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Rosie the Sissy – Part Six

By Beverly Taff

List of characters

Me Robert, now called Rosie!
Wendy My twin sister
Angela Our younger half sister by my mother’s second boyfriend
Doris My drippy mother who lets everybody walk all over her
Aunty Janet My mother’s pushy domineering sister.
Harriet Our friend from the next farm
Aunty Margaret Harriet’s Mother
Jessica Harriet’s older sister

Thus I was now settled into college life. Between studying at the domestic science faculty, sharing my life with Wendy and Harriet and riding my beloved horse Peaches my life was happy and fulfilling.

For the first year, everything went swimmingly. We three attended to each other’s needs whilst Wendy and Harriet occasionally indulged each other with a dildo to garnish extra satisfaction.

So far, the grafted erective vascular additions in my tongue had still not ‘matured’. I must confess to being ever so slightly jealous of Wendy and Harriet’s pleasuring each other with their dildo during this first year, but I could do nothing about it. My rosie simply could not, and would not pierce a lady’s secret place ever again.

When we all three shared our bed and they indulged their urges, I was reduced to the passive servant who attended upon any little extra needs that may arise. I was a ‘sissy’ in the very truest sense of the word.

The following year things got worse.

Although we shared our flat for most of the time, Wendy often had to go on vetinary fieldwork for up to a month at a time and Harriet spent similar periods doing practical studies on various farms. Often their absences coincided and I found myself alone in the flat for long periods.

During these times I became lonely and started venturing out to our favoured clubs alone. The regular clubbers immediately noticed my single visits for, though I say it myself, I appeared to be an extremely attractive girl. I soon fell in with a lively crowd of lesbians whom I thought I could trust. Some of the girls knew me from the stables and it was common knowledge that I usually wore very frilly panties under my clubbing outfits.

“So where are Wendy and Harriet this week?” Asked one of the stable crowd.

“On field work for their courtheth,” I lisped, “they’ll be away for a month.”

My lisp invariably raised a few smiles but most of them accepted it by now.

“So you’re alone then.”

“Yeth. Until they come back.”

A rustle of anticipation whispered around the group and several tongue tips wetted several lips as licentious thoughts fed feverish lesbian imaginations.

“Are you missing them?” Asked another girl whom I saw regularly at the club but not at the stables.

“Yeth, of courth. You know how it ith.”

I had thus tacitly declared that Wendy, Harriet and I were ‘an item’. Our well-known threesome had intrigued many of the girls at the club immensely. But this was the first time it had ever been declared for public consumption. When we three had been together the girls had always accepted our ménage-a-trios but it had always intrigued them. Many were curious to find out how a lesbian ménage-a-trios could remain so stable and enduring. Now I was temporarily alone, it seemed that some deemed me to be ‘fair game’.  

Lesbians being lesbians, they were curious and keen to ‘try me out’. I, being a sissy, didn’t realise how naive and silly I was to accept their advances. One of the girls called Charlie tried a devious tack. She pretended to be puzzled by our relationship.

“It seems strange to have a lezzy ménage. Most of us either play the field or stick with one partner. Are any of you three ‘bi’?”

I didn’t answer for I thought the question a bit too inquisitive and my reticence brought another girl to my defence.

“That’s an impertinent question. Don’t be so nosey Charlie.”

“Oh I’m sorry darling, that was a bit rude of me.”

So saying, she accompanied her apology with a kiss and a sly grope of my butt through my frilly panties.

I twitched nervously, but found myself somehow responding to her kiss. Charlie was a beautiful ‘lip-stick’ lesbian and would have broken any man’s heart. Our lips remained locked as our tongues explored each other. She jerked for a moment as my extra long tongue delved deep down her throat then she gasped for air.

“Mmmm. That tongue of yours is really nice.” She whispered as she recovered her breath.

“Ith what maketh me lithp.” I confessed sadly.

“Never mind your lisp. That’s a lovely tongue.”

I failed to catch her innuendo because her groping hand gently slid up my butt then wrapped itself around my waist. My beautiful frilly panties were visible to everybody as she pulled me towards the dance floor. I became distracted by her closeness as we soon found ourselves swaying to the soft music.

Naturally, she pressed herself against me and I gasped softly as her soft silky dress slithered against mine and her mons-venus brushed my rosie.

“Mmmm. You’re a touchy one aren’t you? Did that feel nice?”

“Yeth!” I croaked softly as the familiar sensations started growing through my body.

She sensed my tension and gently pressed her firm breasts against mine. Neither of us was wearing a bra because both of us had firm young breasts and our dresses provided some support. It was this that had attracted her to me. Her nipples were already stiff and mine responded greedily as we ‘tit fenced’ with our nipples.

“Mmmm. You’re really nice,” sighed Charlie. “How come you always hang around all the time with Wendy and Harriet?”

“They’re my betht friendth and we love each other.” I responded a little lamely.

“How can you each love two other girls?” Persisted Charlie.

“We juth do.” I replied meekly.

I did not understand why we stayed together, I had always stayed with Harriet and Wendy but sometimes, I was left feeling distinctly ‘left out of things’ especially when they serviced each other with their double-ended dildo. Charlie seemed to sense my uncertainty and pressed her suite.

“Have you ever been with anyone else?”

“No.” I replied honestly.

“And how long have you been together.”

All our liveth,” I replied unthinkingly.

“What! Since how long ago?” Persisted Charlie.

“Thince we were children.”

As soon as I said it, I realised that I had said too much. Charlie tensed slightly and drew back to study my face. I could see suspicion dawning in her eyes.

“What, you’ve grown up together?”

I rapidly amended my story to hide my relationship with Wendy.

“We live in the thame village. We’ve grown up together thince primary school. We’ve alwayth been friendth.”

“So you’ve never been with anybody else?”

Her grip on my waist tightened slightly as her mons-venus re-ingratiated itself against my rosie. I twitched licentiously again and a sly smile spread across Charlie’s lips. She looked deep into my eyes and searched for a give-away sign.

“My you are sensitive down there aren’t you. Have they ever popped your cherry?”

“Yeth.” I replied defensively.

“But you’ve not had much experience. I can tell. You’re tense now. Like you’re frightened. Loosen up girl. You’re a real beauty. Every girl in the club fancies you. Doesn’t that make you feel good?”

“Yeth but, -“

“Yes but what? Just look at them. Look at their eyes. Look at that big dyke over there. She’d love to take you.”

“I slipped my eyes sideways and discreetly followed Charlie’s glance. At the edge of the little dance floor stood a hefty bull dyke who could have ‘ball-crushed’ just about any man. I shuddered nervously as I caught her eyeing me up and I squeezed closer to Charlie.

“Don’t be frightened. You may have come here alone, but I’ll see you home OK.”

“I’ve got my own car,” I protested, “I’d never invite thomeone like her to come home with me.”

“Don’t you believe it, if you left here alone, you’d hardly get past the door. She doesn’t need invitations. Those other bull-dykes by the door are the bouncers and her friends.”

“Tho how would you protect me?” I countered.

“They won’t try anything with twosomes or couples; you know, partners and friends. The club couldn’t risk the trouble. We’d all stop coming here if it stopped being safe.”

“Tho how come they might attack me when I’m alone.”

“They wouldn’t, well not immediately, but they might follow you home. If they think you live alone, they might try something. The club wouldn’t be held accountable then. They’re a pretty rough bunch and they’ve been known to try it on before.”

“Tho you’re saying we’ll have to leave together.”

“That or in a group.” Cautioned Charlie.

“I’m not stupid. If I left with a group of your friendth they might attack me.”

“So it’s best if we just the two of us leave together.”

“And what about our carth?”

“I don’t have a car, I live just around the corner. This is like a gay village. My area is pretty safe and we all know each other.” There’s a gay bar across the street from my front door and most of the gays know me. Nobody would dare attack me around here.”

I studied Charlie and realised that every heterosexual male would remember her stunning good looks. Additionally, most gay males would know of her, if only as the heartbreaker lipstick lesbian who lived opposite their gay club. I would be fairly safe provided I stayed in the gay village with Charlie and Charlie alone. As we danced tight together, I glanced over her shoulder and tensed as I felt greedy eye’s watching us. A whole gang of biker dykes had arrived and several were watching Charlie and me. Then my eyes met with a look of pure jealousy.

“Who’th the dyke with the blue medallion in the jeanth and biker jacket?” I asked, hiding my lips below Charlie’s bare shoulder.

Charlie gently rotated us until she identified the girl. I felt her tense slightly.

“The one with the crew cut and skull, cross-bones earrings?”

“The very thame. She looks pithed ath all hell.”

“She’s been after me for months. She’s not my type. I prefer really pretty girls like you.”

“Yeah, well that’h ath may be but she thill lookth pithed off.”

I sensed Charlie tense even more and I carefully spun so that I could see the dyke again. I shuddered and an icicle trickled down my spine as I recognised the glare of pure jealous hatred. Suddenly, I felt Charlie releasing the hem of my frock and letting it fall again over my frilly panties. It was obvious that if Charlie had continued flaunting her new catch, the dyke would blow a blood vessel.

I realised that despite what Charlie said, she was nervous and there was obviously a history between her and the biker dyke. I turned to face away from the dyke and whispered in Charlie’s ear.

“I want to leave. I feel like an antelope among a pride of lionth.”

“What! Now? The night’s still young.”

“Never mind that. I’m going now. I’ve never felt like thith before.”

Well accustomed to making myself inconspicuous after years masquerading as a girl, I gently sidled to the other side of the dance floor and into the chattering group of Charlie’s friends. Before the biker dykes realised it, we had faded into the shadows behind the other girls and escaped via the kitchens into the yard.

Fortunately, my car was parked in the alley near the back entrance to the yard. After quickly slipping into my car we emerged from the alley we were driving down the main street before the biker gang had reached the pavement. Fortunately they did not know the car and we were gone a couple of blocks before I turned down the street were Charlie’s flat was. The biker dykes were looking for two girls, not a car and we escaped easily. Charlie pointed out her flat and I pulled over to the kerb. As she got out, she turned and bent down to speak through my car’s window.

            “Are you coming in?”

            “Ith it thafe. Doeth she know where you live?”

“Every dyke in the city knows where I live. They all want to get into my panties. Wait here, I’ll just go and talk to the gay doormen over there.”

So saying, Charlie flounced provocatively towards the bouncers at the door of the gay club and explained the situation.  The heavily built bouncers turned to stare at me then waved friendlily as Charlie returned.

“They’re good lads and they know the score,” she explained, “they’ve dealt with those dykes before.”

“What, over you.”

“Me and others. The whole gay village knows the score.”

“I’d beth go then. I don’t want any trouble.”

“No! Stay!” Hissed Charlie. “Why should we be the ones on the defensive? We’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Yeah but, -“

“No buts. I demand that you come up. If only for a cup of coffee.”

“Ok then. But nothing elthe; I’m thpoken for.”

“Well we’ve all said that before,” grinned Charlie with quite the most beautiful and inviting smile. “What can go wrong? We’re both girls.”

My heart melted. Her looks and smile would have broken any boy’s resolve. Nervously, I swivelled out of my seat and locked the car as she opened her front door. With on last cautious sweep of the street I teetered on my clubbing heels then minced into her hallway. The inviting sway of my hips and the click of my heels caused her to grin.

“Nice shoes, nice walk. My flat is up the stairs. Two ladies share the ground floor. They own the building and let the other flats to us other lesbians.”

As she explained the set up, a forty something lady popped her head out of the ground floor flat and smiled at Charlie.

“Hi darling. Did you have a good night?”

“Yes thanks Sally. This is Rosie. We’ve met at the club several times before.”

Sally’s eyes appraised me and she obviously approved. As I stood hesitantly on the top stair, her gaze rotated upward through the banisters to fix on my panties underneath my super-short mini-skirted dress.

“Nice panties darling. I so like effeminate frills on a pretty girl.”

I automatically pressed my knees together but there was nothing I could do to hide my frillies. I felt a twinge of delicious anticipation as Charlie locked the front door then turned to let her eyes follow Sally’s gaze. Her grin widened as she smiled at me and Sally spoke again

“D’you want to come in for coffee? It’s still quite early.”

Obviously Sally knew the comings and goings of all her tenants and she knew the times the clubs closed. It was indeed still early. Charlie raised a questioning eyebrow to me and I nodded agreement. Graciously I tripped back down the stairs as Sally’s knowing smile followed my wiggling hips and I joined Charlie in Sally’s flat.

“Do sit down darlings,” invited Sally as another younger woman entered from the kitchen. She was about thirtyish and dressed in a form fitting cat suite that revealed a beautifully proportioned body. When her eyes fell upon me she smiled at me like a cat that had seen a mouse.

 “Rosie this is Toni, Toni; Rosie.” Declared Sally.

I was about to extend a dainty courteous hand but Toni simply wrapped her arms around my shoulders and kissed me softly. Sally smiled knowingly and wagged her head indulgently

“Hand’s off Toni, she’s with Charlie.”

“Mmm. Lucky Charlie.” Sighed Toni as she reluctantly released me from her embrace.

Sally smiled and went to fix some drinks as Toni invited me to sit beside her on the sofa. Sally obviously knew her partner well for she called unseen from the kitchen.

“You’ll have to watch my partner Rosie! She’s like a bitch on heat sometimes.”

Nervously I settled on the sofa but of course, my micro-skirted frock rode up to reveal my delicious frilly panties. Toni’s eyes widened and her hands gently fingered the thick rows of frills around my soft rounded butt as she smiled into my nervous eyes.

“Mmmm. These are really nice,” she declared to me before turning to Charlie. “Where did you find this delightful young lady?”

“Don’t frighten her.” Protested Charlie with a giggle. “She’s still kind of new to the scene.

“Oh how sweet. Now Rosie, you must tell me all about yourself. Do you have a regular partner?” Asked Toni.

Charlie interrupted on my behalf whilst I wriggled nervously as Toni’s fingers slowly worked along the rows of frills to my rosie.

“She normally comes to the club with two other friends.”

“So where are they tonight?” Asked Toni.

“They’re on field courtheth.” I replied. “We’re all at university.”

Toni ignored my sissy lisp and just continued as if nothing was wrong.

“Oh so they’ve left you all alone. Gosh that was silly of them. A girl as pretty as you could quickly get into all sorts of trouble. I’ll bet the old club started buzzing like a hornet’s nest when you walked in. I think you’ll agree, it’s like a meat market in there sometimes. Trust Charlie to latch onto you. You’re obviously made for each other and well matched.”

With these last words, her knowing fingers brushed against my rosie. I twitched salaciously and she hesitated as her fingers sensed the slightly different texture of my rosie from the rest of the frills. Toni’s brow knotted slightly as she first tested the ordinary lacy frills again then returned to check to the softer warmer and slightly thicker ‘petals’ of my rosie.

“Mmm. What’s this darling. I like the idea of a thicker little rosette of frills just where it matters.”

I jerked sensitively then squeaked as Charlie quickly sat on my other side to protect her investment. Fortunately, Sally appeared with a tray of drinks and some canapé’s. Toni’s inquisitive fingers immediately withdrew but I was left squirming breathlessly. As I gasped and panted, three pairs of solicitous eyes watched me curiously. Charlie’s hand reached protectively around my shoulders to gently support me. She tensed as she felt my heart thumping away.

“Are you alright pet?”

“Yeth,” I croaked as my urges finally subsided. “I'm juth a little overcome.”

“Overcome!” Observed Toni, “I should say you were about to come darling. It’s OK dear, we understand, a young girl’s libido and all that. Would you like to find release?”

Sally made a big pretence of being shocked by her partner’s forwardness.

“Really Toni! Don’t be so vulgar. Anybody can see Rosie’s a little lady. That sort of thing is for the privacy of the bedroom. Now come and sit with me. Leave the poor little thing alone.”

“Oh come, come Sally darling. Anybody can see the poor girl is overcome with her needs.” Protested Toni as she reluctantly obeyed her obviously dominant partner.

“Well not here and not now. This is a respectable little tête-à-tête. Another time perhaps, for we hardly know each other.”

We each settled beside our respective partners to enjoy our drinks but Toni’s earlier fingering had already started my engine motoring. Cautiously I rearranged my panties to get comfortable again but my rosie was now on the warpath. She started opening fully and her large round ball of petals was now expanding on the front of my panties. I tried to tug the hem of my frock lower but this was a useless task. All I did was draw Sally and Toni’s attention to the exposed front of my frilly panties. Charlie didn’t notice it as she sat beside me but both Sally and Toni’s eyes widened curiously as they watched the petals grow from amongst the frills where a clitty would normally lie in an ordinary pair of panties. Soon they had uncurled and presented as a large blossom of red, white and blue petals on the lower front of my panties. Sally let out a squeak of amazement as her eyes followed the rotating movements on the front of my panties. I realised my rosie had been spotted. Desperately I tried to draw up my knees and cross my legs. My efforts were useless, they simply caused my panties to tug at the base of the expanding blossom and I let out another gasp as my hips juddered responsively. Sally frowned and peered harder as I was forced to lower my legs to ease the tugging caress of my frilly panties.

My rosie had now grown to her full size and presented as a spectacular patriotic red, white and blue rose.

“Oh my!” Sally squeaked genteelly. “Good gracious girl. Why that’s lovely. Is it some sort of toy?”

Toni was much more forward in her approach and she stood up from Sally’s embrace to investigate the strange development now that the twisting churning motions had stopped. Her jaw sagged as she stared mesmerised at my exposed panties.

“It, - It’s still moving! Just look! What sort of dildo is that?”

“I, - it’h not a dildo, it’h my, - Oh hell!”

I blubbered as I stood up and teetered on my heels towards the door. Charlie tried to grab me but I was initially too quick, I was outside and in the hall struggling with the front door lock before she caught up with me.

“What’s wrong darling?  There’s no need to be frightened. We’re not going to attack you or something. This isn’t the club.”

“I have to go home. It’h no good.” I sobbed.

Charlie took me by the shoulders and turned me to face her. I struggled feebly but she simply wrapped her arms around me and held me tight against her. Our breasts squeezed together and she felt my stiff turgid nipples nub against her own. She instantly realised I was humongously horny and she whispered in my ear.

“There’s no need to be ashamed. Lots of girls carry clitty ticklers in their panties. Even I do sometimes. What ever turns you on my dearest.”

I tired to answer but my fearful sobs overwhelmed me.

“It, - It’h! Oh what the hell! Let me go. I want to go home.”

Charlie’s grip relaxed and I turned to attack the door-lock again. Then Charlie intervened.

“Ok. OK. but lets check that the street is clear. Those biker dykes might be outside.”

I cursed nervously as Sally produced a chain key to release the door and permit it to open to the chain.

Charlie and I peered out only to be shocked by the site of the biker dykes just approaching the gay club on the opposite side of the street. They spoke to the bouncers then some went in side. The others loitered outside apparently undecided about what to do.

“Damn!” Cursed Charlie as I sagged defeatedly against the doorjamb.

“Oh shit!” I cursed as Sally silently closed the door to avoid attracting attention. “What now? I’ve got to go home!”

“But why?” Pleaded Charlie. “You’ll be perfectly safe here. We won’t steal your clitty tickler or raid your panties.”

“Huh! I’ve heard that before. I want to go home.”

Sally let out an exasperated sigh.

“Listen Rosie. If you’re frightened or something we can give you a separate bed for the night. There’s a spare room on the same landing as Charlie’s flat. Normally we use it as a box-room. There’s no bathroom or anything but there’s a bed in there. I’ll get you some bedding and you can sleep there. The door’s got a lock if you want to lock yourself away.”

I relaxed slightly and Sally became the businesslike landlady. She led me upstairs then showed me the room and the internal lock. Toni then entered with some clean bedding and motioned me to help her make the bed. Glad of a sanctuary, I eagerly folded the bedding down then stared pointedly at the door. Sally, Toni and Charlie got the message and left. I noticed Charlie shrug her shoulders as Sally glanced questioningly at her. Then I closed the door and locked it as I heard them going down the stairs.

“She seems a very nervous girl. Are you sure she’s one of us?” Observed Toni.

“Yes!” Protested Charlie. “She’s often in the club with her two friends Wendy and Harriet. She’s definitely gay. She even lives with the other two. It’s a real lezzy ménage-a-trois.”

“Strange, then that she should be so nervous.” Added Sally.

“Well; there’s now’t so strange as folks.” Mimicked Toni in a false Yorkshire accent.

As their voices faded into the drawing room I cursed silently and resolved to meet Charlie later that night. I desperately wanted to sleep with her but I just did not want my secret revealed to all and sundry. I simply had to make sure that Charlie could be discreet. I was hopelessly attracted to her. Charlie was a stunningly attractive girl. I also knew that she found me to be a stunningly attractive girl as well. I had not misread her responses when we had danced close together in the club. Girls knew these things.

I lay on top of the bed deciding when to sneak into her bed. I did not have to wait long. As the noises in the street declared that the gay club opposite was emptying, I heard Charlie’s heels on the landing. She paused to try and determine if I was sleeping but I remained silent and she sighed softly as she entered her own flat.

“Patience girl,” I silently remonstrated with her, “I’ll be across shortly.”

The noises in the street reached a brief crescendo and then the club crowds started dispersing. Whilst the noise was loudest, I took the opportunity to quietly unlock my door and leave it slightly ajar.

Eventually, the street and house fell silent and I silently crept across the landing. Gently I tested her door and found it unlocked. Charlie and the rest of the tenants obviously trusted each other.

Once inside, it was easy to feel my way around. Charlie’s flat directly overlooked the street and the neon light on the gay club blinked regularly to reveal the layout of her flat. Her bedroom door was open and I gently felt my way across the flat. I smiled as I saw her soft rounded form under the duvet. Once assured she was asleep, I deftly slipped my frock off to stand there in only my frilly panties.

As I said earlier, I wasn’t wearing a bra. Despite my ‘c – cups’, my breasts were so perky they didn’t really need a bra except one with smooth cups to hide my nipples when they got erect. After lustfully studying Charlie’s sleeping form, I slowly peeled back the duvet and hesitated for a few moments to make sure she was still asleep. She didn’t respond, so I carefully slid onto the bed and slowly snuggled in behind her. Her breathing remained regular and soon I joined her in the land of nod.

I was woken as dawn broke by her inquisitive whisper. She still lay with her back to me and wiggled her lusciously soft derriere against my frilly tummy

“Is that you Sally?” She asked eagerly.

“Mmmm. No.” I murmured.

She squeaked her surprise as she twisted around to stare at me.

“Rosie. It’s you!” She whispered eagerly as a smile spread across her beautiful face.

“Mmmm. Yeth,” I repeated in the same amused tone.

“When did you come in?”

“Lath night, after the clubs clothed.”

“I didn’t hear you!” She complained.

“Of courthe you didn’t. The club thounded like a football crowd emerging and you even thlept through that. Ith it alwayth that noithy?”

“Mmmm. Only on Fridays and Saturdays. I see you’re your still wearing those nice frilly panties?”

“Yeth. I like them.”

Her fingers fingered and flicked my frills then she reached under her nightie and fingered her own silky panties. Finally, her knowledgeable fingers delicately traced a line over my engorged nipples.

“Ahh! Go eathy,” I gasped, “They’re sensitive.”

“Oh don’t I just know it,” she giggled, “I remember what happened in the club.”

As she spoke, she fingered my swelling rosie and gasped again.

“Oh my gosh. You’ve still got that dildo thing on!”

“It’h not a dildo,” I protested. “It’h thomething elthe.”

“What?” Pressed Charlie.

“Will you promithe not to tell?”

“Tell what?” Demanded Charlie, getting impatient.

“What I’m going to tell you.”

“So what’s the big secret?”

“Me. I’m the big secret.”

“How so.”

“Promithe you won’t be annoyed. If you’re upthet, I’ll go immediately.”

“Why? What is there to upset me?”

I hesitated nervously and gently kissed her as our breasts brushed together. Charlie sighed and pressed her breasts tighter as she ground her hips against mine.

“So. Go on then, what is there to upset me?”

“D’you think I’m pretty?”

“Of course your pretty. Why d’you think I made a play for you in the club. You’re a real stunner and you turn me on. Just feel this.”

She guided my fingers down the waistband of her panties and I felt the stiff little bud amidst the hot sticky telltale wetness of her excitement. She twitched and gasped then recovered her composure

“Is that proof enough?” She asked.

“Mmmm. Every bit. But will you promithe not to be angry if I thow you thomething?”

She tensed slightly as she spoke.

“Show me what?”

I guided her fingers down the waistband of my frilly panties and lodged them in my crotch. She gently tested my rosie and became puzzled.

“I can’t get your panties off your clitty. It’s somehow stuck to your panties.”

I then removed Charlie’s fingers and placed them on my rosie where it had pushed through the tiny aperture in my panties. My rosie had now expanded to form the full petalled blossom that so matched the other frills my panties. Charlie became puzzled and brought her other hand to delve again into my panties where a normal girl’s clitty would be.

“What’s going on?” she mumbled,” your clitty is like somehow stuck to your frilly panties. It feels as if your clitty is sown onto your frills. Shit that’s really kinky!”

“That’h what I mean,” I added. “That round flower thaped frill on the front of my pantieth ith not a frill at all. It’h a part of me.”

“How d’you mean; a part of you? You mean this thing?”

“Ouch! Go eathy that hurt”

Charlie stopped tugging immediately and started to feel cautiously around the front of my panties. She could make neither head nor tail of the arrangements and finally switched the bedside light on as she pulled back the duvet for a better look.

“What the hell’s going on down there?”

Nervously I sat up and gently tugged the waistband of my panties over my butt.

Charlie’s eyes drank in my delicious curves as I fiddled carefully to eventually manipulate my rosie back through the hole in the front of my panties. This took a few minutes as I fiddled with each sensitive ‘petal’ of the floret and poked it delicately back through the little aperture. It was quite a painful squeeze and I grunted slightly as the stitched sides of the little aperture bit into my sensitive rosie. Finally my rosie came free from the front of my panties and I was able to slide my panties down my legs. Charlie gasped as she recognised the strange rose shaped floret that now stuck out like a rose from where my clit and cunny would have ordinarily have sat had I been a real girl.

“Christ! What’s that?”

“I call it my rothie.”

“Your what?”

“My rothie. Don’t you think it lookth like a rothe blothom?”

“Well hell yes! It looks exactly like a rose blossom, and a very patriotic rose to boot. But what the hell is it. Are those petals your cunny lips?”

As she spoke, she stroked them curiously and I jerked lasciviously.

“Oooh! Don’t do it like that!”

“Well what am I to do? D’you want me to tickle it with my tongue?”

“Eh, no. Promithe you won’t thout if I tell you what it ith.”

“God no! Don’t keep me in suspense though. Is it really that sensitive?”

“Yeth. Now here’th the bad news.

Charlie’s eyes met mine as she sensed my fear.

“Go on. I won’t be angry.”

Mustering up the courage I took the plunge.

“I’m not a girl!”

Charlie flinched for a moment then stared into my eyes. Well you sure look like a girl to me. If you aren’t a girl, what the hell are you?”

“I, - I, - I’m a, - a, I’m a thithy!” I struggled to form an Ess but my tongue betrayed me for it seemed thicker than usual.

Charlie had no trouble understating me though. Translating my lisp had become second nature already and she immediately understood that I was trying to say ‘Sissy’.

“A sissy!” She gasped. “What sort of sissy? Where’s your cock?”

I gently cupped my rosie and sobbed.

“Here. Thith wath my cock. It wath dethtroyed in an accident. It now lookth like a rothe. That’s why I call it my Rothie.”

Charlie’s jaw dropped so low I thought she was going to dislocate it.

“You’re kidding me. That’s never a cock!”

“No. Not now, but it wath once.”

“Let me see!” She demanded.

“Promithe you’ll not hurt her.” I begged fearfully.

Charlie ignored my beseechment as she bent over to probe deeper. As her fingers delved underneath she frowned.

“You haven’t got a cunt!”

“Of courthe not. I wath once a boy!”

She muttered another oath the groped further,

“Where are your balls?”

“Up inthide me. The doctorth thaid there was tho much damage that I didn’t have enough thcrotum to repair the ball-thack.”

Charlie sucked nervously as she finally withdrew her fingers.

“So how does this Ro, - this Rosie thing work?”

My tongue seemed to be getting clumsier and I nearly bit it as I explained how the vascular tissue curled around and opened like a blossom when I became horny. The wafer thin slivers of vascular tissue would stretch and then curl as the blood pressure increased. I gently stroked my rosie to demonstrate and gasped with pleasure as she responded.

Charlie squealed with delight then took over titillating my rosie until it had grown into a full sized blossom sprouting from my crotch. She tested it with her tongue and I whimpered nervously as I lurched with ecstasy then squeaked.

“Don’ do that!”

“Why?” She grinned.

“You’ll make me come!” I croaked as my feelings started to overwhelm me.

“Bullshit! What d’you mean, come?”

“I, - I, - thtill come! I can thtill ejaculate.”

“How. You’ve got no prick.”

“It doethn’t matter. I thtill shoot out thperm. It thprays like a watering can, juth like when I pee.”

“Oh hell! This just gets better. Show me!”

“OK. Get me a glath and some tithues.”

She clambered off the bed and returned from the bathroom with an empty cold cream jar and a box of tissues. Nervously, I held the upended jar over my rosie and resumed gently tickling the petals. Within minutes, I felt my seed bubbling up then I spouted forth just like the fountains of Vienna. Charlie let out a squeal of delight then quickly grabbed some tissues to prevent any seed from staining her bed.

“Oh my-yy Go-ood! Well is that just the best ever! A sissy who can make babies but not screw a girl. You’ll be the toast of our club!”

“You thaid you’d not tell anybody. You would be betraying Harriet and Wendy ath well ath me.”

“I don’t have to tell anybody silly, I can just sell your sperm to the lesbian couples and they can make a turkey-baster baby if they want to have children.”

“No. That’h not right,” I protested. I want my babieth to know their daddy.

“Oh come on! Who are you kidding?” Giggled Charlie. “What boy could respect a dad like you? You’re a pure-bred sissy and a very sweet, pretty one to boot.”

So saying she bent down to gently take my twitching rosie between her lips and softly run her tongue around the sensitive rims of the opened petals. Then she sucked it gently and flicked her tongue against the stiff little bud in the centre of the blossom. I squirmed helplessly in the throes of desire and moaned softly as a second orgasm overtook me. Charlie gave a muffled squeak of surprised delight as she swallowed the unexpected delicacy then surfaced again for air.

“Why Rosie,” she squealed, “you can have multiple orgasms like a girl. That’s simply wonderful.”

“I am a girl!” I protested weakly. “Well a thithy girl, anyway.”

“Yes darling of course,” she replied in a slightly soothing, patronising manner, “and if I may say so a thoroughly delightful one.”

So saying she kissed me on the lips then gently took me in her arms. I shuddered responsively and she squeezed me tighter to reassure me and we lay in this embrace for several minutes. I was unsure what to do but finally Charlie took the lead.

“Well? Aren’t you going to attend to me?”

I suddenly realised that I had totally forgotten about Charlie’s needs.

“Heck! I’m thorry darling. I -, I -, totally forgot.”

Immediately, I burrowed under the duvet and brought my expert tongue to bear where it was most needed.

I was unaware that my several years of practice at oral pleasuring was now about to bear fruit. Perhaps it was Charlie’s unusual pheromones or perhaps it was because it was my first time with a completely new partner. That day was simply the first time that my tongue sprouted an ‘erection’. Whatever it was, I still have no idea what caused it, but it was a spectacular and singularly unexpected development.

Just like any weight lifter who has exercised every day to develop muscles so it was with my tongue. Daily prolonged tongue-lashings of Harriet and Wendy’s secret erogenous places had strengthened my tongue immensely, not to mention having caused it to slightly lengthen with all the stretching and exercising. This time however, the scent of Charlie’s arousal must have triggered something special.

I felt the base of my tongue stiffen and grow as it pushed the front of my tongue further out of my mouth. I gargled nervously for a moment then felt the strange development as the middle section of my tongue stiffened rigidly about an inch above where it was attached to my lower jaw. I tried flexing it and discovered that the stiff elongated middle section would not bend. The lower inner part of my tongue sort of bent at the very base thus enabling me to give some direction to the rigid portion in the middle. Then the flexible tip of my tongue sort of wiggled obediently at the end.

As I nervously fingered the strange unexpected development I felt my tongue growing past the tip of my nose then past my cheeks so I could touch my bottom eyelids until finally, and to my overwhelming relief, it stopped.

I cautiously wiggled the tip of my tongue and felt it licking the middle of my forehead. My tongue had somehow erected itself to become an alternative cock. Fortunately I was still able to breath through my mouth as well as my nose, for my tongue did not increase in girth. Nevertheless this was a stunning development.

Cautiously I tested my breathing and Charlie became a little impatient.

“Come on Darling. I’ve seen to you, now you do me.”

If I could have, I would have smiled. My tongue had now become a better pleasuring organ than any penis. I did not disclose this secret to Charlie immediately for my head was still under the duvet between her thighs. I decided to surprise her by simply using the flexible tip of my tongue as any caring lover would. Cautiously, I raised my head up her body whilst dragging the duvet with me.

Firstly, I gently tickled her throat and played my soft wet flexible tongue tip along the vulnerable curve her neck as she whimpered responsively. Her eyes stayed tight shut as she bent her had back over the top of the pillow and bared her throat in utter abandonment. In the soft dawn light, she lay like an animal displaying its submission and trust. Soft guttural sounds emerged as she gently pressed the crown of my head down to direct my knowledgeable tongue to her engorged nipples. Slowly, I traced my tongue down her cleavage then under her flattened breasts as I gently investigated the soft creases under her ripe breasts. She twitched and gave a little giggle.

“Not there. Do my nipples!”

I lingered around her breasts for a brief while, sensing her frustrations mounting then slowly, ever so slowly, a gently traced my tongue over the soft mound of her breasts. Next, I turned my head sideways and eventually latched onto her left nipple with the side of my petal soft feminine lips. Across her breasts, the inquisitive tip of my extended tongue tested her right nipple.

“Ahh!” She gasped. “That’s just perfect. Yes. Just like that! Oh my God! You’re good! You’re very good. How d’you do that?”

The only thing I couldn’t do was answer her questions. The erected centre section of my tongue prevented any meaningful sound escaping my lips. I could only utter soft guttural vowel sounds and deformed nasal consonants through my nose.

However, nothing stopped my knowledgeable fingers from exploring Charlie’s condition inside her panties. Charlie’s clitty was already stiff and her juices were beginning to flow. Gently I manipulated her most sensitive bud with my fingers until she groaned and pressed down against the crown of my head to bring my tongue down to her clitty.

“Oh! Oh, -oh, - aah! Down there! Tongue me down there.”

Slowly and obediently I started tracing my tongue down her tummy and hesitated at her belly button. She gave a squeak of frustration and demanded that I service her where it really mattered.

“No! Not there. Stop teasing me you little minx.”

So saying she pushed hard on my head until my tongue tip was firmly pressed against her clitty.

“There! Jusst there! That’s it! That’s exactly it!”

For long minutes I simply diddled her clitty with my powerful tongue. Charlie squirmed and writhed, as she pressed harder against my head to get more pressure on her clitty.

“Oh my God! I wish I had a dildo now.”

I hesitated questioningly but she admonished me softly.

“No. Don’t stop! Just keep going. This will do for now. If I need filling with my dildo, I can do it after. Your tongue is more than enough for now. Just keep doing that!”

I smiled to myself as I debated how I should proceed. The stiff part of my excited new tongue was now ‘erected’ some three or four inches beyond my lips and this was capped by the fully flexible ‘normal’ part that I had been born with.

There was no doubt about my condition now. I definitely sported an alternative cock protruding from my mouth. What was more, Charlie had no idea of its existence, so engrossed was she in her burgeoning orgasm.

As I diddled Charlie’s clitty, I had to cross my eyes to focus on her secrets but still she had not realised that my head was a long way from her core. Her head was still flung back across the pillow as she squirmed urgently in the throes of her helpless abandonment. Because my erected tongue allowed me to look up her writhing body, I was able to savour Charlie’s sluttish reduction as she squirmed with her eyelids closed heavy with lust and her jaw slack with abandonment. Charlie was reaching the pinnacle of her orgasm.

Her actions started to accelerate as her needs took control causing her hips to pump feverishly and her breathing to become staccato.

A throaty growl erupted between gasps for air as the first rush overtook her.

“Ooorrhh yesss! That’s it! Yee-eess. That’ss it, here I go. Don’t stop, keep pressing, yeeess! Wiggle it! Wiggle it! That’s right, just there! Go on girl! Go-oo on!”

Then she let out a lupine wail as her orgasm finally overtook her. All coherence was lost as she thrashed and wailed uncontrollably. I tried manfully to target her vital centre but her actions became frantic and made it impossible for me to keep centred on her clitty. I finally abandoned such a futile effort. It would not have mattered much anyway. Charlie was now fully entered upon her earth-shattering orgasm. I grabbed her bouncing butt then carefully drove my tongue past her clitty and between the soaking labia.

She didn’t object, so I continued slowly rapiering my tongue into her soaking tube as she moaned and squealed with rapture.

Then she must have realised that something new was afoot! Something delightful, something stiff yet something alive was slowly penetrating her innermost core. Her hands ceased flailing aimlessly and urgently reached down to my head again. Tense fingers gripped my long silky hair to gain purchase on my head and encourage me in whatever I was doing. She squealed again as she tried to make a coherent sentence but all she succeeded in doing was almost scalping me. I spluttered incoherently as I tried to make her release my tortured hair.

“Uuuungggh! Yoooouugghhh hhhuurfff! Ooooowwwwgghhh!”

Charlie utterly failed to recognise my protests but simply kept pressing ‘whatever it was I was using’ deeper into her craving maw. Her cries grew more desperate as she brought up her legs and forced her heels against my shoulders. There she held my head and tongue tight into her throbbing core as her orgasm acquired a new dimension. Her cries grew even louder.

“Yyyyeesssss!  What the hell isss thattt? It’s a, - it’s a, - don’ stop, keep doin’ that. Yeeeeee-eeeesss!

By now my face was driven hard against her clitty and my nose was forced to burrow against her swollen clitty. Her scent was being forced up my nose with every breath I took. The pheromones in her juices must have been the trigger that caused my tongue to behave so unexpectedly and the concentrated intake was obviously increasing the effects.

Now my tongue was rigid for about six inches whilst the flexible three-inch tip was still flicking and twisting deep inside her. Carefully, I started nodding my head to cause my tongue to feel and act just like a real penis. The flexing tip added a new dimension to Charlie’s sensations. The tip was flicking and diddling her innermost ‘G’ spot. This brought her to her final, frenzied crescendo as Charlie let out a long mournful wail that brought Sally and Toni rushing into her apartment.

I heard the door open but there was nothing I could do or say with my tongue stuck firmly up Charlie’s cunt. Charlie was still too far-gone to notice or indeed care. All I could do was suck up her sweet flooding juices between snuffling breaths through my nose. My beautiful silky hair was still entwined tight around Charlie’s flexing fingers as she slowly descended back to reality.

Toni and Sally stood in their nighties gaping down in appreciation at the intimate conjoinment of my face to Charlie’s groin. This was a familiar scene to them that so personified the intimacy and dedication of a genuine lesbian coupling. Charlie was still oblivious to our audience but I could not ignore them. Desperately I spluttered and wriggled until Charlie became impatient. With her eyes still closed she sighed contentedly.

“Stay still darling. Just leave it there. Lie still.”

“Uuuuunnnggh! Mmmmfffffffgggnnnhh!” I protested.

Charlie became irritable and yanked my hair like a bareback rider guiding an unruly steed.

“Oooowwwwfffffggggnnnnhhh!” I squealed as my tongue slithered inside her.

Charlie let out another wail and drummed her heels against my shoulders.

“Thaaaoooowwwwffffhhh!” I protested again as I tried to avoid the blows.

Sally let out an uncontrolled giggle of delight that finally alerted Charlie to their arrival. Charlie stared up in surprised pleasure to find the two older women studying our deepest intimacy.

“What are you two doing here? D’you like what you see? This is not a bloody floor show!” She gasped as her fingers tensed nervously amongst my dishevelled hair.

“Ooowwwfff!” I protested uselessly.

Sally and Toni exchanged smiles as Toni replied.

“Well we thought it was, judging by the noise you made,” observed Toni, “it’s early Sunday morning and yet you must have woken the whole flipping street with your howling.” Continued Toni, as her eyes remained riveted to our conjoinment.

Charlie’s eyes followed Toni’s gaze and now fell on my golden cascade of silky hair. She suddenly realised that my face was still buried in her groin. More importantly, she realised that I still had something long and stiff inserted deep inside her cunt. Whatever it was, she had no compunctions about disclosing it to Sally and Toni. They obviously shared some sort of occasional intimacies themselves for Charlie did not seem unduly concerned by their unexpected appearance beside her bed.

Now that her needs had been utterly satisfied, she decided to show Sally and Toni whatever sort of new-fangled dildo I had been using on her. She still did not know about my erective tongue.

I felt Charlie fingers adjust the grip on my hair as she decided to extract my face and the strange dildo I had been using from her exhausted cunt. My tongue however, was still erect and it obviously had no intentions of going flaccid. Desperately I clung onto her butt to try and hide the weird development protruding from my mouth. Charlie chuckled as she wriggled licentiously and pushed back against the bedstead to sit upright. I however, kept burrowing forward to hide my embarrassing new appendage. From her now superior position Charlie looked down at my tangled golden hair and smiled affectionately. Then she fell into a Shakespearian mode of ‘master to servant’ relationship as she addressed Sally and Toni.

“Huh! Behold ladies. It seems my cunt maid hath not serviced me enough. Be off with you girl! Hast ye not had enough? Be out of me I say. The nature of thy strange new dildo must now be declared”

“Iooowwwwmmmmffffh.” I begged incoherently as I gripped her soft rounded bum cheeks in a frantic effort to hide my new-grown secret. Charlie squirmed self-consciously then pleaded to Sally and Toni.

“Egad! Will no one rid me of this randy cunt limpet?” Begged Charlie as she squirmed nervously. Then she changed tactics and released her fingers from my hair. Next she adopted gentle persuasion as she gently stroked my head and whispered encouragement.

“Come now beloved cunt maid, the morning is come upon us. We must be up and about or must I have my fellow travellers in sapphism remove you.”

I tightened my grip on Charlie’s butt for my tongue still showed no signs of relaxing and I remained terrified that these three relative strangers would learn of my newly developed condition.

In an attempt to encourage another orgasm in Charlie, I flicked the flexible end of my tongue against Charlie’s G spot again but it was not to be. Charlie was satiated and she simply sagged with exhaustion as she squealed her objection. Charlie had obviously had enough; her body could not take any more.

“Dammit Rosie! That’s enough. I can’t take much more. Any more and I’ll be a bloody wreck. Now come on. Remove the dammed thing! Let’s see what it bloody is.”

So saying she looked up beseechingly at Sally and Toni who quickly got the message. Two pairs of extra arms suddenly gripped my thighs as Charlie levered my arms from her butt. I was dragged backwards as my rigid tongue slipped out of Charlie’s cunt with a loud ‘plop’. The strange noise immediately drew three pairs of eyes to the weird invader lying between Charlie’s thighs. There was a long silence, as I lay frightened and tearful whilst trying desperately to swallow the swollen evidence. Unfortunately, my unruly tongue was not going anywhere. It was behaving just like any randy teenager’s cock and boldly standing up in front of my tearful face.

My efforts to draw it back into my mouth proved farcical. My jaw worked spasmodically as I tried to ‘swallow’ the offending weapon’ thus causing it to wave and pump like a normal cock. Eventually, I gave up and lay still with my head between Charlie’s thighs. My rampant tongue simply stood to attention in front of my nose and eyes whilst the original tip of my flexible tongue wiggled frustratedly up as far my eyebrows and mid forehead. Three shocked faces stared mesmerised at my condition until finally, Charlie recovered her senses.

“Wh, -             what the fuck is that?”

“Iiieee mmmaaaaa ppphhhooooonnnnngggg!” I tried to answer.

The three of them stared unbelievingly as the incoherent sounds escaped my throat and pushed their way past my tongue. It was so big and stiff I could not articulate a single recognisable word. Finally, I slumped forward again as inhuman ‘sobs’ escaped my mouth and I lay nervously between her thighs like some prostrate worshipping acolyte. Speech was utterly impossible.

Finally, Charlie realised the extent of my distress. Gently, she slid down the bed and eased her tummy under my head then worked herself down towards me until our faces met. Her sympathetic eyes met my hysterical tears and she gently took a tissue from her bedside table and carefully wiped the tears.

“I understand now darling. You can’t talk with that thing in your mouth. We’ll just wait until it goes down. Shall we?”

I nodded desperately and Charlie motioned to Sally and Toni.

“Can you make some breakfast? This might take some time.”

Reluctantly, Sally and Toni left and Charlie continued assuaging my fears.

She kissed the tip of my tongue then gently ran her tongue up and down the rigid shaft. I gargled my fears but she ignored them as she explained.

“The normal way to shrink a boner is to flick it and hurt it, but this is different dear. We’ll just have to try a different technique.” Shall I take it in my mouth?”

“Wwwaaa! Aaa oooo iii?” I rasped.”

“No not all of it silly. I’m not used to blow jobs and this would go right down my throat.”

So saying, the gripped my erected tongue and squeezed it carefully. I lay stock still as her fingers gently squeezed then slowly, ever so slowly, I felt my tongue begin to soften. Charlie also felt it and smiled with relief.

“Well thank goodness for that! I thought it had become permanent!”

Then my tongue softened completely and slowly shrank back into my mouth. Eventually, only the tip protruded like a panting dog and I deftly folded this bit under the base of my tongue.

“Oh thank you! Thank you!” I cried as tears of relief burst from my eyes.

“There, there. That’s better my little pet.” Smiled Charlie as she gently wiped my eyes. Now shall we have a shower while Sally and Toni make breakfast?”

“I nodded, still unsure if my tongue would stay down but we shared a shower without incident and we joined the other ladies for breakfast. Sally and Toni were itching for news but I was adamant I was not going to reveal anything more. I simple lisped politely as I parried every question until I could make a courteous and respectful exit. Eventually, I thanked them profusely for breakfast, gathered my coat and made my farewells with a firm promise to see Charlie the following Friday at the club. Disappointment was writ large in their eyes and the only compensation they got was a revealing flash of my frilly panties as I slid into my car.

“Goodbye Ruby Tuesday!” Whispered Charlie as she bent down to give me one last kiss through the car window.

With that, I drove out of town to my flat.


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