Unto Themselves.'

She gave me a hormone booster shot and then told me many of the body and emotional changes I could expect. "One of the signs that your dosage is too high is if you start developing crushes on guys you see a lot, like your mailman, the bag boy at the grocery store, your hairdresser, especially your hairdresser, and maybe your mistresses boyfriend. Another sign is if you start having 'hissy fits' when you see someone wearing the same dress you have on at a party, or a dance."

Then she gave me a couple of pointers on my sexuality. "First of all, make sure you're being safe. Second, the reality is, not many women are on the make for a sissy love interest, and most men don't want a sissy for a lover either. Your best bet is to develop a close special friendship with another sissy, see how it develops, and when the time comes, make sure whatever you do is safe."

She gave me a letter for the Wardrobe Mistress at the salon, Ms. Judith, concerning my correct corset size, and off to the beauty parlor I went, thanking Dr. Kathy and Nurse Trina, for their help and advice.

Arriving at the plush salon, I saw Miss Donna, obviously a little happier. Gone was any escort, as were the leash and collar. The pom-pom on her head was smaller, about the size of an apple, and also bright red. She looked chastened and very busy. Her usually flamboyant red curls were now in a matronly bun at the nape of her neck. She also had on a hairnet. Her maids uniform was of the English 'day' style, gray, with white lace cuffs and collar. Her apron was right out of the 1950's, white, full length, ruffled to kill. A real 'June Cleaver' collectors item. Donna had been promoted from toilets, tile and tubs, to sweeping up at the salon, answering the phone, picking up towels, furnishing clean ones and serving refreshments to any ladies present. Working under the direct supervision of the hairbrush-wielding, Ms. Lenora, it was a safe bet, she had learned her lesson about grandstanding.

While I was getting my school mandated, sissy-prep beautification I overheard Mistresses discussing the situation. Apparently, this scenario, took place about every 6 months. Donna was very proud of the fact that she was a 'personal' sissy assistant to Princess Lynne. She would continue to be more and more flamboyant as time went by. After a while she would sort of lose control and act silly at a school assembly or other 'proper occasion'. Eventually Princess Lynne would have to take charge, and have Donna "put the car in park". Usually a day or two with another Mistress, wearing drab outfits, with a prim hairstyle, performing mundane tasks worked. No one mentioned any spanking, but it seemed to be implied.

This beauty treatment was first class. After a facial, manicure, pedicure and massage, I was permitted to soak in a hot tub full of lavender scented bubbles. These procedures were performed by sissies, under the supervision of a mistress. After being dried, perfumed, lotioned and powdered, I was turned over to Ms. Judith and 2 sissy attendants for proper figure training. My now 24" waist was whittled down to a perfectly petite 21". Then I was dressed in a fresh school uniform and turned over to Ms. Gabriella and her sissy attendants.

Ms. Gabriella assigned one of the sissies to me. I was given a pink frilly salon style cape and had my hair washed with strawberry shampoo. Then I was given a hot oil conditioner, and finally cream rinsed.

Ms. Gabriella now stood behind me. I was seated in a very high elevated chair. In her 2' heels, Ms. Gabriella is 5'11" tall and the top of my head was even with her eyes. Sissy students were watching her as she explained the type of cut she was going to give me. "Mimi has thick beautiful hair. First we'll remove the split ends, then we'll thin it out slightly and layer it. After that, we'll leave her dark brown color nearly intact, except for some softer, light auburn highlights. That will compliment the creamy, ginger matte, Ultra-Priss shade of lipstick and nail polish she favors."

Looking at myself in the mirror with a foil wrapped head was really something, but nothing compared to seeing myself with a head full of perm saturated waving rods of all different colors, and reading a sissy fashion mag called, Perfectly Prissy. During the comb out Ms. Gabriella exclaimed that she given me a really 'killer' cut and perm. She wasn't as lavish with the spray and gel as Donna.

When she was finished, I had a really cute modern day version of a "Bubble Do", a style made popular in the late 50's and early 60's by Jane Fonda and a few other actresses. After she put my pink bow back on, she started my makeup. It was then that I noticed Miss Donna handing her the cosmetics and implements. As Ms. Gabriella outlined my lips with a lipbrush, Miss Donna looked me in the eyes and ran her tongue over her crimson lips, winked at me and smiled. It was then that I realized that I wasn't disturbed by this at all. In fact, I wished that I could have sent back a signal right then.

Just then Ms. Gabriella said, "Donna, do you think you could perfume Mimi, properly? By that I mean, apply a subtle amount."

"Yes ma'am, I would love to." Donna replied.

"Good, my work is done. When you've sprayed her, go see Miss Lenora, and politely ask her if you and Mimi could continue her tour of the school grounds. I believe it was cut short yesterday due to time constraints." With that, Ms. Gabriella left.

Ms. Lenora excused us both, and Miss Donna and I set out across the campus. She asked me first what I had already seen. When I answered, she then told me what there was left to see.

"Well I'm not sure," I said. Then we both looked at each other and I thought I knew just what to say. "I'd like to see where you live at." I replied.

"Well, we can't go there. I stay at the Main House in the servants quarters. You can only go there by personal invitation of the Headmistress," she replied. Then she added, "I really haven't seen the students rooms since they remodeled them. Why don't you show me your room for starters, then we'll figure out from there what we'll do before supper."

"Okay" I said.

We had a really good time until supper and I got a really good night's sleep that night. Donna gave me a really pretty bouffant hair-do bonnet as a gift, to keep my Bubble-Do perm intact while sleeping. I'd been told to wait a couple of days to let the perm take before shampooing. I'd told many ladies the same thing at the Cut and Curl salon in the past.

I know your wondering about Miss Donna and I, aren't you? Sorry, I need my sleep.    First day of classes tomorrow.

Once I began real classes, I was told to begin wearing a pair of black 3" heeled pumps, and black tights, with my red plaid jumper and white blouse, with peter pan collar. My updated 'Bubble Do' cut and perm was a little longer then that style had been in the 1960's and framed my face with swirly curls that cascaded to about chin length all the way around. I wore my silver "Gypsy" hoops, and of course, full makeup and a nice cute pink bow in my hair, right at the top of my head.

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I had "Domestic Science" courses. These days would start with light breakfast and then the first class would be 'Housekeeping.' In this class we learned to wash pots and pans, do dishes, sweep, mop, scrub and wax floors, make beds, vacuum, and of course, do toilets, tile and tubs. Sometimes we'd practice in the classrooms, sometimes the offices, and sometimes the on site instructors residences, or rooms around the school. Next morning class would be "Laundry and Ironing.' This was separate from housekeeping, as it was taught that the care of a ladies wardrobe was of the utmost importance. In this class we were shown how to use a washer and dryer, how to hand wash lingerie and intimates, and also how not to ruin things by using the wrong cycle, or drying something on too hot a cycle. The last morning class was "Serving." In this class we learned the proper way to serve, at the table, in the parlor, at a pool or lawn party, or a formal dinner party. Next we ate lunch.

The afternoon classes, were Culinary Studies , Table Setting and Decoration and Combined Needle Crafts. Culinary Studies covered cooking, baking and fancy dessert making. Table Setting etc. covered how to set up a table and also how to add to any decor with flowers, candles etc. Combined Needle Crafts covered any kind of sewing, needle point, knitting, darning, etc. After classes we had supper and studied.

At this point I'd like to mention that discipline at the school was firm and swift. Small infractions, such as no hair bow, improper uniform , or talking out of turn were handled by the offended instructor, usually with a paddling on the spot. Then the offending sissy had to stand in the corner, panties down, sucking her thumb, skirts pinned up. Habitual offences(more then once), or more serious matters, such as rudeness, insolence, yelling, running or horseplay, were referred to department heads or the administration. This could result in expulsion, but more then likely would involve public punishment, combined with embarrassment in front of the entire school body.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I had my 'Feminine Arts' classes. Basically, these classes involved everything about walking, talking, acting, and looking like a sissy, and then some. Mornings were taken up by Charm, Beauty and Fashion, and Deportment. Afternoons included, Beauty Services, Exercise and Dance, and Total Body Care. Charm taught us how to walk, talk, sit stand and curtsy like a lady. In beauty and fashion we learned how to make ourselves look pretty. Deportment covered manners and figure and posture training. Beauty Services taught us to serve our mistress with massages, baths, how to care for her skin, nails and hair, and how to help her select her wardrobe. In Dance and Exercise, we learned how to keep our bodies fit, trim, graceful and sexy, so our mistresses, could at least be proud of us when they put us into our maids uniform. Total body care was taking a sauna and shower after exercise and putting on all kinds of lotions, moisturizers, and perfumes. We also did the exercises and sauna, Saturday afternoon.

It was also impressed on us in almost every class, that a lot of what we were learning would be put to use serving our mistresses' boyfriend, husband, fiancÚ, or quite possibly the 'very special lady' in her life.

Weekends we also studied and did our laundry. It was on weekends that one could really tell the ultra-femme, 'dyed-in-the-wool' sissies as to just a regular sissy. Most of the instructors were gone, sometimes even the administration, so although the rules weren't lax, there weren't as many people to enforce them. All one had to do was go in the laundry room, before lunch, on a Saturday or Sunday, and look around, and it was easy to spot the sissies that were really 'going for the gold.' They would be the one's seated prettily, doing their nails and glancing at a sissy fashion mag like "Prancing Pansies". The mag would be in their lap, legs pressed together. There hair would be up in rollers, with a bow attached to the hairnet. Full makeup and wearing heels and a pink Chanel suit. Like a girl getting ready for a date, or in this case wanting to look her best in the cafeteria for lunch. Why? Well maybe one of the Mistresses, on campus for the weekend, might have her come to the room to help entertain her friends, or maybe give her a foot rub or manicure

How do I know this? Because after my "Temple" ceremony, I was one of these overly servile sissies. In fact, my ceremony took place the first Saturday after I arrived. I was never the same again. Saturday after lunch, I was given my packet by Miss Donna. She smiled and said, "Full instructions are inside. How to prepare, what to wear, what time to report. Don't worry my dear, go to your room, read the packet and nap until supper. You're officially excused until then. Have a nice meal, and then I'll return with you and help you to prepare, and escort you to the main house. Her Majesty takes over from there. We are to enter her chambers at precisely 9 PM. Be ready for a long and interesting evening." With that she kissed my cheek and left.

I began walking to my room. I did just as I was told, read the packet, napped and went to supper. As soon as I had returned my empty food tray and Donna's, we went to my room to prep for my, "Cleansing, Purification, and Initiation" into the "Society Of Sissyhood."

On the way from supper to my room, Donna told me I could drop the 'Miss' when I spoke to her. At my room she proceeded to begin laying my things out and I went to take a bath. My feet ached from all the walking I had been doing in heels that week, especially in my charm and deportment classes.

Some of the walking exercises that Lady Daphne had us doing were really precise. We'd go to the 'promenade' room. We'd all sit demurely and one at a time demonstrate for the whole class everything we had been learning. Under her instructions, we would begin walking around the room in 4" heels, stopping at precise moments to curtsy, say "thank you ma'am", sit in a chair, get up, curtsy again and say "yes sir, right away sir" and then proceed up a small set of stairs to a runway. Then we would sashay down the runway to the really hot Latin beat of Gloria Estefan, execute a precise turn and wind up at the other end of the runway with a hand on hip, the other hand in the air, pose of a model. Then Lady Daphne would ask the class for comments. After this she'd give her critique.

Once I got out of the tub I put my shampooed hair up in a towel, and wrapped another around my waist. While Donna began to lotion, powder, and perfume me I began to get a swelling, 'down there.' "Oh no!" she said, "We can't have you showing up at the main house like that."

She proceeded to hand me a bottle of scented 'love oil' with a drawing of two women in a loving embrace on the front. "First, where are your mags?" She asked. When I gave her a questioning glance she said, "You have some sissy fashion, pinup and story mags in your room somewhere, everybody does. Just like everyone else, you picked them up in the salon, the cafeteria, another sissies room, the lounge, the laundry room."

She looked around and when I said, very meekly, "Under the mattress."

She smiled and said, "Goodness, how original." She got them out and began looking them over, musing to herself, finally saying to me, "Lie on the bed, close your eyes and relax, I'm going to read you a story. I'm going to be reading, not watching. You should know what to do. From the looks of these well worn mags, you've done this before."

So, Donna began to read form a story called, "Madame Ellen's Paddling Party;" by Pamela Pantylace. Donna is really a good reader and put a lot of expression and effort into the drama of the story.

We didn't have a huge amount of time to get me ready. I didn't take a lot of time with this little 'detour' either. You know, Dr. Kathy was right; my "releases" were becoming much different, a lot less shattering and much more introspective. It kind of started at my toes at one end, and the tip of my head at the other. When I began to pick up my breathing, Donna touched my hand, placing in it a warm damp washcloth, whispering, "Here, lets not make a mess." The tingling picked up and everything kind of ended up in my tummy area. I started feeling all 'yummy and gooshy' and real helpless. Then it happened. At the moment, Donna was whispering something to me about being in a 'field of poppies', like Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz.

Fully spent, I rested briefly and Donna began helping me dress and 'femme up' for the ceremony. Of course I first put on a gaff and then a white, lacy bra and panty set. Next came a white, 'Ladies who Lunch' Chanel suit with matching heels. She had already heated my hot rollers, and she began to wrap these really tightly in my hair after misting my locks with setting lotion. As she did this she told me what to do about my nails, and also gave me a few hints about the evenings theme and attire.

"Go with a soft shade like 'coral pink'. You're going to be wearing all white attire, you know, a real 'sacrificial virgin' kind of thing. The pink will go good. This suit you have on now, you'll only be wearing until we're there, then you'll change into the ceremonial outfit."

Once my hair was rolled up she finished up my nails and began my makeup. "I need to have you there at nine so I can avoid having a little 'private ceremony' of my own." she mused.

Once she declared my makeup "perfect", she removed the hot rollers, and employing spritz, a brush and a teasing comb, she gave me a sleek, pulled back 'up-do', with a 'cap' of curls on top, and 'feathered' bangs. Finishing me off with a white bow pinned behind the cap of curls, she hand me stand before her and a full length mirror for a final inspection. Pronouncing me "stunning", she took my hand and headed for the main house.

Arriving at the house, Donna had me turn my head, so she could punch a code into the outside lock and let us in. It was very quiet. Motioning me to follow her she led me into a dressing room, and had me remove my heels and Chanel suit. She handed me a beautiful harem girl outfit, in a white, crop top style, with long billowy sleeves. The bottoms were also white and just as diaphanous, the skirts being slit from thigh to ankle, but fastened at the knee, with a carefully tied small bow. The shoes were, thong sandals in white with a 3" block heel. She fastened a white lacy collar at my neck. The collar had a convenient ring to which she attached a leash.

Giggling she said, "Come along my prissy little poodle."

In the next room we entered were Lady Daphne and Ms. Gabriella. Along with them was Brandy, Ms. Gabriella's charge. She was dressed and made up identically to me. The one exception was her coiffure. Gone for the time being were the Shirley Temple sausage curls. She looked lovely in one of those pulled back banana clip styles many teens were wearing. Her swept up and back hair fastened in back with a clip and looked like a beautiful 'pony girl' mane. Her bangs were fluffed beautifully. In a gown she could have passed for a deb at her coming out party, or this years homecoming queen at a local high school.

Presently Donna excused herself and handed my leash to Lady Daphne, who was to be my 'presenter'. Entering the ante room of her majesty's chamber, we were helped up onto identical padded tables. The bows at the skirt sides were unfastened by two sissy attendants. This made access to our backsides very easy. Soon we were lubed generously, and the tube of an enema bag inserted carefully and painlessly. Soon her majesty entered looking as regal as ever in gown, heels, and a heavily jeweled Grecian coiffure. She was holding a scepter. She nodded to our presenters and said, "Begin".

As the flow of the soapy warm water began to enter me she said, "Look at me girlies and listen carefully. You are to answer my questions truthfully." Then she added for effect, "Stay focused!"

Lady Daphne let the water into me very slowly. Brandy would later admit that t'auntie Gaby did the same to her.

Her Majesty, the Empress Princess Lynne then recited a carefully memorized list of 'possible offenses' we may have committed in our past life, against what she called 'the sisterhood.' I knew of course she meant the female of the species in general. As she recited them, we were told to say, "Yes I have, please forgive me," anytime she hit on one we were guilty of.

"No, harm will come to you," she added. "This will help with your cleansing immensely."

The increasing pressure inside me and the admission of my past misdeeds produced a strange effect. Along with Brandy, I began to sob and then cry openly.

Again, I was surprised and comforted, as Her Majesty herself approached us and began to alternate between us and dry our tears, saying in a compassionate voice, "That's it girls, get it all out. It will be all over soon enough. You'll be healed, and much better girls for it."

Once we were full, we meditated to the sound of very peaceful music, and were finally helped off the padded table and into another room to evacuate. Then we were taken back to the table for an additional 'rinsing' with crystal clear mineral water to insure complete 'cleansing' of all our 'impurities.' After another meditation, and evacuation, we were led back into the chamber.

The padded tables had been removed and in their place were padded foot rests. Placed over these, we were on all fours, when we were shown our brand new, custom made, handcrafted and monogrammed paddles.

Her majesty then spoke, "As water was often used to cleanse in ancient societies, heat and fire were used to purify. Let the heat and fire of a paddling forever remind you of your new pure life in the society."

She then left for the temple, leaving Brandy and I with t'auntie and Lady Daphne. Soon Brandy was given 18 swats and me 21, signifying the years of our past lives. After each swat, we would squeal, count it and thank the lady paddling us. When it was all over we kissed our new paddles again, and thanked our paddlers for our 'purification' and then meditated, while two sissy attendants rubbed soothing antiseptic and numbing cream into our plump butts.

Led by our two patrons, on our leashes, into the temple we stopped just inside the door.

The Empress spoke, "Ladies, do you deem these two sissies helpless and harmless enough to be left alone with any member of the sisterhood?"

"Yes we do", answered Lady Daphne.

"Then you may remove their leashes and proceed to the reception room," Princess Lynne replied. We were told to light all the candles and incense that seemed to be everywhere in the room, and then we were given each a cup of 'herbal nectar' to drink. Finally we knelt before her majesty and recited the "Pledge of Sissipus". Lastly, before we followed our mentor into the reception area, we stood, placed our left hand on our hips, and raised our right hands high over our heads and joined our hands at the fingertips, minuet style. Then we danced prettily about the room while the music to 'The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies' played in the background.

At the reception that night, Brandy and I were given aprons so as not to soil our pretty harem girl outfits. We served the light fare and then were permitted to go. Thankfully, two sissy attendants cleaned up. Brandy left, holding hands with Sharon, a sissy who usually chauffeured Princess Lynne. I left holding hands with Donna.

Once in my room she asked, "What do you have for me that fits?" Without waiting for me to answer, she found a white negligee and some matching high heeled slippers. She then said, "What you're wearing is fine, you look like a virgin bride. Let's remove our makeup, put back on some lipstick, and get to bed."

Stunned, I sat with her at the vanity and did just what she said to do. She continued, "You've had a real long day. That's why they have this on Saturday, you can actually sleep in tomorrow. Tonight, you need a girlfriend to comfort you. Don't worry this is permissible. In fact this is part of my duties." She smiled warmly. I believed her, and soon we were in bed beside each other. I listened intently as she told me how nice the next two months would be, and how life would be after graduation.

Soon I snuggled up to her into her left arm, my head against her shoulder. She moved closer also. A light kiss from her, one from me, a "you're so sweet" or two, and we were soon testing waters I was very unfamiliar with. I really hoped I could take a few more swimming lessons before graduation.

The next four weeks of school seemed to whirl by, and soon I had one month to go before I began my life as a house sissy. A new development was a very 'close' relationship with Brandy that continues to this day.

The first big event we went through together, was a visit I had from Mistress Felicia. Like anyone else putting a sissy through a training school, she wanted to assure herself that I was doing my best to give her money's worth. I was looking at her visit all wrong, and Brandy noticed it. Not only did she notice it, but my excitement hurt her. I was getting ready for the visit, like a schoolgirl getting ready for a date.

Brandy was in my room as she often was on Saturday mornings, after spending the night there Friday. In my mind, I was actually hoping that Felicia would find me so attractive that we would be getting back together in a sort of lesbian relationship. I had completely forgotten about her new lover Duane, completely forgotten about the terms she had set down. The only way I could ever reside in her home again was as her sissy maid.

As I fixed my makeup and hair and checked what I was wearing, Brandy finally spoke up, "You're going to make a fool of yourself, Mimi, and you're going to be really hurt, if you make this visit any more than a women visiting her future housekeeper."

We bantered this back and forth and then I realized we were both getting upset. Finally she said, "I actually thought you had some feelings about us being together. I guess I was wrong."

I finally had to admit the reality of it all. I would never have Felicia, and yes, I did care about Brandy and myself. Felicia basically told me she had filed all the necessary papers for divorce and my legal identity change. She didn't stay long.

Soon Brandy, myself and other students were permitted to go on supervised trips to the closest town to acclimate ourselves to the outside world. One week after Felicia's visit, the girls in the 'feminine arts' program graduated. We students enrolled in the combined program, were told it was mandatory for us to attend the graduation ceremony. The 'sissy socialites', 'mommies girls', 'trophy sissies', and all the rest of the really glamorous sissies looked really stunning, in their array of outfits. Much more glamorous then we did, three weeks later, when we were presented with our maids caps. We all wore "English Style" day type uniforms. There were lots of tearful goodbyes, and I told Brandy I would do my best to get together. Her T'auntie Gaby was going to have her work at the school for a while before having her become employed by a good friends daughter.

The daughter was a stock broker who lived in Northern VA., not all that far from the salon where I now work. She and her live-in girlfriend are both clients at the salon.

Ms. Bren smiled as I completed my saga. "Sounds like the place for Gary, or maybe I should say Gigi," she commented laughingly.

Ms. Felicia answered, "Well if you'd like to get the ball rolling now, I can call the school and set up a tour, then we can set up a little visit to your place by a couple of the ladies from the sisterhood. It probably won't take too much to convince Gigi that she'll be much better off if she settles down like Mimi here. In fact, once you begin her mandatory, "pre-femme" at home, it might be good for laughs to bring her over here to meet one of her 'sissy sisters'."

Poor Gigi. Well it's probably for the best, in fact I know it is. Yes, when she was brought over to visit she did freak when she realized who I was, and how femmy she would look, before the school was through with her. We stayed in touch while she was a student, and I'll share her diary with you. She say's it's fine, especially if her diary helps another sissy. Well, I'm going to leave you for a while.

Right now Mistress and her new husband are in West Palm, vacationing. Brandy will be over for the evening. I'm going to color her hair among other things.

Gigi will be over tomorrow, and the three of us are going to do some mall hopping. If you see three really hot girls at the fashion center in Arlington, or at Hollywood Wigs, it might be us.

The End, For Now...


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