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For live fantasies, or to schedule an in-person session, call Princess Lynne at 410 719-9026.  Call 9 AM till 8 PM Eastern Time.

These are stories written by some of the sissies belonging to the Princess, describing fantasies we've played with in phone sessions and in-person. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think of the stories by email to Princess.

       Send in your own fantasy stories.  

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My Name is Amy
My Name is Amy - Parts 2 & 3
My name is Amy - Part 4 Amy -
Double Take   Anonymous
Rosie the Sissy - Part One
Rosie the Sissy - Part Two
Rosie the Sissy - Part Three 
Rosie the Sissy - Part Four 
Rosie the Sissy - Part Five 
Rosie the Sissy - Part Six 
Rosie the Sissy - Part Seven
Rosie the Sissy - Part Eight
Beverly Taff

Sissy's Summer School
A New Dawn for Daphne

A Shy Girl Goes Shopping
Sinks, Suds, and French Lessons
Adventure at the Mall The Party Miss Donna
Check Up
My Brother’s Little Problem
The Help

Twins - The Girls

a Happy Wife

A Visit To an Adult Store

The Sissy Diaries: Caught En-Femme

  karissa tgirl brat
The Landlady   Maxine
A Boy Lost
A Girl’s Dilemma

A Mother’s Dream Come True
Alex’s Birthday
A Pretty Boy
Daddy's Little Girl
Daddy's Little Girl Grows Up

My New Nieces
The Girl of My Dreams
Justice Is Blind
Service With a Smile
A TV Ghost
May I Serve You?
Take a Letter
The Little Shoppe Keeper
Nina -
Anna Marie's Pets
Aunt Margo Knows Best
Betty's Bed & Breakfast
Club Sachet  
Gigi the Geisha Girlee
Girl Friends
Home Maid Cookies
Just a Touch of Spice
Mimi, the House Sissy
Mincing Maid, Miss Mandee
Nancy House Rules 
Office Dress Code
Saucy Sissy Suzette
Subjugated Step Sissy - Part One
Subjugated Step Sissy - Part Two 
Subjugated Step Sissy - Part Three 
Subjugated Step Sissy - Part Four 
Teased and Tamed

Priscilla Gay Bouffant -

Missy Learns to Model   Sissy Missy

These are just a few of the stories I've collected from my sissy girls.  For more of these stories visit my Sissy Girl Stories Yahoo group:

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For live fantasies, or to schedule an appointment for an in-person session call 
Princess Lynne at
410 719-9026.

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