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Rosie the Sissy – Part Seven

By Beverly Taff

List of characters

Me Robert, now called Rosie!
Wendy My twin sister
Angela Our younger half sister by my mother’s second boyfriend
Doris My drippy mother who lets everybody walk all over her
Aunty Janet My mother’s pushy domineering sister.
Harriet Our friend from the next farm
Aunty Margaret Harriet’s Mother
Jessica Harriet’s older sister
Charlie My New found clubbing friend
Sally Charlie’s landlady
Toni Sally’s Sapphic partner

            As I entered our flat I found two messages on the answer phone. Wendy and Harriet were returning home that Sunday after completing their field courses. I went to attend the horses then set to cleaning the flat. I spent Saturday evening writing up my college notes. I couldn’t face the club and I was afraid that Charlie might have revealed my secret. On Sunday I took the car to campus and met Wendy and Harriet as they climbed out of the bus.

            “Did you enjoy your courtheth?” I lisped as we exchanged hugs.

            “Yes thanks darling, they both answered as we transferred luggage to the boot of our car. I drove them back to the flat and we had a late lunch. Over the food, I broke the news about my tongue and tried to explain my new condition. They stared eyes wide open and jaws agape as I attempted to describe things but they still thought I was bull-shitting.

           “I’m not bull-thitting!” I protested vehemently “If you don’t believe me come to bed.”

            They followed me to the bedroom and we started to undress. My Rosie had already stated to blossom so it was impossible for me to remove my frilly panties. They smiled condescendingly as they gently ‘tested’ my Rosie. They had been on separate courses and the damp patches gradually appearing in their panties now evinced their long absence. Wendy and Harriet were desperately horny and they twitched salaciously as they fingered their secret parts. Then to test my words they seized me and rubbed their sticky fingers under my nose. They had both expected and anticipated the blossoming urgency of my Rosie from my frilly panties but then their faces now turned disbelievingly to my face. As soon as their pheromones took effect, my tongue had started to react vigorously.

The shaft of my tongue started to stiffen and grow until it grew exactly like a penis except that it now sprang from my mouth, not my loins. The shock spread across their faces and if their jaws had dropped any lower, they would have dislocated them. As a final coupe-de-grace, I delicately traced the flexible tip of my tongue across my eyebrows then up the centre of my forehead. For a long moment they stared disbelievingly then a pair of knowing smiles crept across their faces then finally they squealed with delight and shrieked their excitements.

“Why Rosie. It’s True!” They chorused. “You weren’t bullshitting, it’s absolutely true!!”

I tried answering but my tongue was already too stiff to formulate letters and it filled my mouth.

“Ooooo chhooooo iiiiii uuuuwwww!” I gargled and spluttered.

They both squealed as they realised why I couldn’t talk then they hugged themselves in anticipation. After inspecting my strange development and fingering its stiffness, they clambered onto the bed and eagerly ‘presented’ themselves for the pleasuring of a lifetime. As I joined them on the bed, I was relieved and amused to note how readily they accepted my strange new development.

“Me first,” demanded Harriet.

“No me!” Objected Wendy.

I had anticipated this argument so I produced a coin and flipped it in the air.

“Yooouuuuuu wwii aaaa wwww oooooth fffooo iiiittthh.”

“What?” Asked Harriet, utterly unable to make neither head nor tail of my declaration.

“We’ll have to toss for it,” declared Wendy, obviously better able to make sense of my gargling. “I’ll call tails,” she finished.

I removed my hand to reveal ‘heads’ which made Harriet the winner. Wendy’s face fell a little but I explained about my new oral libido.

“Iiii aaayyy aaaaar fffooo a ooooonggh iiiimmm.”

Harriet shook her head again but Wendy obviously understood my jist and translated to Harriet.

“She says it stays hard for a long time.”

“Oh goody.” Squealed Harriet as she lay back and spread her legs.

Instead of wasting time trying to explain, I gathered the pillows and stacked them on the large bed then placed a large towel from the bathroom over them. I patted the pile and invited Harriet to sit astride the mound. She got the message and promptly brought her secret place to a position closer to my face. I smiled my satisfaction as I bent forward on my hands and knees. Gently I started to work on Harriet’s erogenous zones. Wendy lay beside us to share the fun and soon Harriet was ‘ready’. She gasped and squirmed as her secret place became wet then she groaned, as she demanded satisfaction.

“Now! Do me now. I want to feel that face-cock of yours!”

I smiled at Wendy as I obediently slid my tongue slowly, ever so slowly from Harriet’s bursting clitty to her soaking love tube. Gently I inveigled the slippery wriggling tip between her labia and slowly delved deeper and deeper into her innermost core. Harriet started squealing and them wailing uncontrollably as I finally had all my tongue stuffed deep into her depths.

Next I wiggled the tip of my tongue deep inside her and flicked it hard against her ‘G’ spot whilst the ridge of my nose snubbed hard against her clitty. Harriet was in seventh heaven.

“Oooohhhooohhh. How do you do thaaatt?” She wailed as she drummed her heels against my shoulders.

“Oonn oo aaat!” I protested.

Harriet hesitated for a moment, unable to understand the strange sounds coming from between her thighs. But Wendy understood and repeated my request as she gently held Harriet’s ankles to prevent her bruising my slender back and shoulders.

“She asks, ‘ don’t do that’.”

I glanced sideways to thank Wendy with my eyes and she smiled as she mouthed, ‘hurry up, it’s my turn now.’

I busied myself once more inside Harriet’s core then relaxed as I felt her orgasm subsiding. Harriet slumped with satiation then collapsed amidst the cushions as I gently withdrew my new ‘friendly weapon’. She whimpered a feeble objection but she was too far-gone to prevent me. Her fingers clasped feebly at empty air as I finally rose from my newly acquired Sissy responsibilities.

Gently, Wendy and I eased Harriet off the cushions then left her hugging a pillow and gasping stentorian breaths as her body recovered. Harriet fell asleep even as I rearranged the cushions and Wendy was already fingering herself in anticipation. Then she fingered my tongue and smiled hopefully.

“He won’t go soft in the middle of our little games will he?”

I wagged my head as I motioned her to lie on the cushions. Eagerly she kept fingering herself as she lay back and presented herself for immediate penetration.

“I’m ready now. Don’t bother with foreplay.” She urged.

There was no doubting Wendy’s condition. Glistening juices were already oozing from her core. I needed no further bidding, and gently lid my tongue into her inviting maw.

Like Harriet before her, she squealed with delight as I slipped inside her, then she fell to wailing and squirming as her needs overtook her. So advanced was Wendy’s expectations that she erupted within minutes then clamped me tight to her groin.

“Don’t take it out!” She groaned. “Just leave it there. Leave it there forever!” She gasped as her thighs locked around my head.

I had little choice. Wendy was a good horsewoman and her thigh muscles were strong from constantly riding her horse bareback and gripping her with her thighs.

Helpless within her leg lock, I lay supine and obedient between her thighs until I felt her muscles slacken as she joined Harriet in the land beyond dreams. Then I carefully withdrew my still erect tongue.

Wendy twitched a bit but remained sleeping and eventually I was finally free to rise from the bed and pad silently into the bathroom. I had my own needs to attend to now for my Rosie was throbbing for relief. She had swollen to an exceptional size and it proved impossible to tug her free from the little aperture in the front of my frilly panties. I struggled manfully were my Rosie was ‘snagged’ in the little aperture but she was firmly stuck. Finally I was forced to take the long shank nail scissors and gently snip the silky material of my frilly knickers to make the hole bigger. I resolved in future to put an extra little buttonhole in some of my panties. Then if my Rosie got too big, I could undo the extra button to expand the aperture and facilitate any future releases.

Finally I got my panties off and stepped gracefully out of them. Then I stepped quietly into the shower and started relieve myself. I was not long in reaching my climax and I slumped down in the shower as my libido turned my muscles to jelly. After recovering, I turned on the shower and washed my exhausted body down. The extractor fan soon cleared the air in the bathroom and eventually the combined effect of my orgasm and the washing away of Harriet and Wendy’s pheromonic love juices brought me relief. My tongue eventually became flaccid. I tucked it away inside my mouth and stepped from the shower to dab myself softly with one of the big fluffy bath towels.

The shower was always the best place to relieve my Rosie. When she was particularly horny, the results of her relief truly sprayed like the fountains of Rome. After gently patting myself dry I then set about my hair. Finally I returned to the bedroom to find Wendy and Harriet still fast asleep with their bodies stretched across the bed in utter abandon. Gently I spread the duvet over them then I dug out some clean panties before dressing and repairing my makeup.

Throughout the early afternoon, Wendy and Harriet slept on and I had already prepared Sunday tea before both girls appeared sheepishly in the living room doorway. I looked up from the frilly panties that I was modifying and found them and grinning contentedly.

“What are you doing?” Asked Harriet.

“I couldn’t get my pantieth off in the thower, tho I’m putting an extra little button hole underneath the opening in the frill.”

Harriet grinned as she inspected my needlework.

“You mean like a fly in men’s trousers?”

“Thomething like that, but only the one tiny little button where it cant be theen.”

I showed her the tiny little pearlescente button and the clever little frilly rosette to disguise it as I explained the problem. They watched as I finally finished my handiwork and agreed with me that the little button wouldn’t be noticeable under all the frothy pink frills. I put my panties away then washed my hands again before I served Sunday tea.

It is hardly necessary to explain that as the Domestic Science and housekeeping student, I was expected to do most of the mothering around the apartment. Wendy and Harriet compensated, by caring for the horses and doing all the other tasks.

It was a reasonably fair division of labour; Wendy’s veterinary course was a particularly arduous one both intellectually and physically. She often came home from her farm work quite late and very tired. Harriet’s course was not so difficult, but she compensated by taking on most of the ostlering. In any case, her stallion Toby required the most care and exercise.

After tea we studied until bedtime but that evening, it was an unusually early bedtime. By eight o’clock, Wendy and Harriet were already squeezing their thighs together in anticipation of the repeated pleasures. I noticed their unsettled behaviour and grinned as I poured the cocoa.

“Don’t expect thith tongue to work every night.”

“Why not darling?” Observed Wendy. “All we have to do is waft a few pheromones in your direction, and ‘Bingo!’”

So saying, she removed her finger from her warm panties and slipped her fingers under my nostrils before I had time to put down the tray of drinks and protect myself. Her bubbling juices had the desired effect, but even they were surprised by the speed of my reaction. My tongue started to erect immediately and I squealed my lament. It was to no avail. I did not even have time to drink my cocoa.

Wendy had already anticipated this little problem and returned from the kitchen with a straw.

“Here, use this,” she instructed, as she gently eased the straw past my cock-tongue. After a bit of experimentation, I was able to suck the straw through the side of my mouth.

Both girls smiled eagerly as we sat drinking our cocoas. Harriet giggled as she studied me.

“You look like a rhinoceros with that horn on your face.”

It was useless me trying to respond. Words were impossible to form, so I just kept sipping my cocoa through my straw. I resolved to ‘punish’ them in bed by sending them both over the edge, time after time. After finishing the cocoa, I fixed a shower cap over my hair for I did not relish a second washing of my hair within just a few hours.

So eager were they that they virtually dragged me into bed but then it was their turn to be surprised. As Wendy took her rightful first place, Harriet and I set about bringing her to the boil. It did not take long. Wendy was so turned on that I was busying away inside her before she really knew what hit her. This time I really turned up the ante and before the hour was up; she was reduced to a gibbering shivering wreck. Harriet eyed me suspiciously as she stared at my still rigid face-cock.

“I hope you’ll go easier on me.” She pleaded nervously

I could not answer of course so I gently set about her as she guided me on what she thought would be her controlled path to nirvana.

After her third orgasm she was too weak to resist and all she could do was lie helplessly trembling as I drove her to frenzied peak after peak. Finally she fell unconscious and I rose from my duties like a conquering hero from a battle.

Never again would these two minxes, be able to say I could not serve them properly. The proof lay in the two comatose bodies lying ‘corpsed’ across the bed. I smiled as I looked at my two mistresses and concluded that I had truly become their sissy server. I mistakenly thought that our relationship would return to a more equal balanced footing but it was not to be. I hoped that they would now service me. Sadly they were too far-gone to even contemplate my needs and I was reduced to ‘sorting my own needs out’. I went to the bathroom and released the little button under the petals of my Rosie before peeling off my delicious frilly panties. Then I attended my own needs until I finally, I brought myself to my own ‘blossoming’. After this release, my face-cock eventually subsided. As I showered away the evidence of all our pleasures, I wondered if I would always need to ‘blossom’ before my face cock would subside. If I did then things could become awkward.

Once washed and satiated, I burrowed carefully between my mistresses and joined them beyond dreams.

There I nestled amidst the warm ripe curves of their soft naked bodies, as they lay fast asleep from total exhaustion. We slept until the cruel call of the alarm clock dragged us out of bed.

Both girls studied me as we shared the bathroom and smiled at me in the mirror as I attended my make up. They were softly patting each other dry after sharing the shower when Harriet spoke.

“You were a bit too good with us last night darling.”

“But you liked it,” I replied, “ juth look how you’ve thlept.”

“Yes,” added Wendy, “but you really should be a little bit considerate with that new cock of yours. It could do a girl some mischief.”

“Your not thore are you? I’d never want to hurt you. She’th much more obedient and wetter than a real cock. She goeth into your puthieth tho much eathier. I juth wanted to serve you. I hope you’re not too thore.”

“Well no,” said Wendy as she cautiously fingered her secret place. “In fact it feels rather nice down there. I feel sort of, - I don’t know, - sort of complete but vulnerable.”

“Yes,” added Harriet. “Having you with your face-cock is like having a dangerous pet around.”

“Thath not fair,” I pleaded, “I’m alwayth obedient. I juth got carried away lath night. You both theemed to enjoy it.”

Wendy and Harriet exchanged smiles for they had truly enjoyed the pleasuring even if we had overindulged. As they prepared to put their makeup on I went to prepare breakfast. They joined me at the table and seated themselves, ‘a little gingerly’ I thought, as we demolished the food.

“Thex maketh you hungry then,” I grinned.

“That sort of sex does.” Replied Harriet. “How on earth d’you keep it up?”

“Ith really a question of keeping her down.” I sighed.

“Well you keep away from close contact with other girls, especially ones with damp panties. Or that thing might sprout in the middle of a lecture or something.” Grinned Wendy.

I shuddered nervously for the idea had already crossed my mind. ‘What on earth would I do if such an event occurred.

“She could take to wearing the veil like a good Muslim girl.” Suggested Harriet.

“Huh! I’d have to wear it over my whole fathe!” I objected.

“Well no matter,” finished Wendy, “come on, it’s time for college. Will you pick me up at the college farm tonight?”

I glanced at Harriet who nodded and concurred. This meant that I would do the driving of our shared car. I usually did because my course was the most flexible. We only had one car between us because parking was at a premium in and around the college and city.

I often did the grocery shopping after Monday lectures because my faculty was nearest to the mall and I finished at lunchtime. If Wendy and Harriet were attending lectures, we usually met for lunch and other breaks but on Mondays, our timetables clashed. Consequently, I filled the empty Monday afternoons with essential food shopping.

In the city-centre multi-story car park I was surprised by Charlie, who walked up to me as I loaded the groceries from my trolley into the car.

“Here! Let me help you. A little girl like you shouldn’t have to struggle with so much shopping.”

I twitched nervously as I recognised her voice behind me.

“Oh hello,” I replied as I mentally prepared to lie.

“I didn’t see you in the club on Saturday.”

“I had too much thtudying to do, and I had to clean our flat ready for my friendth.”

“Oh that’s a pity. We were so much looking forward to seeing you again.”

“We?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Yes all the girls. They were all a little envious of me catching a little stunner like you.”

My heart sank.

“You haven’t told them anything have you?”

“No of course not silly. That’s our little sec, - well, big secret, isn’t it?”

“Not juth our thecret, my partnerth know ath well.”

Charlie’s face fell slightly but she managed a wan smile.

“Oh. So you’ve told them as well.”

“Of courth! They’re my mithtretheth.”

“Your mistresses? So you’re still loyal to them then?”

I nodded vigorously as I loaded the last box.

“Well. I have to be going’ now.” I said. “I’m collecting them to take them home.”

“Haven’t you time for coffee?” Begged Charlie.

It was hard to resist Charlie’s beautiful smile and I capitulated. She took me to her favourite little café and shared a pot of coffee. Whilst enjoying Charlie’s company, I texted Wendy to rearrange our rendezvous at the veterinary farm school then Harriet at the agricultural department’s campus.

“Busy, busy girl,” grinned Charlie.

“On Mondayth yeth. I have to do the food thopping.”

We lingered as long as I could then I stood to leave. It was obvious that Charlie wanted to stay longer but it was not to be. Rain clouds were approaching and the sky was darkening. We exchanged a kiss and she shuddered eagerly as my tongue reached deep into her mouth. She gasped as our lips parted.

“Gosh! That tongue of yours. I want you again so soon!”

I smiled and nodded softly.

“We’ll thee. You’ll have to thort it with Harriet and Wendy. They are my mithtretheth.”

Charlie’s brain began to tick as we hurried back to the multi story car park. I could tell she was planning something but I was too concerned about avoiding the approaching rain.

Fortunately our cars were under cover in the multi-story and we arrived just as the cloudburst hit the street. As I was lining up for the exit tollgate I saw her waving urgently. She had her own reserved parking spot a couple of levels below me at street level so I was just about to leave the building when she spotted me. I lowered the window as she approached.

“My car won’t start. Can you give me a lift home?”

I hesitated as I checked the time.

“I’ll have to pick up Harriet an’ Wendy firtht.”

“No problem. The garage can’t or won’t come out until after the rush hour traffic. Here, let me pay.”

As she fed her pass-card into the tollgate, I unlocked the passenger door and she slid gratefully onto the passenger seat.

“Thanks. This rain looks like it’s setting in for the night.”

As my wind-screen-wipers met the first few splats of the downpour, I glanced at Charlie’s expensive suite and sandals then smiled. Her outfit would have been ruined just walking to a bus stop. Anyway it was nice to have her company. We chatted as I waited to enter the rush hour traffic.

“How come you have your own parking path-card?” I asked.

“I work just around the corner. Any small trader in the city centre gets to have a parking slot if they can show they need a car or small van. That’s my little Toyota van.”

Charlie pointed to a pink micro van in one of the parking slots close to the exit.

“Oh! Wha’ d’you do?”

“D’you know ‘Chicks and Chickens’?”

“Yeth. The thop that thellth all thothe pretty, frilly mother and childrenth matching dretheth.”

“That’s the one. Well I also sell frilly dresses to another class of clientele.”

I remembered the shop. It had a tastefully refurbished little Georgian bow window in a row of old shops in the preserved part of town. It was also an expensive part of town. We three girls often passed through it on our Saturday shopping expeditions. As students on a budget, the contents displayed in the pretty little Georgian windows were too expensive for our pockets but it was always nice to stroll around the area on a busy Saturday morning. Whilst Wendy and Harriet attended to feminine essentials they often left me outside this particular shop. There I would linger for maybe twenty minutes or more, wishing I could afford some of the beautiful frilly lingerie. I never remembered seeing Charlie though and I mentioned this.

“I don’t serve in the shop anymore silly. I own the shop. I work upstairs in my office and cutting rooms. I design the clothes to order.”

“Oh.” I responded a little nonplussed.

The shops in that area were some of the most expensive properties in the city. Some of the buildings were possibly medieval and had only just survived the bombing during the war. It was now a preserved tourist area with cobbled streets winding between several irregular blocks of genuinely old buildings.

Whenever people thought of the city, they pictured this particular group of streets and it was used on just about all the tourist posters. Shopping and eating in that area was a positive tourist’s dream. If Charlie owned a shop in this area, she was certainly ahead of the game. My heart started to beat a little faster as I imagined her making pretty frillies. I complimented her on her products. Then I remembered her other remark.

“Tho who are thethe other clientele you thell to?”

“Sissies my darling. Beautiful little sissies just like you.” Grinned Charlie as she traced her fingers along my pantyhose.

I twitched and giggled as I gently removed her delicate hand.

“Not now darling. I’m driving.”

Charlie sighed wistfully and settled into her seat as I picked my way through the traffic out to the veterinary farm. As the dense town traffic eased, Charlie fell to talking again and we discussed many things until we finally arrived to meet Wendy waiting by the gate.

“Pooh! You think of cowthit!” I squealed.

“I don’t want to talk about it!” Groaned a tired and irritable Wendy. “I’ve had my hands up more cows arses and cunts than I care to remember.”

“Agricultural studies?” Inquired Charlie lightly.

“Don’t you start,” moaned Wendy, I’m up to here with cows!”

So saying she indicated her shoulder and we both fell to chuckling.

“Just get me home ASAP! This bloody rain hasn’t helped. At the last minute there was a cow calving in the field and our class tutor made us stay outside until she was delivered. I’m not only stinking, I’m soaking!”

I stepped up my speed a little and we soon reached Harriet who had rearranged her rendezvous on the mobile phone. As she joined us she also remarked on Wendy’s state.

“Bloody hell! You stink! Don’t you wash after all that crap?”

“I have bloody washed!” Snapped Wendy. “The stink just hangs around. Just get me home to a warm bath!”

I obeyed orders, (as always) and cursed the rain that made the last remnants of the rush hour traffic even worse. Eventually we arrived at our flat and stored the groceries whilst Wendy took another shower followed by a scented bath before finally ridding herself of the farmyard. We shared some coffee after stashing the groceries and then we fell to chatting about my ‘condition’ whilst Wendy continued bathing in her scented luxury.

“So you were the one who discovered Rosie’s new development?” Demanded Harriet.

“Don’t even mention it.” Replied Harriet with a grin. “She nearly left me for dead. Where have you been hiding her?”

Harriet chuckled and stroked my hair softly as I cuddled up to her.

“Oh Rosie’s been something special to Wendy and me for years now, but this cock-face thing is something really new.”

“Are you going to rent her out?” Asked Charlie.

“Mmmm. That’s an idea.” Giggled Harriet. “She could service several clients a night if we don’t give her any relief. It seems that once she’s hard, she can’t go soft until she’s given relief through her Rosie.”

“Oooh! The perfect sissy,” sighed Charlie as she squirmed her panty hosed thighs together.

The soft silky shish of her tights caught my attention and my gaze was drawn like a moth to the flame. Harriet sensed my interest and released me from her hug.

“Would you like to see to her now darling?” Harriet asked me.

            Charlie could not believe her ears and squealed with anticipation.

“Ooo-oohh! Yes pleeasse!”

“Ith too early!” I protested to Harriet, but it was to no avail.

Even as I turned to protest to Charlie she had already fingered her secret place and deftly brushed her sticky finger under my nose. I whimpered my objection but it was too late. Before I knew it, I felt the familiar stiffening inside my mouth. I tried to contain it but my lips were forced apart like a foreskin, as my hardening tongue demanded her rightful liberty. Within a couple of seconds I was reduced to a dumb ‘cock-faced’ sissy destined only to please my mistresses. To make things worse, Charlie had already stripped and flung herself across our bed.

My reluctance to soil our bed by servicing a strange woman just made Harriet more impatient. She pointed me towards the bedroom and Charlie’s widespread thighs then reached under my miniskirt and pinched my frilly bottom to encourage me.

“Oowwpphh!” I spluttered uselessly for there was no way I could raise a verbal objection and no way I could physically resist. Harriet easily had the measure of me physically and my huge ‘erection’ precluded any hope of speech. She forced my head between Charlie’s spread-eagled thighs then pinched me again.

I jerked forward to avoid a second assault on my soft delicate bum and found my tongue wedged firmly into the threshold of Charlie’s pleasure pot.

“There! That’s better, you naughty little sissy!” Declared Harriet. “In future remember, that if a mistress orders you to serve; then you serve.”

Charlie gasped with delight then humped her pussy hard against my face to complete the conjoinment. Her clitty fetched up hard against the bridge of my nose and I capitulated utterly. Obediently, I started ‘fucking’ her with my face whilst servicing her internal needs with the wriggling, lashing tip of my ‘cock-tongue’.

Charlie started to writhe ecstatically and moaned urgently as I busied my tongue were I now knew it to do the most good.

“Oooooohwhoo! She’s good. Ohhowhoo!! Hell she’s good!!” Squealed Charlie as I wriggled my tongue tip hard against her ‘G’ spot and rimmed her cervix with the same knowing sensitive tongue tip.

The advantages of having a super sensitive tongue meant that I could locate and feel every single fold and wrinkle of my mistress’s love tubes and then torment them to a crescendo of delight. The advantages were becoming more apparent to me with every new occasion. This time it was Charlie’s turn to learn of my newfound stamina and endurance. As I explored Charlie’s innermost secrets she started to climb her own mountain of desire and was soon plunging her body frantically up and down on my rapiering tongue. Her juices were spurting out and splattering my lips but I continued with my duties. Finally she let out a wail of demented frenzy as she climaxed almost like a man before croaking a plea for release from such excess.

“Aagh. It’s too much! Get her out! pleease, get her out. She’s got me undone!”

Harriet was in no mood to immediately release Charlie from her dilemma. She watched fascinated for long minutes as she stared in wonder at Charlie’s confused beseechments. At one moment Charlie would be squealing with uncontrolled delight as her next orgasmic wave engulfed her then the next moment she would be gasping and moaning with confused distress as her body tried to reject the excesses put upon her metabolism.

Finally even Harriet felt sorry for Charlie and forgave her for having been the first to tease my secret organ from its immature dormancy. Gently Harriet knelt over my back and tugged my shoulders back to drag me out from Charlie’s overloaded loins.

Charlie gave a groan of confusion then staggered on wobbly legs to the bathroom were Wendy was just finishing drying herself. She stumbled into the shower and sagged down the tiles whilst whimpering as the hot water soothed her trembling shuddering limbs.

Wendy gave Charlie a puzzled look then emerged from the bathroom with her towel around her boobs to confront Harriet and I.

“Have I missed something?” She grinned as I stood guiltily with my cock tongue fully erected and my twitching little frilly Rosie peeping from under them hem of my ruched miniskirt.


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