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The Help
By a Happy Wife

Jim was staying out of the way. Something he tried to do now days. He really didn’t want to be seen when she had company. She could hear his running of the vacuum cleaner in the rear of the house. She knew he was working back there in the hopes of staying out of sight. Jim looked at himself in the full-length mirror of the master bedroom. He had on one of his working uniforms. They were more comfortable than the formal ones. This one was gray, the skirt ended just above the knee, the dress it’s self was rather pretty; gray with white lace at the neckline and sleeves, a black satin ribbon was threaded through the lace and tied in small bows. He looked as his legs and feet, off black panty hose and low heeled plain black pumps, he wore minimal make up, his own short hair mannish except for the two black hair clips one on each side of his head.

Leaving the vacuum cleaner run he took some time to really examine himself in the mirror. She had led him to this and he had willing allowed it to happen. She had caught him wearing her black knit dress with a pair of black patent pumps he had bought in a cheap shoe store. He was wearing a tea apron and was dusting as thought he was a French Maid. The flash from her camera had got his attention, she got off several more shots of him in his panic and even more as he ran off in his heels, hose and the too small dress. Several hours later he appeared before her, dressed in his male clothes and very embarrassed he confessed his crossdressing and his fantasy of submission. She had already decided his fate. He would dress for her; she would use him as her maid. He would be spanked and humiliated for misdeeds or mistakes. When and how he dressed would be at her choosing. From now on she would decide when and how they would have sex. The pictures and the negatives would be kept by her along with a further photo study of him dressing, masturbating, singing and dancing. She would pick the outfits for the photo sessions, and he would perform with a big smile. If she wasn’t pleased with him as a maid the photos would be shown to his boss, friends, father and brothers. She did have friends who were going to see them and she was reserving the right see men as she saw fit. He would act as the dutiful maid, curtsy and wish her a pleasant evening with her gentleman friend. He would speak only when spoken to and be subjected to over the knee spankings when instant correction was needed.

This flashback of his total capitulation was one he often played as he looked at what he had become. All the what ifs, the if onlys and the if I had done this or that that played in his head meant nothing now. He had accepted the terms, bowed his head and agreed to this, this submission. It was too late now to do anything she had turned him into this mincing sissy maid and both he and her knew he wanted this as much as she enjoyed inflicting it on him.

He heard the little bell she used to summon him. He checked himself in the mirror, hem straight, no dust on shoes, no dampness at armpits, make up fresh and hair neat, he was ready. She had been talking to her guest for nearly an hour. Jim hadn’t been seen. The guest was a woman who had at one time worked for Jim. As a secretary Jim had treated her with disdain and when she left his employment to start her own business Jim told her he would give her 3 months then when she begged he would hire her back. Well her company was a rousing success with over 30 employees.

Jim’s wife had always liked Sara Wilson and they had become friends and saw each other often. Sara was one of the people who had seen the photos of Jim. She heartily approved of Jim’s situation. Today Sara wore a denim skirt, a red tee shirt and red cowgirl boots. She looked very cute and casual. When Jim’s wife rang the small bell, Sara said, “ no, you don’t really” but the bell rang. They heard Jim’s heels before they saw him. Both women turned to see the maid. Jim’s mouth dropped open when he saw Sara Wilson. There was probably no one that Jim wanted to see any less that her. Sara had a big smile on her face, as she looked the “maid” over. And look she did from his pumps to his cute hair clips, she had him turn do a curtsy and mince over for a closer look. Turning to Jim’s wife she asked, “what do you call it?” Jim was used to being referred to as she or her but not it. It hurt his feelings and embarrassed him deeply. “Oh this is precious, what an adorable sissy this is” Sara said. Jim stood there and took it. His wife asked Sara if she would like to see Jim in a formal uniform, she of course did. Jim was dispatched to his room to change. He could hear the women laughing and could guess that he was the topic of conversation. In about ten minutes a blushing maid stood before the women. He wore his black satin formal dress. It was a classic French maid’s outfit but exaggerated to show of his sissy state. The skirt barely cleared his stocking tops, garter tabs clipped to the fishnet hose shown when he bent over. The tiny lace apron did little to protect the dress it just emphasized the girlish look. The black patent shoes had high stiletto heels that would be impossible to actually work in and the little white cap pinned to the French twist styled blonde wig topped off the look. Jim was well aware of the look he presented. It was exactly the fantasy he had longed to live out, now as he was living it he felt he was living in hell. He knew he would have a raging erection except for the penis sheath he had to wear with the formal dress. The two ladies called him forward Sara got up to have a look. She circled him a couple of times, felt the lace on his sleeves, and little apron, she lifted his skirt slightly to look at his petticoats and garter belt. Turning to Jim’s wife she asked, “what about sex? Surely you don’t have sex with this girl, do you?” Jim’s wife just smiled and said “She has a very talented tongue and if I need a man it’s not a problem to find one.” Sara asked if the maid still had a functioning penis. Jim’s heart stopped and he knew what was coming next. He dreaded the command that he knew he would soon hear. “Show your former secretary your little princes sweetie” Blushing so hard that he felt the red showed through his make up, Jim stood in front of Sara Wilson and lifted his skirts and lowered his panties, he reached between his legs and released a small clasp. His penis moved to its normal position. Sara was beside herself with laughter. Pointing at the sheathed member she said, “My God his penis is a girl” His penis wore a black satin corset like garment with a ruffle at the end. It was laced with a ribbon so tightly that the diameter was reduced to about the size of an index finger. “Would you like to see how it has sex?” Sara said that she would love that. She sent Jim for his papers. Jim pleaded with his eyes to be spared this indignity. But she was relentless he would be further shamed. Jim laid newspaper on the floor, he knelt and sat back on his heels, he held his penis between his thumb and index finger with his right hand, his left hand held up the skirts. He had been taught to extend the rest of his fingers in a lady like manner like a woman holding a teacup. At a nod from his wife he began masturbating with each stroke he would stick out his tongue like a dog having it’s belly rubbed. The two women were roaring with laughter at this sight, causing Jim great humiliation. His being unable to reach a full erection increased the humiliation. The women of course noticed this and a stream of comments were forth coming. As he began to reach his climax he heard his wife say go on the paper sissy, and he did. Jim’s semen shot up and out and landed in several spots on the newspaper. Without being told Jim knelt and licked up the sperm.

Jim just sat there knowing the women were looking at him he had never felt such shame.

His wife spoke  “Jim I know you have been humiliated beyond belief, this was your fantasy. I will release you from this punishment if you so desire, or you can remain my submissive maid and you life will continue in this way. You may respond.” He couldn’t believe his own voice as he said, “Please allow me to serve”

A Happy Wife

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