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My Name Is Amy
Part 2 & Part 3

By Amy

I finished dressing and walked out to the front to see Trish and get my purse, you should of seen the look on all of the other women’s faces, Some giggled a little but two or three of them came over and said you look beautiful Amy.  Trish walked over and said what do you say to them sissy Amy, I blurted out Thanks You Ladies, they laughed and said you are one of us now dear.  On the way out I had to make an appointment every two week for electrolysis, a manicure, a pedicure and to get my hair done.  I thought to my self I might just like this.

Once in the car Trish said you are such a pretty little sissy Amy, do you know that, yes Ms Trish, I know.  I then asked where we are going next and she said shopping of course sissy Amy.  It was off to the mall, once there we shopped for dresses, skirts, blouses, lacy panties, (every color you can think of), bras, girdles, garter and every thing a woman would want and use.  We pick out a cute pink baby doll to sleep in, I could not wait and get home and wear it. I have never tried on so many out fits and we could barely carry it all.  The only embarrassing thing was Trish always called me sissy Amy and my with my voice all the sales ladies knew I was a girl.  On the way out of the mall I asked, Ms Trish, I have to use the restroom, she laughed and said that to go ahead and be sure to sit down.  I was nervous to say the least but I had to go, I found an empty stall and hung my purse on the hook on the door and pulled my panties down and my skirt up and went.  Looking around you could see other women’s panties down around there feet also.  I wiped and pulled my panties up and went to the sink to wash my hands, when I looked in the mirror I could not believe it was me, wearing a skirt and sheer white blouse, with boobs, wearing make up in a woman’s bathroom.  Another lady came over and asked, do you have a tampon, I ran out?  Remembering that Ms Trish had put one in my purse I reached in and found her one. She said thanks and that I was a life saver, which left me wondering if I would ever be told to wear those things too.

On the way home Ms Trish stopped at a paint store and I asked, Ms Trish what are we doing here?  She said that we need to get some paint for my new room.  My new room I asked?  Yes since you are a little sissy you will have your own room, a pretty pink room with lots of frilly girl things, I blushed as she ask the clerk to find the prettiest pink for her little sissy’s room, Trish was pointing right at me.  After paying for the paint Ms Trish said, tell him thanks sissy, tell thanks for the pretty pink pain.  I could just feel my face turning redder as I said, Thanks for the pretty pink paint.

When we got home Ms Trish took me in to the extra bedroom and we put all of my new clothes away, I was wondering how all this had happen.  When we were finally done with hang up my new dresses Ms Trish told me that I was to shave every day, wear a dress every day, wear makeup everyday and not to make a mess in my panties when she was not there.  She told me that I could wear jeans and a t-shirt to paint my new sissy room.  We then went into the kitchen and she told me to make a light dinner for her and to serve her when it was done.  While fixing dinner she had me set one place at the table for her and she told me that I would be eating in the kitchen from now on.  So when dinner was ready I called her and she sat at the table and told me to bring her food in.   I said yes Ms Trish and went and got dinner for her.  As I was serving her I noticed a bell by her plate and I asked her, Ms Trish what is the bell for, she said it is for call my sissy maid if I ever need anything.  Then she said don’t just stand there sissy go back into the kitchen and I will call you if I need anything.  I was doing the dishes when she burst into the kitchen with a paddle and says AMY, didn’t you hear the bell, no Ms Trish I didn’t.  She said get over here right now and turn around, bend over and grab your ankles, I did as I was told.   She then lifted up my skirt and pulled my panties down, then whack, whack, she spanked me hard, tears were running down my face before she was finished.  She told me to stand up, pull my panties up and my skirt down and said, I am the Mistress and you had better behave or you will get more of this, she was holding the paddle in front of my face.   Sobbing I said, Yes Ms Trish, I will be a good little sissy, I promise.  Good she said now go get ready for bed and quit crying Amy.

On the way to my new room she told me that I was to wear a bra and my new breast all of the time, even to bed, yes Ms Trish, yes. That night I wore my new pink baby doll, in the morning I could feel my manhood growing in the pretty pink panties and I just barley touched to front and I exploded, what a feeling, wearing a pretty pink baby doll, painted nails, I rubbed my breast as a woman would.   I did not think I would ever stop cumming; I did not want it to stop.  When I realized what I had done I know that Ms Trish would be mad so I tried to sneak into the bathroom.   Ms Trish was in the hall way and saw the mess in my panties and said, Amy I told you not to do that, what am I going to have to do to you sissy girl.  Come over here right now and turn around.  I did as I was told, waiting for the order to grab my ankles but she surprised my by saying, take your panties off Amy lick them clean, that is what sissy girls do.  Then the paddling started again, my butt was sure sore.  She told me to go and take a bubble bath and get dressed and paint my new room that she had to go to work.  She told me that I could wear jeans and a t-shirt while I was painting but I had better be wearing a dress by noon.  And I expect dinner tonight and oh by the way there will be some delivery people here this afternoon, let them in.  Yes Ms Trish, I will.  I told myself that I would not play with myself again unless I know dam good and well that Trish was not around.

I could barley sit in the tub, my butt was sore from the paddling but I managed, it even started feeling good in all of the pink bubbles.  I got out of the bath and put on a fresh pair of panties my bra, t-shirt and jeans and went to painting.   When I was done I cleaned up the mess and went to the bathroom to clean up.  Boy, being a woman is hard, I did not know what to wear, does your lingerie need to match your dress or what.   I pick out a pair of light baby blue briefs, a matching blue bra, a white garter belt, nude stockings, a white full slip and a pretty blue dress that zipped up the back. First I put on my bra and then the white lace garter belt, then I attached the nylons, I love the pull of the garter belt and the nylons. As I was pulling the pretty blue panties up my legs I still marveled how the soft nylon panties slid so softly on my nylons.  I was starting to get excited again but all I had to do was touch my rear end and that took care of everything.  I put my slip on then the dress, I had never had to zip up a dress, it took awhile but I finally got it done.  Then came to shoes, I chose a pair of blue three inch heels to complete my outfit.  I had just finished my make up when the doorbell rang; I remembered that Trish said there would be some deliveries today so I answered the door.  The driver said Hi are you sissy Amy, yes I stammered, I am, I have a new bed for you can we bring it in.  It is for the pink room.  Ok I said right this way, and I showed him the room.  As they were putting the canopy bed together I heard one of them say that she doesn’t look like a guy but his voice.  When they were done I told then thanks and went in and made my new girlie bed.

Things went good for a few months, the paddling weren’t as often and I was starting to like my new role.  I went in for electrolysis every two weeks when I got my hair and nail done, I was starting to like not having to shave my face.  I was also noticing that I felt bloated and that maybe, just maybe my breast were getting bigger.  I asked Trish and she said that it is all part of becoming a woman.  I didn’t even mind being a maid.

Part 3

One morning Trish came in and said to be sure to shave close, do my make up good and to put on a nice dress with some nice lingerie.  As I was filling the tub for my morning bubble bath I sat and wondered what was going on, Trish didn’t say.  I shaved extra close, put on some nice lotion and started getting dressed.  When I put my white lace cup bra on I noticed that I almost filled the B cup, I noticed that my nipples where hard poking against the sheer lace cups, so I didn’t wear any padding what so ever.  I then put on a pretty white garter belt and when I was putting on my stockings I noticed a run in one of them, I started crying, I don’t know why such a little thing would bother me.  I changed out the stocking, put on a cute white slip and a red dress.  I topped the outfit off with red three inch heels.  As I was putting my make on Ms Trish yelled, hurry up my cute little sissy girl, we are almost late.  I finished my make up and put on a pair of two inch hoop earrings and walk out to see where we are going.  Ms Trish, do I look alright, look at my breast, I am not wearing any padding, and these are mine!  She said, sissy dear you look wonderful and she felt my breast and said do you like them Amy, I could feel my nipples responding to her touch and said yes, yes Ms Trish I love them.  Where are we going Ms Trish I asked, to see your doctor sissy she told me with a grin.  Doctor, I said, I don’t have a doctor.  Yes you do dear know grab your purse and let’s go.

When we got to the doctors office the Door read, Dr. Anderson, Gynecologist;   Gynecologist I said, that for women.  Trish said you are so right and led me in.  I told the receptionist that my name is Amy and I need to see Dr Anderson.  She said we have been waiting for sissy Amy come with me.   I could see that Trish had set this all up.   When we got to the exam room she told me to strip down to my panties and bra and that a nurse would soon be in.  I did as I was told and as I looked around the room I noticed an exam table with stirrups.  Just then the nurse came in and looked at me smiling and took all my vital signs.  She said are you cold Amy, your nipples are really sticking out, looking down I saw what she was look at and said yes, it is chilly in here.  She handed me a pink gown and said the Doctor will be in shortly.  I put the gown and sat and waited, all of time thinking of all the changes that have happen over the last 6 months.  There was a knock on the door and Doctor Anderson walked in, she was beautiful, almost made me jealous.   Take off you gown and let me look at you sissy Amy, blushing I did as she said.  Take off your bra Amy and let me see how the hormones, (so that was it, Trish must have been giving me the hormones in our food) that I prescribed for you are working, I slid the bra off my shoulders and was standing in front of here with just my panties on.  I tried to cover my bare breast with my hands but she pulled them down and said let me see.  She then started to examine my breast and said that they were farther along than she thought.

Good, good she said, now take off your panties and lay down on the exam table, so I did, what was left of my manhood look pretty sick.  I lay down on the exam table and she placed my feet in the stirrups.  There I was, lying flat on my back, my feet in the stirrup, the only thing I could see was my red painted toenails and the Doctor moving in to give me a through check up.   She poked, prodded and laughed at my small manhood and asked with a snicker, does that still work.  Yes, some times I stammered.  Well it soon will be useless; we may have to remove it.  I could not say a thing.  Doctor Anderson said she was done that I should put my panties and bra back on that she would be right back.  Again I did as I was told and the doctor came back in with a syringe, told me pull my panties down that she was going to give me shot in the butt.  I felt the needle go in and as she shot the cool liquid in I gasped, it felt so different as it worked its way into my system.   I asked her what it was and she said that it was a strong dose of female hormones, they will help with your breast growth and they will calm down all your male hormones.  Now get dressed and we will make an appointment for next moth.   As I got all my clothes on I had a feeling of peace in me, a feeling that I had never experienced as a man.  I finished dressing and went out to the front and Trish said, sissy Amy, you look so radiant, what happened in there,  I told her and she just smiled and said you are going to make a wonderful woman.   For the whole next week it seemed as though my skin got softer by the day, that my hip got wider, making all my clothes fit better and my breast, my god my breast, it was like they had a mind of there own.

One day there was a knock on the door and when I answered it, it was a package for sissy Amy, how I wish she would quit calling me sissy.  I opened it up and it was a cute black and white maids uniform.  It had a pair of white panties with three rows of ruffles on the rear, they were so cute, and there was a short crinoline slip, a black maid dress, a white apron, and a pair of gloves.  I couldn’t wait to try it on.  The ringing of the phone brought me back to reality, it was Trish and she told me to have dinner ready by 6:00, and that there would be three people and that I was to be wearing my new maid outfit.  I had better get busy then.  All afternoon I wondered who would be here.

 I worked hard on dinner and when I had everything ready; I went and took a long hot bubble bath.  I marveled at my breast as they poked there way out of the bubbles, I was really starting to enjoy them. I went and put on my new maid uniform.  I loved it, when I bent over you could see the lace top of my stockings and my pretty ruffled panties.  Trish got home at 5:30 and said; that she had to freshen up, that if anyone showed up to set them in the dinning room, and by the way you look so cute in your mew maid uniform.  About fifteen minutes later the door bell rang and I answered it, there were two men, the first one I didn’t know but the second one was my old best friend. Blushing, I said Hello, come with me, Bill my old friend said boy Alan you have changed.  Trish is right you do make a cute sissy girl; I must have been fire engine red with embarrassment.  I sat them at the table and served them drinks; then Trish walked in and said to start serving dinner, Bill could not take his eyes off me when I was in the room.  I severed the drinks, dinner, and desert and when I was in the Kitchen doing the dishes I heard Trish’s bell go off, back into the dining room I went.  All three of them were standing together when Trish said, sissy Amy, it is time for you to become the woman you are, and your old friend Bill would like a blow job!   Ms Trish I said, Trish said don’t talk back sissy Amy or I will paddle you right here, now ask Bill if he wants a blow job.   How embarrassing it would be to get a paddling in front of those men, so.

BBBill, do you want a blow job, I blurted out?  Oh yes Amy, I want you to suck my cock dry, now get over here and get on your knees.  I did as I was told, I told Bill I have never done this in my life; he said all girls need to learn sometime.  Everyone in the room laughed as I unzipped his pants.  They fell to the floor and he stepped out of them,  he told me go on Amy go on; so I pulled his underwear down and o my god, I was looking at a 7 inch cock, and it was hard.  Lick it Trish said, lick every inch of it, kiss it she said, and kiss every inch of it.  As I started licking his cock in seem to get even harder, and I was starting to enjoy it, Trish said lick it good Amy, lick it good.  Then I kissed to end and left lipstick on the end, Bill said open you pretty red lips sissy and let me slide it in.  I did as I was told and Bill started slowly sliding his rock hard cock into my mouth, I have never been so full.  In and out, Bill’s hot rod was going in and out.  I felt Bill tense up, as he was about to come I reached down and started to rub my pretty panties.   Just as Bill shot his hot load into my mouth I made a mess in my panties.  Bill was saying suck it all up Amy, don’t lose a drop, I swallowed and then licked his cock clean.   I knew deep down inside that there was no return, that I wanted to do this again and again.  Ms Trish said you are such a sissy Amy; you are going to make a good girl someday.   I blushed, then Trish said go and cleanup Amy, you made a mess in your panties, go and put on your favorite pink baby doll nightie.  As I got up I straighten out my maids dress and walked to my room.  I picked out my favorite pink baby doll and went into the bathroom to clean up and fix my makeup.  In the bathroom I took off my maids dress and the cute little crinoline slip, took off my panties and cleaned up.  Then I pulled on   my pretty pink panties and as I was putting the baby doll on I looked in the mirror, what a sissy I have become, giving a blow job to my best friend, who would have guessed this would happen.  Then I fixed my make up and walked out.

There was Bill, standing there with just a bathrobe on, he pulled me close and said I just love you Amy and started kissing me.   I didn’t fight back, I liked it, as we were kissing I could feel his cock getting hard again.  After about 10 minutes of kissing Bill said, Amy it is time for you to become a true woman, come with me.  He led me to my bedroom and said lay on the bed Amy, on your back; I am going to make love to you.  I was scared but I wanted to do it, I wanted him in me so bad that almost jumped in to bed.  He dropped his robe and crawled up in between my legs and almost laid on top of me, I could feel his cock searching for me; he then raised my legs and started to push his cock in.  I moaned, it hurt as he kept pushing into me, he sensed this and told me it will get better, that all girls feel like this the first time.  Once he had penetrated me all the way he started to slide his cock in and out, slow at first.  Then he picked up the pace and he was right, it started to feel good, oh so good.  After a little while I started to rise up to meet every thrust.   I was really liking this and he started to go faster and faster.  All of a sudden it was like something electric went off in me, I was moaning, shaking and saying Bill don’t stop, please don’t stop.  Then he plunged deep into me and shot his hot load deep inside of me I knew that I had become a woman.  We cleaned up and I fell asleep in his arms, a satisfied woman.  In the morning when I woke up I could feel him getting hard again, it started all over again.


Sissy Girl Stories