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Sissy Girl Stories


Nancy House Rules

by Priscilla Gay Bouffant

Chapter One: The SASH Society

Author's note: October 1, 2000. This is my first story after four months of extensive travel. During that time my Hot Mail account went into limbo and I lost all e-mail from June, July, August and most of September. If I did not answer anyone's e-mail during these months it was for this reason.

If you responded to my question at the end of Teased and Trained: "Which of my stories is your favorite" please write me again. I still intend to do a sequel or sequels to the story or stories most favored. I will soon have someone to keep my account active (Bobbi, you are a dear!) and answer my mail during these long trips. Love, Prissy. On with the show.

Patricia Lawrence smiled as she lectured one of her office managers, Paul Groves. Patricia was VP in charge of personnel at Maison Inc., an interior design consulting firm. She was also the president of a regional chapter of SASH, a clandestine, national women's organization. SASH stood for Sisterhood Against Sexual Harassment. Paul Groves was the latest offender to their principles.

He would also be the next occupant of the Nancy House, one of many safe houses, and rehab centers that SASH ran on a national scale. As "safe" houses SASH provided single family, apartment and condo housing to single females, wanting to live a life unencumbered by male sexual interference.

As rehabs the houses provided a place for offensive or willing males to be transformed. Depending on the size of the residence anywhere from two to ten males could be undergoing transformations at a given time at a single building.

Some came to SASH willingly. Others came due to legal and personal problems. Those coming unwillingly were told that basically the rehab period was six months. They would be dressed as sissies until they asked to be dressed as females. On the average most made the request at the end of one month. At the end of six months 95% made the decision to stay en femme. Of the remainder nearly half returned to SASH to request "another chance."

Paul Groves was nervous. Besides the six women claiming sexual harassment, there were three more charging him with criminal sexual misconduct. In addition, attorneys for Maison Inc. had uncovered charges pending in another state. "Let's see Paul, I'll read what our legal department has come up with," Patricia remarked casually.

"Oh my what's this? It seems you've been charged with perjury in another case similar to this one. The fact that you left the state to come here, after the perjury charges were brought is a very serious matter. I believe it's called 'interstate flight, to avoid prosecution.' Isn't that a federal offense? Then we'll add skipping bail. Those bounty hunters can be really mean. Paul I'd say you should deal with my little group. Don't you agree?" she asked condescendingly.

Paul Groves knew the terms, hung his head, looked up at Patricia and agreed. He was on his way to the Nancy House. All the SASH houses used typically sissified girls names. There were also the Pansy House, The Prissy House, The Daisy House, the Suzy House, the Missy House etc. The names reminded the sissy occupants of their status, as well as letting the female occupants know just who was in charge.

As Paul was driven off to his three day "sissy prep" at a private home in the country, he hoped he could last six months without asking to be dressed as a female. Already they had given him the name he would use from now on. Monica. He tried to remember if he'd ever had sex with a girl with that name.

Chapter Two: The House that Nancy Built

"Monica" was quite beside herself. Nearly three weeks as a sissy can do that. Monica had been assigned the job of housekeeper to two lesbians named Sharon and Lynn. They had a nice three bedroom, two and a half bath condo at the Nancy house. Though Monica could wear slacks and tops, instead of skirts and blouses, the ladies insisted she wear token makeup, (light lipstick, mascara, blush) nail polish, slight heels, and perfume.

They also had her wear ruffled aprons about the house, and she was required to set, style and spray, her hair. Of course she provided beauty services to them when told to. Her housework load and errand running was both exhausting and humiliating! Of course she also took "pretty pills" to keep her compliant.

One of the ladies was always with her. Both Lynn and Sharon worked at the SASH offices as managers. They split a five day, 8 hours a day, workweek evenly. In this way one of them could always be directly involved in a sissy 's training.

Monica did all the cooking, cleaning, and shopping. She dusted, made the beds, scrubbed the floors and toilets, prepared and served the meals. She was required to shop for all food, cosmetics and sanitary products as well as pick up the dry cleaning. These trips were especially stressful because dressed as a sissy she took a lot of teasing in public.

Lynn had told her, "If you'd dress as a female you could get a job outside the house and the three of us could split the house work and errands." Both Lynn and Sharon knew Monica was near her breakthrough point so they decided on a trip to a nearby cosmetic store, with hygiene products on the shopping list to assist her to the other side.

They had started on her the night before, relaxing her, and getting her off her guard, by making her feel like "one of the girls." It was a Friday evening. Dinner had been completed and the clean up finished. Monica, Lynn and Sharon had taken baths. Lynn and Sharon were in sexy nightgowns and stiletto heels watching television. Monica was in her usual pink flannel nightgown and one inch heel bedroom slippers.

Normally she set her own hair, while watching TV and waiting on her ladies. As she prepared to do this, Sharon, the less strict of her mentors said, "Come over here pumpkin, you've worked hard all day. Let Aunt Sharon roll up your hair." As shocked as Monica was, she couldn't resist the attention and pampering she so desperately craved.

Smiling, she sat down at Sharon's feet in front of the couch only to have Sharon say, "No baby, sit next to me on the couch and turn away from me." Monica eagerly complied. As Sharon began to comb Monica's hair, jell it and roll it up, Monica thought she was in heaven. Even though Sharon rolled the hair really tight Monica couldn't have cared less.

As Sharon worked she spoke to both Monica and Lynn. "You know Lynn, we should take her to the beauty parlor and have Lauren or Marie work on her. She's got lovely thick hair. A fashion cut, some highlights, the right perm. She'd look fantastic! What do you think Monica? Would you like to try that?" the woman asked, the whole time playing with the sissy's jelled and tightly rolled locks and deeply massaging her shoulders.

It wasn't lost on Monica that the feminine gender was being used to describe her. She had very little time to think though because as Sharon finished her set with a heavy application of spray net, she said to Monica, "Go in your room and get a pretty stretch turban with a bow to cover your curlers. There will be no dowdy housewives in this household."

As Monica pranced off Sharon called to her, "Why don't you get rid of that flannel gown and put on something a little more pretty? When Monica stopped and looked at Sharon puzzled, Sharon added, "How about some satin pajamas? Then you can cuddle up and snuggle with aunt Sharon and maybe even aunt Lynn."

When Monica returned, dressed in yellow satin pajamas, Lynn and Sharon were seated on opposite ends of the couch. Lynn patted the seat in the center and said, "Sit here dolly girl. First let me spray all three of us with some perfume. Then we'll snuggle like sisters."

The three hugged, did some light kissing and petting, then went off to Lynn and Sharon's king size bed, where Monica was taken places she had never been. Indeed Monica loved every moment of the rest of the evening, even when the women had her fetch for them. It was no wonder that she literally begged to be completely feminized (sans castration) after her devastating trip to the cosmetic store.

For this trip to the store her hair had been done in a cute page boy flip. Her lipstick, blush, nail polish and eye shadow were all done in hot pink. She felt drenched in Shalimar and a bow was in her hair. Two-inch heels and Capri slacks in black, and a white, heavily ruffled crop top completed her ensemble. Not to be outdone the ladies had their sissy take a pink clutch purse, with drawstring, and at the hen party, the evening before, had talked him into a home ear piercing. She now sported a cute stud in each ear lobe.

Monica had shopped for make up before, but never douche, hygiene spray or sanitary napkins. She didn't notice these on the list until she entered the store. Then she became very self conscious and nervous. Everything went fine until she reached the register. The sales lady smiled at her then looked at her with a puzzled glance, then smiling again called out to a new girl being trained at the next register.

"Gwen, check this out. Here's one of those sissies from the Nancy House that Babs and I were telling you about." As Monica cringed the women asked her, "I'm right, aren't I honey? You're a sissy, right? What's your name precious?" she asked, as Monica agreed she was a sissy. "Monica?" That's lovely, isn't it girls?"

By this time Gwen was getting a closer look, hands on hips and shaking her head, saying, "Oh my goodness! What on earth is this? My land, Little Miss Thing here is buying douche! Going to get it smelling nice and pretty for your big hunk, you little pansy?" Gwen turned on her heels and walked away disgusted, into the main office. Until she was fully checked out, Monica was teased about her appearance and especially about all of the products she was purchasing.

By the time Monica left the store she was crying and when she got into the apartment she became nearly hysterical. It took a visit from Doctor Lilly Chang and her transsexual nurse Jasmine to calm her down. Actually it was the heavy double dose of Librium and sedatives that did it. Monica was out like a light by 6 PM and slept like an angel. Dr. Chang was back the next morning to begin her training.

Chapter Three: Monica in Form

Monica Groves lie on the table in the Nancy House treatment room. While Jasmine assisted, Dr. Chang began Monica's enema. Lynn and Sharon looked on. As the quart of warm soapy water seemed to inflate her, Monica gasped. "Hold on princess, we have a ways to go. Once you're full you'll have to hold it a while. Then I'll let you evacuate. After that, a cool rinse and another trip to the potty," said the smirking Dr. Chang.

Jasmine the lovely, petite, Burmese transsexual cooed to Monica and gently massaged her lower back. Even so as the enema reached it's apex the sissy thought he was going to explode. Tears streamed down Monica's painted cheeks. Her breaths came in pants. "Breath deeply my dear," said Lilly the lovely Asian doctor. "A few moments more and you may walk, like a lady of course, to the rest room," she added, emphasizing to the high heel shod Monica that she was not to run or even walk fast.

Shortly, the sissy moved daintily from the table, entered the bathroom, and finally with a deep sigh completed the first part of what would be a twice monthly, "purging, cleansing and rinse." Once back on the table, she again gasped as Dr. Chang filled her with an equal amount of cool distilled water. Jasmine smiled as Dr. Chang discussed her assistant's sex change operation as she casually toyed with Monica's genitals.

"Jasmine was such a pretty sissy boy when she came to me. It was so obvious that nature had erred. It was only a matter of time before she asked me to remove these," the doctor said as she fondled Monica's small testicles and penis. "Of course I made her go through all of the therapy and necessary steps prior to her change. I'd never castrate any sissy without her request and all the mandatory preparation."

"I'm extremely happy now," Jasmine stated. "I was so lost until Mistress Lilly took me under her wing." Of course although Monica wanted to scream she held it in and was only to happy to take a dainty ladylike gait on her way back to the rest room. Once she expelled the cool water rinse, Lynn and Sharon took turns massaging her as the doctor gave her four hormonal booster shots. One went under each arm and the other two into each rump. Finally the Doctor inserted a well-oiled butt plug in the sissy's rectum.

After Jasmine and Lilly left, Monica was returned to the apartment for a dressing session and charm lessons. These dressing sessions and lessons took place each day for the next three weeks. Every third day Monica would be taken outside for a walk, drive or short trip somewhere.

The sessions familiarized her with the clothes and undergarments she would be wearing. She had to be able to name each item, describe it's function, and know how to put it on. Next came make up and hairdressing lessons. Again she would have to name the product, the shade, describe its function and know how to use it.

As busy as she was with lessons and her share of the housework, Sharon insisted she read all types of women's magazines so she would be knowledgeable when holding a conversation on fashion, music, theater, etc. It was as if she were being trained as some sort of trophy wife or concubine.

Most important were the group therapy sessions every Friday evening with the five other sissies at Nancy house. All of them were further advanced then Monica. What struck her was that two of the sissies were past the six-month rehab period and had absolutely no intention of ever relinquishing their female persona or lifestyle. Dr. Lilly Chang monitored these sessions.

Topics such as Sissy Sexuality, being a good servant, feeling pretty, or any number of sissy subjects would dominate.

The women were pleased with her progress, but exceptionally thrilled by the way she took to the charm lessons. She did exceptionally well when walking, talking or acting as if she were a female. After two weeks she was ready for her first salon visit. One week later she was ready to be shown off to her SASH patron, none other then Ms. Patricia Lawrence.

Chapter Four: The Discipline of Beauty

"Are you certain no one at the beauty parlor will suspect anything, Sharon?" asked Monica as they drove to Lauren's Tress Palace. "Of course not dear. You are a natural as a female. We'll both do fine," Sharon assured her.

After entering the salon both girls were taken to shampoo sinks. Monica loved the way that her operator Marie pampered her during her shampoo, condition and rinse. Her hands were so gentle and the whole process so soothing and relaxing. Her highlighting was next and she soon sported golden blond streaks in her natural honey blonde hair.

Monica's hair was now shoulder length and Marie gave her a layered fashion cut leaving much of the length. Facing the mirror Monica watched spellbound as Marie applied a strawberry scented setting gel to Monica's frosted tresses and began rolling it up tightly on mid sized powder blue, wire brush curlers.

Placing a hair net over Monica's set hair, Marie gave the sissy a light dosing of scented spray net before escorting her client to a hair dryer. Seating Monica, Marie pointed to a pile of ladies magazines. Monica chose a copy of Sassy. Marie then placed the hood over her head and turned the drier on. Monica was enveloped in the quiet whirring of the dryer and the warm perfume scented air.

"How lovely!" She thought. "I can't believe what a wonderful place a salon is! All these years I've been missing this? I never want to give this up!" The quiet chatter, the ladies in various stages of beautification, the total atmosphere, the sights, sounds and scents of absolute femininity! Monica was now privy to the inner sanctum of womanhood.

Marie broke the spell when she came to bring Monica to the makeup area. "Charlotte is going to do your makeup honey. I'll remove your rollers now, but won't do your comb out, styling and final spray until she's painted your face," Marie smiled.

And indeed Charlotte "painted" Monica as an artist would paint a portrait! The gorgeous blend of pastel shades, mixed with the bright sheen of crimson lit up Monica's face with a lovely glow! Even with her curler imprinted hair yet to be styled she had already taken on the look of a sensuous beauty.

Marie and Charlotte noted it immediately, as Charlotte stepped back and Marie walked towards her to proceed with the sissy's styling. "My goodness Charlotte she is no less then stunning!" Marie said as she used a deft comb, an occasional brush, and quite a bit of double extra hold spray net to work her artistry with Monica's coiffure.

When completed she had fashioned a lovely, puffed, just to the shoulder, pageboy with fluffy curled bangs. A jet-black bow pinned to the side of her hair contrasted sharply with her crimson lips and her brilliant blonde hair. The bow matched her "little black dress" with the white lace scalloped collar and her three inch black pumps. Her nipped in, belted waist and her sheer hose added to her picture of sensuous femininity.

Sharon arrived, her gleaming dark brown hair down in a lovely French braid and announced that Lauren the salon owner had invited she and Monica to lunch and a manicure in her private sitting room. Monica felt so special! Lauren, Sharon and the two manicurists made a true fuss over the newly dolled up sissy.

On the ride back to the apartment Sharon touched Monica's knee, and once in the apartment gave her several kisses before composing herself. "Honey, if you ever decide to become a girl, let me know. I think we could fall in love," said the usually sedate Sharon. For the time being, Monica was being trained for a yet to be decided position with Patricia Lawrence. That and Sharon's relationship with Lynn meant that Sharon should play "hands off."

Chapter Five: Dinner With the Boss

Of all the phases of charm lessons, Monica took part in she enjoyed "High Heel Walking" the least. Though the women had started her in three-inch heels, things had really progressed. "You may have to wear four inch heels for dates and five inch for special occasions. That doesn't mean however that you should ignore training in six inch heels or ignore the "posing boot" completely," Lynn had told Monica quite bluntly.

The dreaded "posing boot" was a lace up, calf high shoe, with a seven-inch heel! It was, for a sissy in training, a terrible nightmare come true. All one could hope to do while wearing it was pose in front of a mirror or in front of mistress for about one hour. To walk in it would take a minor miracle.

Even then, after an hour in this deadly footwear, wearing a five-inch heel seemed like a reward. So on this particular day while Lynn was on the phone with Patricia Lawrence, Monica was quite happy. She was doing little maneuvers about the living room for Sharon, while wearing four-inch heels. The same heels she would wear for her upcoming dinner with Ms. Lawrence.

Linda spoke to Patricia on the phone in her bedroom. "She's doing very well. In our estimation we believe she could start at the office next Wednesday. Why don't you leave work early Friday, and come here to dinner, let's say, 7 PM that evening. That way, if you like what you see, you can keep her for the weekend." After a slight pause, Lynn smiled and closed the conversation.

Walking towards the living room Lynn heard Sharon call out to her, "Lynn honey, come here. You've got to see this." Lynn watched as Monica literally sashayed from one end of the living room to the other, with the grace of a runway model. Lynn realized that she wouldn't be sashaying Friday night. She would be wearing a plug, so she'd be ready if Patricia wanted her. The plug, heels, gaff and corset would limit her walk to a babyish mince.

Monica turned beautifully, sat, stood and curtseyed perfectly. Most importantly she had a relaxed smile on her face! She was ready. "All right Monica, practice is over for now. Come over here with Sharon and I. Pick up that pad and pen to take notes. We are going to go over your Friday dinner engagement with Ms. Lawrence," Lynn called out with some firmness in her voice.

"We'll cover the menu, how you will prepare it, the music you'll play, what you are to wear and say, and how to act. Ready? Let's begin. Unless she tells you otherwise you will address her as Mistress Patricia." The wide-eyed Monica paid strict attention as Lynn covered every detail down to the size of plug she should insert in her rectum.

"Mistress" Patricia arrived just before seven looking stunning in upswept coppery red hair, black slacks and jacket, white silk top and red evening shoes. Patricia Lawrence was quite tall at five-eleven and in three-inch heels towered over the dainty Monica. She was also quite athletic and her 155 lb. frame was lean and taught from workouts, exercise, tennis and racquetball.

Monica felt vulnerable and intimidated. The sissy was only five-six and through diet, exercise, figure training and hormones was now a nearly petite 118 pounds. She was made quite anxious by this imperious mistress. Monica was wearing a demure, soft pink, floral print dress with scalloped neckline. Her hair was done in a prim chignon.

"Oh please do come in Mistress Patricia, I'm so thrilled by all of this" she said with a dainty curtsy. "Miss Lynn and Miss Sharon are at friends for the evening. I hope you don't mind that we're alone," she added.

Patricia entered and seated herself while Monica got her Mistress a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. She herself drank hot Ginseng tea, as SASH rules forbade sissies from drinking alcohol. They made small talk, Patricia asking Monica about the events of the past six weeks, and carefully noted the new girl's reaction.

Once she was satisfied with her sincerity Patricia asked about dinner. The excited sissy smiled and directed Patricia to the dining room. "I'd like to use the rest room if I could," Patricia smiled as Monica showed her to the guest rest room. As soon as she shut the door Patricia dialed her cell phone and said, "Hello, Sharon. She's perfect! Wonderful job. I really like what I see! You can make the call right now. I just might keep her until Sunday evening or possibly Monday morning."

Shortly after this call, Monica answered the phone and after a brief period said, "Mistress Patricia, it's Miss Sharon. She and Miss Lynn have decided to spend the night at their friend's house. They would like to know if you can stay here for the evening," said the puzzled sissy.

"You can tell them it will be my pleasure. SASH regulations require that you be chaperoned for at least the first three months. I have overnight luggage in my car for any and all situations I may encounter in my travels," said the commanding executive.

Before hanging up, Sharon stated they would be home in the late afternoon. Dinner was wonderful. Lynn had selected the music, in addition to the food, decor and table setting. Monica served her Mistress a B&B with coffee, while she cleared away the table. "Here are the keys to my car. You'll find the luggage in the trunk. I imagine I'll use the guest room," Patricia stated.

Once Monica had put Patricia's luggage on the guest bed Patricia had her open it and unpack for her. Then Monica went to the living room where Patricia sat. Patricia smiled, crooked her finger and said, "I'd like you to sit on my lap young lady." Excited, Monica nearly stumbled before composing herself. As she sat down, her arms went around Patricia's shoulders.

Patricia put down her drink and unfastened Monica's chignon. In a sultry fashion, the normally demure sissy shook her hair loose and giggled as Patricia kissed her lips and probed her mouth with her tongue. Patricia placed the sissy down, flat on her back on the couch, smothering the weak pantywaist with kisses.

Allowing her slave to come up for air, Patricia said commandingly, "I suspect it is time for you to go to the ladies room and remove your plug. Then put on something extremely sexy. I'll meet you in your bedroom and take care of everything else." Indeed Patricia did. First she stopped in her room to change into a lovely cream-colored velvet robe. She also got her strap on penis and lubricants.

In the meantime Monica was in a pink lacy baby doll set lying in bed. Patricia entered the room, placed her toys on the nightstand and got into bed with her. "I trust you didn't remove your gaff my child. You won't be needing your penis this evening. I have mine. I'll only need your mouth, tongue, lips and fingers. Also an unobstructed access to your rectum," the mistress said smugly.

"Now get to work dear," Patricia ordered as she pushed Monica's head under the covers and the slave girl began to lick, suck, finger and tongue Patricia's clitoris and vagina. Patricia relaxed as the submissive sissy literally worshipped her sex. The same way their perfumes and lipsticks had mingled while kissing, their juices now mingled as Monica probed Patricia's love nest.

As Patricia neared fulfillment she grabbed the sissy's hair and ears and pressed the pansy's face into her pelvis, grinding against it and exhorting her slave, "Move harder and faster girl, mistress is getting really close!" As Patricia came she nearly smothered her weak little daisy by clamping her legs around her neck and face.

Monica nearly passed out and came up spluttering for air as mistress released her from a headlock. Patricia laughed seductively at the sissy's plight, and pulled the sissy to her in a nice snuggle, complimenting her on being "Such a good girl." After kissing hugging and playing with each other’s breasts for a while, Patricia continued with the lovemaking.

"I have to teach you what it's like to be a girl honey. There's no other way to do this." Patricia said. Standing beside the bed she smiled as she strapped on the huge penis, as Monica looked on wide-eyed. "Relax and be thankful it doesn't belong to a real man. I hope you realize that some mistresses "slut train" their girls by having then taken orally and in the anus by real men. Rough men," Patricia explained as Monica nearly began to sob.

"I'm not like that. I've had you prepped with a plug and I'm going to grease you up really good and be very gentle. I hope you can appreciate that sweetheart?" the mistress said smiling. Monica forced a sweet smile and fighting back tears said in a babyish whisper, "Yes ma'am, I promise to be good when you take me."

Patricia came forward and said, "That's good baby, now suck me real pretty. Let's do a nice deep throat. Wait honey. One more thing before you start. Go over to the mirror and put on lots of rich, red, creamy lipstick. That's a good girl!" Patricia said as Monica complied. As Monica began to slurp and suck, Patricia forced the back end of the dildo against her pelvis to excite her own clitoris. As Monica licked and drew the penis into her mouth her creamy red lips left stains on the dildo.

When Patricia was satisfied that her sissy slave was a good little dildo lover she stopped her and turned her around on the bed. "Okay sweet thing, pull down those pretty pink panties, get on all fours, raise that butt and get ready. Your about to become a non virgin." She oiled the sissy's anus quite liberally then she entered her slowly. First a gasp, then a moan escaped Monica's lips.

Next a throaty gurgle and finally a satisfied sigh as the sissy girl began to thrust her rump to exhort her mistress to really pump her. Bucking like a little pony, Monica wiggled her butt happily. The pleased Patricia congratulated her new girl, "Very good honey. I like that. You want to be pleasured. Let's ride little filly! Let's gallop!"

They began a passionate rhythm that excited them both. Monica's rear thrusting back, ground into Patricia's pelvis to stimulate her clitoris. Patricia's thrusts now reaching the sissy's sphincter helped the pansy's small penis begin to swell in the gaff. After a time they reached a crescendo, Patricia coming with a powerful throaty groan of satisfaction.

On the other hand, the sissy came in little squeals of delight, collapsing flat on the bed, giggling, and wriggling as she ground her pelvic region into the sheets, her sissy cream spurting from her small penis, and soaking her panty and gaff.

Later the two would shower and then kiss snuggle and fall off to sleep, only to begin another round in the morning. After breakfast, which Monica served topless, Patricia helped Monica pack for a weekend at the Lawrence estate. "You'll spend the weekend with Aunt Valerie and I. Then be prepared to drive into the office with me Wednesday through Friday. You have some apologizing to do with many of the ladies there," Patricia warned her trainee.

"Don't rule out spending next weekend at my estate either. It's a holiday and we can take advantage of the extra time to get to know each other. Who knows? We may decide to set up an arrangement," Patricia said with a seductive smile. On the drive over, Patricia filled Monica in on the Lawrence household. "Besides myself and Aunt Val, my sissy cousin, Camille lives there. Aunt Val had Camille feminized at a maids academy. He was a terrible son to her but makes a lovely daughter."

"Camille is about your age. We also have two delightful sissy maids, Tanya and Gloria. You'll love them," Patricia concluded as she maneuvered her Mercedes onto the freeway. Monica took all this in, still dreaming that it was all temporary, not yet realizing that she was far too feminized to ever turn back.

Chapter Six: The Family that Plays

Patricia had inherited the estate from her grandmother. Her wealthy aunt Valerie had only moved in to assist her with running it. When Valerie's son Carl had begun to run around with drug addicts and dealers, he was shipped off to Stephanie Stevens's academy in New York. He returned a compliant sissy maid.

Though both Patricia and Val loved having a maid around, Val envisioned her sissy son as a real trophy wife to one of her SASH friends. She decided to hire a combination sissy maid and governess to groom "Camille" for womanhood.

"I believe I have an ideal candidate for the job," said Stephanie Stevens. "My private secretary Gloria is looking for a change. She's a well-trained maid and though she's never been a governess, I believe she could handle the position. After all, as my private secretary she developed some pretty good administrative skills," Stephanie embellished.

Wrong! Gloria was a divine maid and proved to be an excellent social secretary. However she was a horribly overindulgent governess. Camille began to turn into a real brat and to her mother's horror a man hungry sissy girl, passionately taken with her swish hairdresser Duane. Duane was no less enchanted. Stephanie Stevens felt horrible.

After being assured by Valerie that Gloria would be kept on as maid and social secretary she began her search. In less then a month she found the ideal candidate. "Her name is Tanya Petite. She is just getting over a torrid affair with her previous employer, a women who is an editor for a feminist publication," Stephanie began. "They parted on good terms."

Stephanie continued, "She received her maid training here. Her experience as a governess is very practical. Her lover's son is a transformed sissy. She played a minor roll in his transformation. More importantly she has played a key role in his further discipline, training, and maintenance of his lovely feminine appearance and bearing!"

After interviewing Tanya, Valerie was sold. Tanya was again in love! This time with her charge.

"My cousin Camille is being trained by a governess, so sometimes her outfits and hair are a little different from a girl your age," Patricia explained about five minutes before she and Monica arrived at the Lawrence residence. "I think it would be nice if you would help her feel not so different by dressing similar to her when you are at the mansion," Patricia continued.

As if Monica had no say in the matter, Patricia added, "We'll be going to a specialty store later this afternoon. I've decided to get you a half dozen new outfits that are similar to those that Camille wears."

"Six? That's quite a bit. Isn't it? Do I really need that many?" Monica said cheerily, wondering what kind of "specialty" apparel her mistress was speaking of. "After all," she began again, before trailing off, realizing she was being presumptuous.

Patricia glared at her sissy slave who literally slithered down in her seat, then said firmly and with emphasis on each and every word, "No little missy. Six outfits are only the beginning. Do not ever question any decision I have made if you know what's good for you. That's the only warning you will ever get."

As they pulled into the drive Patricia perked back up, "Oh, my! I just remembered. Our little specialty shop sells personalized disciplinary items. We'll have to pick out a few my sweet, along with your new clothes. Patricia had called ahead to announce her arrival and Gloria and Tanya were obediently waiting, hands folded and heads bowed in front of the house.

As the mistress and sissy stepped form the car the maids curtseyed to mistress but only smiled at Monica. No maid in this household dared speak without permission. With hardly a glance at the servants Patricia opened the trunk and moved towards the house, saying, "Girls the luggage is in the trunk, the young lady's bags go in the room next to mine. Gloria, I want lunch for four in thirty minutes. Come along Monica. You must meet my aunt and cousin," she said as she snapped her fingers several times in rapid succession.

The maids curtseyed and said, "Yes ma'am" simultaneously, hurrying to follow their orders to perfection. Aunt Valerie, in the large living rose to meet her niece and to check out the new "sissy toy" she had brought home. After introductions, Monica curtseyed and then stood demurely, dressed in a white mini dress with pink polka dots. Perched on 4 inch pink pumps, with her hair in a lovely curled upsweep, she was the picture of ladylike submission.

"Lovely! Yes, very nice!" Valerie said as she circled the prissily posed sissy as if she were stalking her prey, or viewing a piece of sculpture. In this case, either example would apply. "An absolutely adorable choice, my dear niece! Congratulations are in order! Patricia smiled saying, "Thank you, aunt Val. Have you and Camille eaten? I instructed Gloria to prepare lunch for four in thirty minutes."

"Better make it for three. Your cousin has eaten. Tanya has her on a very strict diet. Besides, she's reading poetry in the sunroom. Of course Tanya has the shades drawn to protect Camille's complexion. Today she's dressed in one of her Southern Belle outfits, hoop skirts, strict corset, lace up high-heeled slippers, petticoats, bows and lace everywhere. I'm afraid she'd start crying if she saw how upscale, chic and with it, your Monica is dressed," Valerie said as her eyes bore into the self conscious Monica.

"That's all well and good. After lunch I'm taking Monica to The Dressing Room. I'm going to outfit her in some of the same things Camille wears. Plus I want to get her some of those new creations from the Mrs. Silk collection," Patricia stated.

The lovely Gloria served lunch beautifully. Monica was very impressed by the exquisitely trained girlish servant. She especially liked her platinum blond chin length bobbed hairdo and her very proper regulation maids uniform with lacy "Daisy" cap.

The shopping trip was exhausting. First Monica tried on both an ante-bellum outfit, followed by a Victorian number. Then along with the saleslady they moved to The Silky Section. Here Monica was treated to two maids outfits. One was a plain regulation affair, the other a really overdone "Sissy Party Maid" number. All were designed and licensed by Silk Inc.

Also now available under the Silk label were "Jane Wear" and "Prissy Wear." In this section Monica was purchased a sissy party frock identical to those that "Prissy Sissies" wear. In addition a blue serge schoolgirl-traveling outfit, complete with matching boater hat, identical to the one Jane wears when she takes the Mistress to the airport.

Finally she posed for photos in a brand new milking pinafore and matching pink bracelet. All this after her Mistress had ordered monogrammed discipline items for her. At the very moment, in Camille's bedchamber, at the Lawrence estate, Camille was tied spread-eagled to her canopied bed wearing her milking pinny. As she whimpered, her governess Tanya performed the necessary function of milking her sissy charge after her noon nap.

In the next bedroom down the hall Gloria massaged her employer who couldn't stop talking about her niece's latest conquest. Actually the conquest had yet to come to fulfillment.

Upon returning to the Lawrence mansion, the lovely couple was again greeted by the two overtly submissive maids who took up all the packages. As Tanya put things away in Patricia's room, Patricia entered to quiz her. Tanya stood at demure attention and answered Patricia's questions concerning Camille.

"Madame Valerie, has given permission for Miss Camille to wear something upscale for dinner. What would you prefer the girls to wear Sunday, Mistress?" Tanya asked humbly.

"Schoolgirl outfits would be perfect, Tanya. I would say right now that next weekend I would like to do conventional clothing Friday, and party frocks for a Saturday salon trip, probably to Melissa's Mirage. Then, Sunday and Monday I believe, a couple of days in regulation housekeepers attire would be perfect," smiled the clever Mistress.

Tanya agreed and then paused, before Patricia inquired whether or not the maid had any questions. "Yes ma'am. Will I be required to relieve your guest 's tensions at any time?" the maid asked demurely.

"Not this evening, but come Sunday morning, yes. In fact, I think that a shave and milking would be most appropriate. You and Gloria have my full permission to take all measures necessary to accomplish this," said Patricia before leaving the maid to attend to her duties.

Tanya trembled with excitement as she finished putting the clothing away. She was beside herself. "A milking and shaving? My heart be still!" she thought. Later, quite excited she said to the somewhat pleased Gloria, "We can employ any measures needed. That means we can tie her spread-eagled, spank her, or both if she resists!" exclaimed the thrilled maid.

Indeed after a lovely dinner, all retired. Just after the table was cleared, Patricia made a side trip to the kitchen before going to her room. "Tanya, stop by my room before you go to bed," the dominant Patricia ordered. Tanya did as she was told and while standing demurely at attention, received more instructions from the mistress of the house.

"I believe you should also explore Monica's rectum during her milking and shaving. A small vibrator and sterile vitamin E jell would be appropriate. She's been plug trained, but it wouldn't hurt to keep her rosebud exercised," said the mistress, excusing Tanya with a peck on the cheek.

In the middle of the night Patricia came for Monica, using a leash attached to the sissy's penis to lead her to the Mistress bedroom. After a very satisfying evening of sex, Monica was sent back to her own room. Come the morning a very surprised Monica was awakened by Gloria and Tanya, both maids carrying, on separate trays, the needed items for the milking, shaving and rectal exploration.

Monica became a little haughty when informed of the morning activities. She was soon subdued, tied to the stanchions of the four-poster bed, and had her mouth covered with surgical tape. As the frightened Monica looked back and forth at both maids, wide eyed, Tanya seated herself at the bedside, opened the bound sissy's pajama top, and while running her finger around Monica's left nipple cautioned her on any further resistance.

"Now honey," she explained, all the while smiling. I don't want to hurt you and don't think I'll have to. Gloria and I have permission from both mistresses to do this. If you scream, they might come in here and it will be worse on you. Tonight is discipline night. Already Glory here and Missy Camille will be taken to task. You don't want to join them, do you dear?"

She paused moving her finger gently down Monica's chest and tummy as Monica shook her head to signify "no". "I didn't think so hon. Now, I can take the tape from your mouth if you promise to be reasonably well behaved. You can make sexy noises, just don't scream or struggle. Okay baby?" said the sissy domme as Monica nodded her consent.

Zip! Off came the tape as Monica gasped and was quieted by Gloria, who now replaced Tanya at the bedside. While Tanya began to remove the bound slave's pubic hair, Gloria comforted the sissy in a motherly fashion. Tanya gave Monica an absolutely first class shaving and scenting!

She removed the bulk of hair with scissors, then she buzzed the area with battery-powered clippers. Using a sandalwood scented shaving soap she lathered the sissy up and began a really close shave. It was at this point that Monica began to moan and sigh in pleasure.

Once Monica was baby smooth, Tanya dusted the area with strawberry scented powder, and sprayed the sissy's pussy with White Shoulders. It was during the application of cocoa butter scented lotion, applied directly to her penis that Monica got really excited.

"Okay Glory," Tanya said to her fellow maid. "You're going to have to help me out," she continued, as she turned on the baby blue vibrator and held it up for all to see. "I'll continue to condition her sissy stick while you stimulate her love hole. Just juice her up really good with this sterile jelly, then move this in and out, and all around, very gently," Tanya instructed her friend.

Gloria took the vibrator with a pleasant smile, as Tanya added, "Just make believe you're doing it to yourself late at night. Increase and decrease the speed and pressure by listening to our little princess as she emotes," Tanya explained. Finally she looked at the helpless Monica and said, "Relax and enjoy yourself Pollyanna. Get ready to take a trip into sissy outer space.

Monica flinched as Gloria's surgically gloved fingers coated her anus with an abundant amount of jelly. The discomfort was only brief. Soon enough the vibrator was doing it's magic, and Tanya's hands were bringing Monica's penis to a swollen state. The new girl didn't last very long at all.

We she came with a satisfied screech she vibrated and ground her butt into the bed. Tears filled her eyes and she moaned in ecstasy as waves and waves of introspective sissy pleasure enveloped her. She sobbed with happiness as Gloria held her hand and Tanya kissed her eyes and lips. "Rest a while princess then we'll ready you for breakfast," Tanya promised.

Glory went to prepare Miss Camille while Monica took a bath and washed her own hair. Both girls arrived at the breakfast table on the garden patio dressed about the same. Their hair was set with curlers in a vertical pattern, the rollers being covered with pink scarves.

Both were now securely gaffed, and had on white tap pants, matching three inch heels, cream colored brassieres and matching satin bed jackets. Patricia greeted the flushed, relaxed and sated Monica with a kiss and asked, "How are you this morning my angel?"

"Absolutely fabulous, darling," answered the overwhelmed sissy as they kissed each other’s cheeks. After breakfast, Monica found out the reason for the vertical hair setting pattern. Both sissies were dressed in identical blue serge schoolgirl outfits and had their hair done in childish banana curls.

All day long, wherever they went, the two sissies had to hold hands, and occasionally, skip, if told to. They were instructed to talk about girlish things, giggle now and then, and from time to time, kiss each other on the cheek or lips.

Camille seemed to love kissing and did reveal to the surprised Monica that she was mostly attracted to females, but did like sissies, and was mildly infatuated with a young man.

"His name's Duane and you'll meet him next weekend. He works at Melissa's Mirage. You and I will have our hair done there next Saturday. Hopefully he'll do my perm and maybe ask me out. I know what it's like to be with a sissy, having kissed, hugged and been milked by Tanya. Miss Melissa at the salon has also taken me sexually, so I've been with a female. I want to be with a guy before I decide which way to go," The adventurous and candid Camille stated.

Prior to bedtime, still in daytime clothes, the entire household gathered in the game room for the weekend discipline session. Both Gloria and Camille had spankings coming for infractions committed during the week. Tanya would administer Miss Camille's while Madame Valerie would be Gloria's disciplinarian.

Valerie and Patricia decided on the implements and number of strokes. Glory went first. Tanya fastened her hands at the wrists to an overhead lacing bar. She faced a full-length mirror. "Skirts up, panties down, let's begin," announced Ms. Val, as she warmed the sissy with a hairbrush.

To Monica's shock the women moved from the hairbrush administered on the buttocks, to a riding crop directly to the thighs. The shrieking sobbing Gloria begged for mercy and swore to never commit the offense again. Before permitting Tanya to untie her, Ms. Val had the pleading uniformed maid kiss the crop and thank her mistress.

Poor Camille was whimpering and sobbing as Tanya and Gloria escorted her to the punishment platform. By the time Tanya had fastened her to the bar, Camille was pleading, "Be gentle my love," much to the amusement of all except Monica. Soon Camille's screams could be heard throughout the mansion. Much was theatrical, but who could tell?

During these exercises, Monica was seated next to Patricia who squeezed her hand and looked right into Monica's fear filled, wide open eyes. Patricia was smiling! Of course Monica's last memory of the weekend at the mansion was the lovemaking that evening and the following morning. As Patricia dropped Monica off at the Nancy house, she gave her sissy a soulful, good-bye kiss.

She then sped off to the offices of Maison Inc. to prepare for the upcoming week. Much of the planning concerned her new lover.

Chapter Seven: Office Slave

After returning to the Nancy House on Monday morning, all Monica could talk about to Lynn and Sharon the next two days was her dinner, shopping trip and romantic weekend with Patricia. A sissy in love! Lynn and Sharon knew that this love would soon be tested over the next three days at the office.

Though Patricia considered Monica a "keeper", someone she could forge a mistress/sissy relationship with, she still had her obligations to her Sisterhood. Monica had to pay her penance to the ladies she had harassed as an office manager.

Already Patricia had gotten special permission from the Sisterhood national office to personally "slut train" Monica by dildo instead of having her service a man. The ladies at the office would be reasonable but firm. The most serious consequence Monica would suffer would be a spanking over a desk, or a butt reaming, in the break room. Her blanket apology from a platform in this same room would be embarrassing, but much of the rest of the next two or three days would be absolutely humiliating.

As she prepared for Mistress Patricia to pick her up for work Wednesday morning, Monica moved side to side in her full length mirror, posing and hoping to get the right clothes and hair for the demure, good girl look, Ms. Patricia wanted her to achieve. Thursday she would be the "hot girl" on the make. Friday the chic, fashionably attired model type.

Monica was not told of the penance she was about to pay until she was securely inside Patricia's office the first morning. Then she was told what to say and do, and taken to the break room. Dressed in an extremely demure gray poodle skirt, anklet socks, black two inch heeled patent leather Mary Jane shoes, and a heavily ruffled white blouse she was assisted to the platform by Patricia.

Her ash blonde hair was coifed in cute spiral, baby doll curls, topped off with a black bow. After a flamboyant Shirley Temple type curtsey, she folded her hands in front of her, and looking down at her feet she gave her apology to the ladies in the office.

Reactions differed. Some women clapped politely, others laughed hysterically at the "little sissy mummy's girl" appearance of the former office predator. Still others chimed in with derisive catcalls and insults.

In tears Monica promised to pay any consequence needed for the next three days. Sobbing and out of control she was taken to Patricia's office by "Aunt Cynthia" Patricia's private secretary. After she had calmed down, Monica was told to "go see Miss Beth." Beth was a girl that the playboy, now plaything, had harassed.

Beth was head of the secretarial pool. As Monica approached a buzz went through the group of women near Beth. Beth, filing her nails looked up and smiled. Monica curtseyed, saying sweetly, "You wanted to see me Miss Beth?"

Beth answered, "Yes Monica, the last time you were in my office you were a bad girl. I'm going to have to spank you. First get a hairbrush from Miss Carla, then have Miss Anne, pin up your skirt and pull down your panties. Then come over here and get over my knee."

Monica, thoroughly humiliated, did as she was told. Soon the laughing women were treated to the sound of a hairbrush hitting a sissy butt, followed by the prissy yelps, coming from a whining sissy. Once released, the pansy, skirts still pinned up and panties at her knees ran back to Mistress Patricia's office, tears streaming down her face, hands holding her pink and red-stripped butt.

For the rest of the day "Little Monica" got to play beauty parlor sissy. She fixed aunt Cynthia's hair; mummy Patricia's nails, and let Miss Beth, Miss Anne, and Miss Carla fix their pretty little girl's, hair and makeup. Every one agreed that Little Monica was now a good girl.

Thursday a totally "hot chick" with big hair, a leather mini, fishnet hose, silk blouse and five inch spike heels, minced and sashayed around the office taking coffee orders, and offering to do nails for the girls. Soon she was bent over a table in the break room with the door locked.

Monica's hands were tied to the legs of the table; her panties were down around her ankles, her skirt flipped up. Standing poised behind her, dildo strapped on, was Celeste. Awaiting their turns were Brandi and Kathleen. Kathleen used a gloved hand to lather Monica's rectum with KY jelly and the ladies went to work. It wasn't quite ten AM.

Slightly over an hour later a sobbing Monica was crying on the shoulder of Mistress Patricia. "Oh girl! You need a trip to the salon. Look at you! You are a real mess!" the Mistress exclaimed.

Twenty minutes later a really disgusted women named Cassandra, at Salon Ménage, took one look at Monica, and hand on hip, shook her head and said to Patricia, "She's an absolute disaster! It would take me all day to make her even a semblance of a lady!"

"Then take all day," said Patricia. "Among other things I'm grooming her as my receptionist. I'll pick her up at five." "You had better make that eight," said Cassandra, as Patricia left with a wave of her hand signifying that eight would be perfect. "Come along Princess Nor. First we'll scrub that paste off of your face, they we'll dip you in the shampoo sink to remove the glue from your hair," Cassandra said facetiously.

Monica got the works; cut, coloring, style, facial, massage, nails, makeover, even a new outfit from the boutique next door. The girl who left the salon with Patricia was still slightly self-conscious, but the picture of stylish chic. Her hair was done in a blunt cut, with daring little bangs. Gone were the frosted locks, replaced by an off black shade.

Brilliant red lipstick, narrow penciled in brows, tiny hoop earrings and a form fitting hobble skirt and sweater blouse, added to the look of daring ultra chic. The hair was short. Much shorter then before, hardly chin length, curling at her tiny ears. The true test of a transformation! Could a sissy look like a woman, if the sissy had short hair?

This one could! The hair, the skirt, the 4 inch spikes all emphasized this sissy's svelte, slim figure and neck. The pert breasts, the doe like eyes saying, "Mistress, do I look all right? Is this what pleases you?" Monica was an absolute head turner. Patricia was pleased and proud! No ride home for these two. Patricia took a hotel room and ravaged her heavily perfumed plaything until the wee hours of the morning.

At the office the next day the new receptionist, Monica Groves was introduced and welcomed. She had passed her test. In addition she had admitted to Patricia, "I feel so safe and secure when we are together. I love being held in your arms. I can't turn back now, I must move forward. I want to be your slave girl; I want you to enjoy me when you take me. You make me feel pretty all over when you look at me. If you want, I'll become a women for you," the sissy said as she kissed Patricia's neck and clung to her.

"For now, you are enough of a women for me Monica. Come. Let's shower together my pet. We'll leave work early and I'll keep you prisoner for the weekend," Patricia ordered.

"Don't we need to get some things for me at the Nancy House," the sissy asked and then gasped, realizing she had corrected her mistress.

"No we won't.  First off, who said you would be wearing clothing this weekend? Secondly I purchased six lovely outfits for you last Saturday. Lastly, you have just earned a discipline session. The choice of location is yours, here, at the office or at the mansion?" Patricia asked casually.

"At the mansion, Mistress," replied the slave girl.

Chapter Eight: The Last Weekend

If Monica felt that the last three days at the office had been exciting, she was in for a real surprise during the upcoming extended weekend. First her disciplinary session was to take place before bedtime. It was customary at the Lawrence household for all sissies, maids and sissy guests included, to be disciplined before bedtime on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening.

The day was not important. What was important was the convenience of both mistresses, Patricia and Valerie. This week it would be Friday as the three days following were to be extremely busy. At mealtime Monica wore the pink Chanel Suit she had worn to work that day.

Patricia had made her keep some things at the office. Friday morning just after the pair arrived, Patricia had made her new girl change. A very happy Camille wore a similar suit in navy blue. Her light blond, shoulder length hair had been done up in a high fashion upsweep, clipped together in back. All the members of the household made a big to do over Monica's new look especially her chic new hairdo.

 After dinner Valerie mentioned she had no punishments for the girls. Did Patricia have any complaints? "Yes I do. Why don't we assemble in the game room in forty-five minutes? Monica needs a touch of the paddle," replied Patricia. After all were assembled in the game room, Patricia immediately dismissed the two relieved maids and a nearly fainting Camille.

"The three of you may sit off to the side while we discuss Monica's punishment. Aunt Val, Cinderella here was warned never to speak out of turn, correct me, or question my decisions. Yet, today she decided to break those rules," Patricia said slowly. "Is that true Monica? Were you an uppity little bitch today?" asked Valerie.

"Yes ma'am I was rude. I deserve to be punished," said the trembling and sobbing sissy.

"I think you should decide her fate my dear niece. She's your paramour," said aunt Val.

Patricia motioned for Tanya and Gloria to come to her and whispered her instructions. They took the sobbing Monica by each arm and escorted her to the platform and lacing bar. They removed her jacket and blouse, and used a ribbon to attach her uplifted skirts to her bra.

Then they moved her panties to her knees. Patricia whisked Monica's monogrammed paddle through the air and it landed with a loud crack on her naked rear, eliciting a scream. The paddle had holes drilled in it to give it some extra pop. A dozen more fell in rapid succession as the humiliated transvestite begged forgiveness. Patricia granted it and walked to her aunt whispering something to her.

Valerie nodded her agreement. Monica was released and a milking pinny and bracelet were put on her. She was told to milk herself for everyone's amusement as Tanya and Gloria served refreshments and the ladies listened to Madonna sing a series of tunes in the background.

She exploded in ecstasy, using baby oil as a lubricant during the encore playing of "Material Girl." Throughout, the other three sissies had danced, exhorting her to flow with the music. When she did come she was swaying and swinging her hips sexily.

Thoroughly spent, she was dressed in a baby frock and sent to bed with a teddy bear for a companion.

The following day both sissies were taken to Melissa's Mirage. They were dressed in adorable sissy party frocks, Monica's a soft mint green and Camille's a sunburst yellow. Matching ribbons in their hair, dainty four inch, pencil thin heels, and lovely drawstring purses completed their ensembles.

Camille was quite upset when Melissa chose to be her stylist and Duane took Monica to his station. Patricia left as soon as the girls were dropped off. Whining all the way to a private styling room, Camille was stunned when Melissa shut the door, grabbed Camille's wrists and firmly sat her down in a styling chair.

"Listen to me you spoiled little brat! If you think I'm going to stand by passively while you throw yourself away on Duane you are wrong! He preys on pantywaists like you and dumps them. I adore sissies but I won't have anything to do with one who has been with a man. I know you and Tanya play but that's innocent and safe. Duane means business. Do you understand me?" Melissa asked as Camille broke up crying.

"I'm sorry Miss Melissa! I just had no idea," said the contrite sissy girl as the couple hugged. After a period of drying tears and kissing, Melissa got down to the business of giving Camille a perm. Meanwhile flirtatious Duane was getting nowhere with Monica as her set her short hair in wave rods, as she was getting a wet, "perm look" styling, with setting jell instead of perm solution.

As Melissa shampooed her sissy girl she thought of a nice way to cement their relationship. Monica quickly let Duane know that she belonged to her mistress, body and soul.

Melissa chatted with her girlfriend and relaxed her. She massaged her shoulders after shampooing her hair and really fussed over her while putting light champagne tints in her blonde tresses. The cut she gave her left most of her shoulder length and only removed the split ends. She chastised her over that, and assured her more frequent trips to the salon would be forthcoming.

She then began a really sensuous wrapping of her perm. Every time the stylist fastened a colorful wave rod and paper in place she would coo to her charge and give her a little peck on the cheek or a smooch on the lips. "You 're going to be such a pretty little girl when I'm done, Baby Camille. Mommy 's pretty little baby girl with curled hair!" said the sexy hairdresser.

"You are going to smell so sweet and be such a cute sissy girl, for Mommy Melissa," Melissa continued. Once the perm was wrapped and the cotton paced tightly around the rods, Melissa began to apply the smelly Apple Pectin solution. "I know sissies who really grew to love the scent of this stuff on their hair after a shower. Most really love the aroma on their lover's hair in bed. They find it erotic, sugar," Melissa explained.

She placed a plastic cap on Camille's head then placed her under a dryer. Instead of the usual lady's magazine she gave the pantywaist several domme/sissy publications to choose from. "Don't play with yourself baby, Mommy will take care of this before you go," said the dominant woman, as she reached under the girls frock to fondle her gaffed penis.

As the dryer whirred the sissy became aroused looking at the magazines. Especially stimulating were the pictures of sissies in lingerie, heels, makeup and curlers, being dominated sexually by female superiors.

When Melissa came to rinse out the solution and put in the neutralizer, Camille was really excited. Waiting for the smelly neutralizer to take she continued to read the sissy/domme porn. Her surprise came after Melissa had rinsed her again, took out the wave rods and conditioned her premed hair.

First Monica had Camille remove her pretty frock. Then she said, "Come out over to the styling chair love and let me give you your pre styling," said the sneaky Melissa as Camille climbed into the chair.

"Pre styling?" asked the sissy as Melissa began to tie the pansy's wrists and ankles to the chair with scarves.

"Yes dear, pre styling," answered Monica as she let the chair fall back until Camille was horizontal. "I'm going to screw you to the floor baby," she said as she began to kiss the sissy and manipulate his organ. "Touch Mommy's pussy sweetheart, come on," said Melissa, moving close enough so the bound sissy could use her fingers.

When the sissy got hard the mistress mounted her and began to screw her. Camille had never been so high, in or out of a salon. When she came Melissa had to cover the wenches mouth to keep from disturbing other customers.

Both Camille's and Monica's hair turned out great. Camille's shoulder length, champagne and light blond, streaked hair was done in babyish spiral curls. Monica's short off black locks were in tight, little girl, perm style ringlets. Both sissies were taken to the display window and seated in it, to wait for Patricia.

"I want you girls to primp, preen and play with makeup sweethearts. Put on a real show for the customers in the mall darlings. I want them to see how pretty they could look. Do really girlie things," said Melissa as she drew the curtain so all could see the girls.

Indeed the exhibitionist sissies made true spectacles of themselves, acting more feminine then any girl would dream of. Of course they couldn't see the sign at the top of the display window, facing the mall that said, "Monica and Camille, SASH Sissies of the Week! If the ladies of Melissa's Mirage can do this, imagine how good we can make a real female look!"

"I've got a surprise for you girls for tomorrow," Patricia said on the drive home. "You get to dress as maids and help Tanya and Gloria clean all day." Indeed after some brief lovemaking that evening, Patricia sent her slave to her own room with instructions to set and cap her hair and wait with Camille in the anteroom in the morning.

"Tanya will come for you," Patricia added. Tanya did come and put the girls to work after making sure they were dressed, coifed and made up properly. Both Aunt Val and Patricia were quite impressed with Monica. "I think I've seen enough Aunt Val," Patricia said as she went to the phone.

Monica was dusting in the sunroom when Lynn and Sharon pulled up. They got out of their car and Camille took some packages from their trunk. Shortly after Monica was called to the home office. She knocked, was told to enter, and as she did she curtsied, surprised to see her two mentors from the Nancy House.

"Monica, sit primly over there on the love seat. I have something to tell you," Patricia began. "I've decided to have you move in here permanently, or at least until your six months training are up. That's just about four months from now. These ladies are here to drop your things off and thank you for being such a lovely girl for them."

Spontaneously, Lynn, Monica, and Sharon got up and hugged each other. They chatted for a while, then the two lesbians excused themselves leaving Monica and her mistress alone. "Do you have any questions Monica?" Patricia asked.

"Yes ma'am. You said I could stay here until my rehab was up. Where will I go then?" The sissy inquired.

"Where do you want to go, Monica?" the Mistress smiled.

"Can't I stay her ma'am?" the sissy pleaded.

"Yes you can dear, as long as you're a good girl. Now why don't you take a short break and go dust my bedroom. I'll be by to inspect your work in a half hour. Remain there for inspection after you've finished dusting," the mistress said with a smile.

Monica scurried of to do her new mentor's bidding.

Chapter Nine: At the Mansion; Two Years Hence:

The wedding was beautiful. Camille had made such a lovely bride slave. Her mistress, Melissa had lifted her into the horse drawn carriage and they had rode to the mansion gate amid the guest's sparklers.

Patricia had been proud of Monica in her pink party frock, the uniform of any sissy of honor at such a wedding. All the rest of the bridesmaids had similar frocks in baby blue. Camille's bridal gown had actually been designed as a white satin baby dress, nearly the same design that Monica had worn eighteen months ago when she and Patricia had married.

The wedding long over, the cleanup done, the rest of the residents at the Lawrence mansion were in their rooms. Or were they? Yes, Patricia and her slave were, but what about the maids? "Come along girls," said Madame Val, "Down to my room for some fun."

She held them both by one hand and led them through her bedroom door. The fact that she had put them both in milking pinafores told them something. Fastening them to a long lacing bar she began to hook them up to some apparatus.

"This is a milking machine loves. Got it in the mail from England. Melissa said it works well. Her friends threw a party for her before the wedding and they hooked a male stripper up to it," the Matriarch of the mansion said.

She turned it on and watched with amusement the surprised looks on the faces of her maids. Tanya minded little. With Camille gone she was going to need someone to provide excitement. If she didn't find enough here, she could always go to work for Dr. Chang, or help out at the Nancy House. For the time being Mistress Val was doing very well. Wasn't she?


Bye for now Darlings, Hope you enjoyed, Priss.


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