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Sissy Girl Stories


The Party


by Miss Donna


It was Friday night and I was just coming in the door from work when I heard the phone ringing.  My sister, whom I’d been playing phone tag with over the last few days was expected to call, and raced to answer it.

“Hello,” I said a little breathlessly from running up the steps.

“Hello, Donna.” came the voice on the other end and my heart skipped a beat.  Soul bliss, were the words that popped into my head instantaneously.  Ever play those little word games in your head?  You know, the first words that pop into your head in any given situation, without any effort.  It was my Mistress.   My body tensed.   I’d had the privilege of serving Mistress Michelle for several months now and often received phone calls from Her to instruct me on a job She wanted me to perform for Her. I still always got excited at the mere sound of Her voice on the phone whenever She called.

“How are you, my pet?” She asked.  “Ff...f..fine Mistress,” I stammered.

“Good.  I want you here tomorrow morning at eight o’clock.” She continued. “The party is next Saturday and I still have a lot of shopping to do in order to prepare, and you will accompany me tomorrow. We’ve got a lot to do, so don’t be late!”

I loved the opportunities to go shopping with Mistress Michelle. They could be very humiliating experiences and were always an adventure. Mistress loves to show off Her superiority in public. But no matter what She did to me, and how many looks of scorn all the men gave me, I knew that every one of them would give anything to be in my shoes and be in the company of Mistress Michelle.

“Are we going any place special?” I asked. “Do I need to dress up a little or should I dress casual?”

There was a slight pause on the other end. “Let me think.” said Mistress. “Hmmmm.......oh, I have just the thing!!!” She exclaimed.  “First, I want you to put on some sun tan colored pantyhose. After that, your leopard print bra and bikini panties would look nice. Put in your small breast forms, and then the white shorts and beige blouse I bought you.   And wear your white sandals.”

I knew tomorrow would be very interesting. First of all, it was just spring and my tan, let’s just say, left little to be desired. The contrast between my white skin and the sun tan color of the pantyhose would be pretty obvious. Secondly, the shorts and blouse Mistress wanted me to wear were extremely sheer. The leopard print of the bra and panties would show through very clearly. Last of all, the sandals had about a two-inch heel, so needless to say, I would definitely be getting some attention tomorrow.

“But the shorts don’t have any pockets, Mistress.”   I said, and immediately regretted it.

“Don’t be stupid, Donna.” replied Mistress Michelle a little testily. “I guess that means you have to bring a purse. While you’re at it, bring some of your slutty clothes for later tomorrow night. I’m having a few people over and you can serve us. I think I’ll have you stay the night and Sunday morning we can go to the tanning salon. Bring some casual clothes for Sunday along with your bikini. I want to get you some nice tan lines for the party.”

“Do you have any other instructions for me, Mistress?” I asked.

“No, that’s all I can think of at the moment.” She answered. “If I think of anything else I’ll call you. Just don’t be late.”

I was already excited over the prospect of tomorrow’s trip. I knew it was going to be totally embarrassing for me but I always get a thrill out of shocking people and it’s always an honor for me to be seen with Mistress Michelle. Tomorrow, I would get to do both.  I knew though that I would not get much sleep tonight.

I decided to get most of my things ready tonight, since Saturday morning would be an early start. I had to force myself to eat a quick dinner.  I’d heard of self-bondage before and chuckled to myself wondering if it made me a self-sadist forcing myself to eat.  Focus Donna, focus and stop all the mind chatter.  I had to focus on getting things ready so I didn’t disappoint my Mistress.  I pulled out all the clothes I would need and made sure everything was ironed. I packed everything but tomorrow’s outfit in my suitcase and put it in my car. I then decided to take a bath so that I could shave my body of all my hair. After shaving and putting lotion on, I decided to relax for a little while until it was time to go to bed.  What little sleep I was lucky enough to get was filled of my teenage years with all the little girls in school capturing me during recess, enslaving me by sitting on my body and ripping off my clothes, leaving me laying there in the middle of the school field after they had laughed and giggled at my little cock......which was always erect during these “attacks,” I might add.  I’ll bet Freud would have had a field day with that dream analysis.  It would be so cool if I could do the virtual reality chambers like they do on Star Trek and talk to Freud like Data did in one episode.  Could you imagine!??  Me, all dressed up as a woman, lying on Freud’s couch.  The thought made me explode in laughter.  I always thought Freud was a closet panty sniffer.

Saturday morning I was up by five o’clock. I just couldn’t sleep. I ate a quick breakfast and got in the shower where I went over some of the places I had shaved the night before. I wanted everything perfectly smooth for Mistress Michelle. It was a little after six when I got out of the shower so I decided I might as well get dressed. I got out the pack of pantyhose and put them on. Despite the fact that I have been dressing for years I still get a lot of enjoyment from the feeling I get when I put nylons on my freshly shaved legs. I don’t usually wear pantyhose (I prefer thigh highs or nylons) but they are useful some times.  I was daydreaming while slipping them on and,   “Shit,” I screamed after putting a huge run in my pantyhose.  Thankfully, I had a back-up pair.   Before I put on anything else I dowsed myself with White Diamonds. Next came the leopard bikini set. After I got the bra hooked, I inserted the breast forms. I was glad that Mistress Michelle had allowed me to wear the smaller ones. My other pair is huge and I really would be in trouble!  She always talks about getting me a boob job.  I think I would tip over all the time if she actually gets the 44EEE’s she always threatens me with.  I shivered.

After putting on the shorts and blouse I decided to check out how I looked in the mirror. My worst fears were realized. The shorts and blouse were so sheer, that it was almost like all I was wearing were the bra and panties. You could not miss them. The one consolation I had was that I was to be with Mistress Michelle. I figured most eyes would be on Her so maybe not many people would notice me.  Yeah right, wishful thinking sissy, I thought.   I put on the sandals and since I still had over an hour before I had to leave, decided to relax and watch some cartoons.  What a masochist Wyle E. Coyote was.

At seven thirty, I decided to leave. It is only a fifteen-minute drive but didn’t want to take a chance on being late, so I figured I’d leave a little early. By a quarter to eight, I was pulling into Mistress Michelle’s driveway.

As I was getting out of my car Mistress Michelle came out of Her house. “A little early I see.” She said, almost admonishing me, but I could sense the delight in her eyes. “You must be in a hurry to show off that outfit at the stores, you little exhibitionistic slut. I have a few finishing touches to add, so come in the house for a little bit.”

I followed behind Her as She led me into Her bedroom. I couldn’t believe I was being allowed in there. I’d never had that honor before. “Sit over there.” ordered Mistress Michelle pointing toward Her vanity. I was afraid to think what She had in Her devious mind but I sat down as instructed. “Don’t worry.” she said. “I’m only going to put a little bit of makeup on you. Nothing too obvious.”  She grinned.

Well, She was half right. While she only put a very light blue eye shadow on me along with mascara and a touch of pink lipstick, upon looking in the mirror, I noticed that it was very obvious what I was wearing.

“All right Donna, we have a lot to do today, so grab your purse and let’s get going.”  She snapped a wet towel on my behind and laughed at the huge “crack” noise it made, startling me.   “Com’on chicken shit.”

I grabbed my purse and followed Her out of the house as She led me to Her car. I couldn’t take my eyes off Her as we walked across Her yard. As usual She was stunning. She had on an emerald green halter that was very flattering to Her tan, trim body and long, beautiful brown hair. She also had on a pair of white shorts through which if you looked closely you could see a hint of a matching green thong. It was times like this that I was glad that the proper place for a slave was several steps behind Mistress.

Usually, when we went shopping it was customary for me to drive. As I went to open the passenger door for Her, she informed me that today She would be driving. When I started to go around to the other side to open the driver’s door for Her, she stopped me and told me to get in the passenger seat. “I have one other little surprise for you.” She said. “Put your arms behind your back.”

As I complied, She pulled out a pair of handcuffs, which She proceeded to snap onto my wrists. She ordered me to sit back and she buckled me into the seat. She then pulled out a large dildo from Her purse and proceeded to shove it between my lips.

“There, that should get some attention during the drive.” She laughed. “If it falls out I’m going to have it replaced with the real thing.” Needless to say, I made sure that the dildo remained in place. As Mistress predicted, I did get a lot of stares and laughs on the drive to the store.

After driving for a short distance, my Mistress pulled into a small shopping center. “I just have to go to the hair salon for a second to make an appointment for next week.” She stated. “You might as well wait in the car. I’ll only be a minute.”  The salon was at the end of the shopping center but instead of driving there, Mistress Michelle parked directly in front of the food store in the middle of the shopping center. “I’ll be right back, Donna.” She said. “Don’t go anywhere and don’t try to pick anybody up!  Do you understand?” She asked.  “mnffyth Goothdth.” She giggled and got out of the car, leaving me in the busiest part of the shopping center with a large dildo stuck between my lips. What should I do? If I left the dildo in my mouth, I would surely be spotted. There were dozens of people going in and out of the food store. If I spit it out, I knew Mistress would follow through on Her threat to replace it with the real thing. While I was trying to make my decision, this became a moot point. A group of teenage girls walking by the car noticed me and started laughing and pointing. Soon there seemed to be at least a hundred people in front of the car, although it was probably a dozen at most.

A couple of boys decided to come up to the passenger door for a closer look. “I don’t believe this,” said one. “It looks like the fag likes sucking dicks,” replied the other. “Maybe he’d like to do us.”  Kids were so cruel.  

At this time Mistress Michelle was coming back to the car. “Oh, he’d probably love that.” She laughed as She got in the car. “But I’m in a hurry so we’ll have to give you a rain check.” Turning toward me She said, “I thought I told you not to try to pick up anybody. Obviously you can’t follow instructions. I guess I’ll just have to beat some obedience into you.”

I didn’t know if She was actually angry with me or just playing, but I hoped She would at least wait till we got back to Her house for the punishment. She had once decided to whip me in the middle of a store while shopping and it had been the most humiliating experience of my life.

Our next stop was a butcher shop where Mistress needed to order some different meats for the party. This time, I accompanied Her into the store. When Mistress walked into the store, all heads turned to stare at Her. The men looked at Her in lust. Most of the women looked a bit envious although a few of them were also looking at Her with a little lust in their eyes. Unfortunately, after they were done admiring my Mistress, their eyes fell on me. I could feel their eyes burning a hole in me as we walked up the aisle. The men behind the counter were laughing so hard that it took Mistress Michelle three attempts before they got her order right. She made a show at being angry over the screw-ups, but I could see from the twinkle in Her eyes that She was truly enjoying Herself.

We made several other stops the rest of the morning with similar results. I endured many comments about how sweet I looked and quite a few suggesting that I perform lewd acts. We managed to pick up most of the party supplies we needed.

About one o’clock, Mistress announced that She was hungry and that we should get something for lunch. Since She had a couple of things to get at the mall, we would eat there. Thankfully, our trip through the mall at the food court was uneventful. Although I noticed several people do double takes but I heard very few laughs. I think they were mostly looking at Mistress, not interested in me.

I did get a few giggles from the girls at the food counter, but once we sat down, my outfit wasn’t that noticeable, so lunch wasn’t that eventful. I was worried being in this mall though, since I knew my boss at work shopped here on occasion. That would be all I needed if he happened to see me dressed like this.  Would he recognize me, I wondered to myself.

We finished lunch and started strolling through the mall when Mistress Michelle stopped at an ear-piercing stand and announced,  “I have a little surprise for you, Donna. I’ve decided it’s time for you to get your ears pierced. It’s too hard to find slutty clip-on earrings, so you’re just going to have to get them pierced.”

I had discussed this with Mistress several times in the past and explained how it was hard for me to go to work wearing earrings, which I would have to, since it takes so long for the holes to heal enough to remove the earrings. I thought I had convinced Her not to make me get this done. I guess I was wrong. I knew there was no point in arguing. Mistress Michelle had obviously made up Her mind on the subject, and it was highly unlikely that She would change it. Besides, arguing would only piss Her off and I was afraid of what might happen to me in that case. I figured I would just have to make the best of it at work.

Despite the fact that I hate needles, getting my ears pierced was actually quite painless. The lady performing the operation did make a few comments on how cute my leopard bra was. I also caught her at one point with her hand on my breast. I’m not sure whether it was an accident or she was just trying to determine whether they were real. I noticed Mistress Michelle shaking Her head and giggling so I knew She had noticed also. So I got my ears pierced and we purchased a pair of long, dangling earrings, which I was told to put on, and started through the mall again.

While the trip in had been routine, the rest of the time we spent in the mall was anything but. I guess the added touch of long dangling earrings made me a little bit too obvious. I think every person we passed turned to stare, as well as make comments on my appearance. None of them was complimentary. Luckily, we only had one stop left. Mistress Michelle said She needed to go into the pharmacy and get some hair coloring. I thought that was very odd since I wasn’t aware that She dyed Her hair.

Once out of the store, we quickly exited the mall. I was relieved when She announced, “Well, that’s about all we can get for today. We’ll get the rest later in the week, as the party gets closer.”  We had an uneventful walk to Her car and started home.

At least I thought we were going home, until we passed the turn to get to Mistress’s house. I turned to look at Her and started to ask Her about it, when she laughed and said, “We just have one other little thing to do before we go home.”

We drove a little further until Mistress made a sharp right into a little strip mall and parked in front of a tattoo parlor. When I looked at Her questioningly, She smiled and said,  ” Well Donna, you’ve always told me you would like to have a tattoo. You always seem to be afraid to actually get it, so I’ve made the decision for you. Today is your lucky day, sugarplum.”

I had often talked about getting a tattoo. I wanted to get something very feminine on my ass but could never decide what design I wanted. That, and the fact that I HATE needles had always kept me from getting one. Now it looked like I had no choice.

We entered the studio and the lady behind the counter greeted my Mistress like they were long, lost friends. “Donna, this is Dianna.” Said Mistress Michelle, introducing me to the Lady behind the counter. “But you will address Her as Mistress Dianna. She will be doing your tattoo. She does excellent work, so you needn’t worry about anything.” It always seems that when someone tells me not to worry is the time I should worry the most.  But, before I could shudder in fear, the absolute beauty of Mistress Dianna who would be poking me with needles, made all my fears go away and it didn’t matter anymore.  She was breathtaking.  Needles? What needles........<sigh>

Turning to Mistress Dianna, my Mistress inquired as to whether She had come up with any drawings for the tattoo they had discussed. “I’ve got a couple of them.” replied Mistress Dianna. “Let me show them to you and then pick out the one you like the best.” Leaving me at the counter, they went into another room to check out the drawings. I heard Mistress Michelle scream “YES” and I knew She had made Her choice. Mistress Dianna came out front and ordered me to follow Her into the back where the work would be done.  I quickly followed Mistress Dianna to the back of the parlor.

“Are you ready, Donna?”  Queried Mistress Michelle.

“I’m not sure, Mistress.” I replied. “I’m pretty scared right now.” I think She knew that already, since I was shaking like a leaf.

“Well I don’t think Dianna can do the tattoo through your clothes.” chided Mistress Michelle. “So I think you have to remove something.”

Reluctantly, I started to pull down my pants when Mistress Dianna shouted, “What ARE you doing, you pervert!??!!   Who told you to take your pants off?”

“But I thought I was getting a tattoo on my ass.” I whimpered.

“No, Donna.” admonished Mistress Michelle. “I’ve decided that I want it on your shoulder where I can see it easier.”

My mind was racing now. If I got a tattoo on my shoulder, everyone would see it. Maybe Mistress Michelle decided on something that was not so feminine, I hoped. Then I thought about Her excited yell when She saw the drawings, and knew that wasn’t going to happen. “What design are You going to have Mistress Dianna draw, Mistress?” I inquired nervously.

“That is a secret, Donna. And I don’t want you to even look at it till the party next week.” Responded Mistress.  “Now take off that blouse before I get really mad, and stop embarrassing me in front of my Sister!!”

I took off my blouse and was standing there in my bra. “And the bra, too.” Said Mistress Michelle shaking her head. “You must have taken your stupid pills today, or did you overdose earlier in life?”

I wasn’t thinking and when I unsnapped the bra my breast forms fell out.  “It looks like Donna lost her tits.” Laughed Mistress Dianna.

“She does that a lot.” Mistress Michelle chuckled.    “I think I might crazy glue them on so she doesn’t have that problem.”

I was ordered to lie on the table, and Mistress Dianna started to work. It was extremely painful at first, but I guess I got used to it after a while. The whole process took several hours. As Mistress Dianna worked, Mistress Michelle was excitedly voicing Her approval. When it was finally over, Mistress Michelle said, “Dianna, I think you out-did yourself this time!!!  I’m sure Donna will appreciate it too when she sees it next week. “ For some reason I wasn’t so sure.

We finished our business and headed home. The entire drive, Mistress kept telling me how wonderful the tattoo was and how much I was going to love it, and I should be thankful that She took me to Mistress Dianna’s to have it done.  She reminded me she could have taken me to where all the drunken sailors go at 3 in the morning to get thick, fat single needle tatts that look like big, blue blobs all blurred together.   I was lucky she took me to such a perfectionist like Mistress Dianna that used a tight three needle, so even when I’m old and sagging, the tattoo will still look excellent. She also made clear to me the consequences of my looking at it before the party; they wouldn’t be fun and I decided it was best to obey Her orders.  Like I had a choice.

Ted had flown in for the party and when we reached Mistress Michelle’s house, he had dinner ready. What a dear. Although my ordeal had made me lose my appetite, everything looked so delicious that I just had to have some. Ted had fixed one of his famous Hawaiian vegetable dishes and had grilled some chicken breasts. It was wonderful.

After dinner I helped Ted clean up. Then, we were instructed by Mistress Michelle to clean up and get ready to entertain Her guests.

Ted went to one of the spare bedrooms to change while I went to another. I took a quick shower and began to apply my makeup. It was all I could do not to take a look at my tattoo. I knew the consequences if I did, however, so I managed not to give in to the temptation. I continued putting on my makeup making sure it was a little extra slutty. I put on an especially heavy coat of red lipstick.

I then proceeded to get dressed. I started with a pair of red lace thongs. Next came a pair of fishnet thigh high stockings. To complete my undergarments, was a black strapless bra, which I filled with my c - cup, silicone and very life-like breast forms. I had selected the black PVC skirt, which Mistress Michelle had given to me for Christmas, a red PVC halter-top, and a black PVC jacket. To top it off, I donned my strawberry blonde wig.

I checked my reflection in the mirror and decided that I had done a good job with the slutty make up application. I then went to the living room to look for my Mistress and Ted, and was surprised to find Mistress Delia and Greg had also arrived in my absence.

 Everyone looked up as I entered the room. “You really do look like a tramp tonight, Donna.” laughed Mistress Michelle. “Maybe we should take you out on the street tonight to make us some money. You’d probably like that.  Wouldn’t you?”

I had to agree that this had been one of my long-time fantasies. “I’ve thought a lot about doing that, Mistress. But I’ve always been afraid that I would be arrested.”

Mistress Michelle definitely had a laugh at that. “You afraid of getting arrested, Donna? As big a slut as you are, I would think you would be in seventh heaven. Just think of all those captive cocks you could suck. Of course it would probably be a month before you could walk right again OR sit down.”

“Well, I for one think it’s time for the slut to entertain us.” Giggled Mistress Delia. “I haven’t seen a good cocksucking scene in a while. It’s too bad we only have two cocks for Donna to suck. Maybe we should call a few more slaves over. “

“That would be nice,” replied Mistress Michelle, “but I have some plans for Greg a little later, so Donna will have to be content with just two dumbsticks tonight. We’ll make up for it next week though.”

I wasn’t sure what Mistress Michelle meant by that statement, but I had a feeling that I might be busy next week at the party.

“I guess we shouldn’t wear the slut out too soon.” said Mistress Delia. “Besides, I think I would like to break Ted in a little bit tonight, if that’s all right with you.  I can’t believe that another Mistress hasn’t taken someone this cute yet. I have some interesting ideas for him.”

“Just be gentle with him.” laughed Mistress Michelle. “I have plans for him myself, so don’t go breaking him the first night.  But right now I think it’s time for Donna to entertain us all a little bit. Donna, get on your knees in front of Greg. I want you to take the edge off of him for me.”

I knelt down in front of Greg and at Mistress Michelle’s instruction, unbuttoned his pants. When his cock sprung out, this Louisville slugger almost hit me in the head and knocked me out.  His cock was gorgeous and huge. I was getting excited and worried at the same time while looking at it. All I wanted to do was to make love to it with my mouth, but I was afraid it might be too big to fit.  I knew I had a huge mouth, but this was intimidating.  I hoped Mistress Michelle never wanted to see Greg fuck me. I knew he’d split me in two.

Without any further urging, I started kissing Greg’s cock all over, starting at that marvelous head.  I worked my way kissing and licking the entire length of his cock and balls. When I again reached the head of the cock, I slipped my lips over it and started sucking. I was determined to see exactly how far down his cock I could put a red ring from my lipstick. His cock was so big, that I could only get about two thirds of it into my mouth.

It didn’t take too long till Greg was as hard as a rock. I knew he was excited as he was starting to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. He continued fucking my mouth for about fifteen minutes. All the while his balls were slapping against my chin with a resounding thud. At Mistress Michelle’s command he exploded a torrent of cum into my mouth and down my throat. He really is well trained, I thought.

When I was done milking the last of his cum from his cock, my jaws were aching due to the enormity of his cock. My lipstick was smeared around my mouth and I had sperm running down my chin, but I was in heaven. I definitely hoped I would get another shot at Greg.

After freshening up my lipstick, it was Ted’s turn. I was a little worried about doing Ted. We had talked about this in the chat room several times and I had the impression that this was not Ted’s cup of tea. Once I pulled down his pants though, I had no further worries. Ted was all ready hard as a rock and oozing a little pre cum. I immediately took care of that problem.

While Ted did not compare with Greg, he still had a nice sized and attractive cock.  I knew I was going to have fun with it, and I did.

Just as I was getting ready to start on Ted, I felt someone behind me. When I turned around, I noticed Mistress Delia with Her strap-on and a bottle of lubricant in hand. She put a liberal amount on both the dildo and my asshole and started to mount me. As I felt Her slide in, She instructed me to start on Ted. I was delirious. What could be better? I was being fucked by a beautiful Mistress and sucking a cock at the same time.

I think the sight of Mistress Delia fucking me, further excited Ted. It didn’t take long before he was shooting in my mouth. He may not have been as large as Greg, but he must have had twice as much cum stored in him, and I drained every last drop from him. Meanwhile Mistress Delia continued to pound away at my butt for at least another ten minutes until I heard Her moan and She collapsed on my back.

After everyone had relaxed for a few minutes, Mistress Michelle disappeared with Greg into Her bedroom and Mistress Delia took Ted into the dungeon. I went to bed to try to get some rest; it had been a long day although it was very difficult to get to sleep. First of all, I was still very excited and was replaying the events of the day over and over in my mind. Then there were the screams coming from the dungeon. I guess Ted was having a very good time.

I got very little sleep thinking about all of the events that had taken place that day. About five o’clock I decided to get up and prepare a nice breakfast for Mistress Michelle and Mistress Delia. When I went in the kitchen, Ted was already up and had beaten me to it. He was moving very slowly, so I knew that he and Mistress Delia must have been doing some heavy duty playing.  But that had not prevented him from cooking up a fabulous meal.  Ted had cooked up some of his famous waffles as well as some sausage and eggs and a fruit salad.

Just then, my Mistress and Mistress Delia came into the room.  “Something smells delicious,” they both exclaimed in unison. They seated themselves at the table and Ted and I served them breakfast.  After we had served their meals, they graciously allowed us to sit down and have something to eat ourselves. Although I was very hungry, I was also very much on edge thinking about the events of the day before and anticipating what would happen today; so I ended up picking at my food and eating very little.  For the most part, Mistress Michelle and Mistress Delia were engrossed in a private conversation during the meal, and every so often, they would tease us about the previous day’s events. Mistress Michelle seemed to get a lot of enjoyment teasing me about my new tattoo and I was getting pretty curious about it, but knew enough to follow orders and not look at it until the party.

After we had all finished eating, Ted and I cleaned up while Mistress Michelle and Mistress Delia went to bathe and get ready for the day. I was ordered to make sure my body was shaved smooth and to put my pink bikini on upon which, report back to Mistress Michelle’s room.

Back in my room, I proceeded to do as ordered. I took a shower and made sure everything was shaved as smooth as possible, and then rubbed a scented moisturizing lotion all over.  When finished, I put on the hot pink bikini my Mistress had purchased for me several weeks before, filling the cups with my smaller breast forms. I had not been told to do this, but hoped it would please Mistress. All done, I made my way down the hallway to Mistress Michelle’s room to find out what else was in store for me today.

Mistress Michelle seemed pleased when I entered her room.  “I see you decided to be a little titted slut today,” she laughed. “I was going to tell you to wear those, but forgot, and since you decided on your own to wear them, think I need to teach you a lesson. Go back to your room and put in the c cup breast forms and then report back here.”

I went back to my room and did as I was told. I was very upset, as I hated to disappoint the Mistress. When was I ever going to learn that I was not capable of making decisions? I knew that there would be no way I could hide the large breasts and I was going to now suffer greater humiliations. But I also knew that Mistress was correct in punishing me this way. It was the only way I was going to learn.

I was happy to see Mistress Michelle smiling when I returned to her room. I guess she wasn’t too upset. “Very cute,” she laughed. “Maybe we should go to the tanning salon with you dressed like that.” My heart skipped a beat and I know she saw the panic in my eyes. “It would be a fitting punishment for you, slut. But I don’t feel like being too cruel today so I am going to allow you to wear something over your bikini. Put on the clothes that are on the bed.”

I walked over to the bed and looked at what Mistress Michelle had laid out. There was a frilly pink blouse and a pair of white shorts as well as a pair of pink sandals with about a three-inch heel. The shorts and blouse were so sheer, that I knew the bikini would be very obvious underneath. But with the c cup breast forms and the sandals I guess it really did not make a difference.  So I proceeded to get dressed. When I was done, Mistress told me to have a seat at her vanity so she could put some makeup on me. I started to feel a bit better because I felt that Mistress was going to allow me to go out as a female.

I sat down at the vanity and Mistress came and stood before me. “We don’t want to put too much on you.” she said. “After all, we are going to go to the tanning salon so we don’t want a lot of makeup on your face. She put some eyeliner on my eyes as well as some mascara and a tiny bit of pink eye shadow.  She added a touch of bright pink lipstick and told me to get up.  I was a bit surprised and looked at her with an expecting look. “What is the matter, slut?” she asked with an amused look in her eyes.

“Aren’t you going to allow me to wear a wig, Mistress?” I inquired.

“But what fun would that be?” she laughed. “ I have a lot more fun showing you off as the sissy you are. Now get your purse and let’s get going.”

On the way down the hall, Mistress Delia came out of her room, took one look at me and giggled. “My, don’t we look cute.” she snickered. “I’m sure you are going to cause quite a stir at the tanning salon.”

My Mistress laughed heartily and said, “we’re running late Delia, I’ll give you a full report later today!” and with that, we rushed down the stairs and out the door.

Mistress Michelle and I walked out to her car, but today she decided that I was going to do the driving. The salon was only a short drive from her house and was pretty uneventful. I got a couple laughs from some teenage girls in the car next to us at a light, but other than that, nothing happened. When we got to the tanning salon, I was very hesitant to get out of the car. But after Mistress threatened to whip me in the salon in front of everyone if I didn’t get moving and meekly followed her inside.

Luckily for me, it was still a bit early and the salon wasn’t too crowded. But there were about a half dozen ladies there and it did not take long for me to get noticed. The lady who ran the salon obviously knew about our visit beforehand and was trying to be professional about things. Finally she could not suppress a laugh any longer as her eyes rolled up in her head in amusement. A lady she was talking to noticed and turned to see what was so funny. When she took a look at how I was dressed, she also burst out laughing. This caused all the other patrons to look to see what the commotion was all about. I was quickly surrounded by a group of laughing women. The manager must have known Mistress Michelle, for she said, “Michelle, you have really out-done yourself this time. I’ve never seen a man look like such a sissy before. This is hilarious.”

Mistress Michelle responded by saying, “If you saw the cock on this little pansy, you’d understand that he is not much of a man anyway.” This made all the ladies laugh even more and a couple declared that they would like to find out for themselves. Mistress Michelle gladly agreed to let them check things out and ordered me to lower my shorts. I was mortified, but I did as ordered. I was even more embarrassed to notice that my penis, which is small anyway, had shrunk to an even smaller size than usual. It must have been from nerves but none of the ladies present knew this. All they knew is that they were looking at one of the smallest cocks that they had ever seen on a grown male. And they made sure I knew it. I had to stand there and listen to them compare me to a little baby, holding up their pinky fingers comparing the sizes, and belittling me as a man.  When I started to cry it only affirmed what they were saying and made them laugh at and tease me even more.

Finally, Mistress took me out of my misery and we went back to a tanning room. I was ordered to strip down to my bikini and lie on the bed to begin my tanning. It only took a few minutes but when I was done I had a little bit of color to my skin and some obvious tan lines. When we came out, a few of the women who had previously teased me were still there, as well as a few new ones who must have been informed about me and were waiting to see me. I had to endure some new indignities but mercifully Mistress Michelle did not feel like lingering and we left pretty quickly.

Somehow, we managed to get back to her house without attracting any more attention. When we got there, Mistress informed me that there was just one other thing she wanted from me that day, and I was free to go home. She ordered me to remove my clothes and come to the bathroom. I did as commanded and when I entered I saw the hair coloring she had bought the previous day on the sink. “Time for a change in hair color, slut.   All sluts need a change every once in a while.” she said.

I was afraid to ask what color she was going to dye it. I knew there was no arguing with her. I also knew I was going to be the butt of a lot of jokes at work on Monday. Mistress Michelle rubbed the solution into my hair and told me to leave it in for about forty minutes. While I was waiting, she instructed me to help Ted clean the house. When the time was up, I went back and rinsed the dye out of my hair. I almost died when I looked in the mirror and realized my hair was now platinum blonde. Monday really was going to be hell at work.

I hadn’t noticed, but Mistress Michelle was now standing in the doorway giggling. “Now you really do look like a slut,” she laughed. “You’re lucky though. I was going to dye it pink but I decided to be merciful. You should me extremely grateful to me for that.”

I got down on my knees and kissed Mistress Michelle’s feet and thanked her for not doing that to me. I didn’t know if she was serious or not but I sure didn’t want to take any chances. There was always a next time.

I was allowed to go home and since Ted was staying there, didn’t need to come back during the week to help with the preparations for the party. I was told to go back to the tanning salon several times during the week to further my tan in my hot pink bikini and come over the following Friday night after work, so that we could get an early start Saturday morning for the party. I was also reminded not to look at my tattoo during the week.  I put on the clothes that I had worn earlier and drove home. I hoped none of my neighbors were out when I got there.

Needless to say, the following week was one of great anticipation. I could not think of anything else but the party. I was an absolute mess at work and the days seemed to last forever with all the teasing about my new platinum pelt.  I did go to the tanning salon several times as instructed, but had not been instructed to go in my sissy attire, so I dressed in my more androgynous female attire and wore my bikini underneath.  I ran into several of the ladies from our Sunday session during the course of the week and suffered through some mild teasing. But for the most part, everything went smoothly.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Friday night arrived. After work, I rushed home where I proceeded to clean up and shave everything. I grabbed a bite to eat and headed to Mistress Michelle’s house. I had been instructed that my party clothes would be provided and that all I was to bring were some casual femme clothes and some toiletries, so I arrived at her house with a small bag in tow.

Friday night was quiet around the house. It was mostly spent doing some last minute cleaning for the party. Ted had been very busy during the week and the house was already spotless. He had also prepared most of the food for the event, so Saturday would not be too busy during the day. There were also going to be several other slaves owned by Mistress Michelle and Mistress Delia there to help serve, so things were pretty well set. We attended to a few details and went to bed early so we would be well rested. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.  Little did I know how long.

On Saturday morning, I awoke to the smell of another of Ted’s wonderful breakfasts. I’m glad he isn’t around all the time or I’d never keep my girlish figure. We served Mistress Michelle and were allowed to eat, after which, we cleaned up. About mid-morning, Mistress Delia arrived with several slaves to help set up some of the equipment outside. I was assigned the task of taking my Mistress to Her appointment at the hair salon.

Unlike the previous week, I was not made to wear anything that was too outlandish. I wore some feminine shorts and top and a pair of sandals. To anyone who looked closely I would appear as the sissy I am, but I did not stick out enough for most people to notice.

After I drove Mistress to the salon, I was told to come inside with her. I figured this was just as well since it was a lot more comfortable inside and I could read a magazine while Mistress had her hair done.  Once again, I proved that I had no business thinking. Unbeknownst to me, Mistress Michelle had also made several appointments for me. I was to have my hair permed while Mistress was having her hair done. The salon also did nails and I was to have a set of inch and a half nails glued on my fingers. How was I going to go to work after this? I had endured quite a bit of teasing the past week about dying my hair, but I could half explain that since it had been a bit fashionable for men to dye their hair. There were a number of pro ball players who had dyed their hair blonde. But a perm and long nails? For some reason I didn’t think I could come up with an explanation for that. But I was trained too well to disobey my Mistress, so I resigned myself to a rather unpleasant fate come Monday.

I was pretty much in shock at this time, so I don’t remember much of what happened next. All I know is that when we emerged a while later, I was sporting a new perm and long red nails. I was in such a daze that Mistress Michelle decided it was better if she drove back to her house.  If I had been lucid enough, I would have thanked her for such a prudent decision.

Most of the equipment had already been set up outside by the time we got back. Not that I could have helped much with my new nails; it would be a while before I learned to do anything with them.

Mistress told me to go to my room and rest for a while because I was going to have a busy night.  I went to my room but found it very hard to get any rest.  I was too keyed up in anticipation of the evening ahead, and from what had already transpired that morning.

At about four o’clock, Mistress came to my room and informed me that it was time to get ready for the party and was ordered to shower and shave and then put on the clothing I would find on my bed. After I had finished that, I was to report to her room where she would apply my makeup.

I took my shower as ordered, being very careful to shave everything very closely. I did want to please my Mistress. When I got out of the shower, I swiftly applied moisturizer all over my body and went to the bedroom to get dressed. I was dying to see which clothes my Mistress had laid out on the bed.  What I found was a red PVC skirt and halter, along with a red bra and my large breast inserts. I quickly donned these but noticed there weren’t any panties.  Oh well, and thought nothing more of it. I also put on the black patent leather spike heels, which were on the floor, and headed for Mistress Michelle’s room.

When I reached her room, Mistress was waiting for me. “Come in slut.” She laughed. “I have a few things to add to your wardrobe.”   As I walked toward her, I noticed Mistress Michelle holding a tubular chastity device, which she had used on me several times before.  No panties, I should have known, how stupid of me.   “You’re here to provide pleasure tonight, slut, not to receive any yourself.”  With that comment, she lifted my skirt and attached the device to my cock. There was no way I could get an erection much less get any relief now.  Something told me this was going to be a long night.

Next, I was led over to her vanity and ordered to sit down. Mistress then proceeded to apply makeup to my face. I noticed that she was putting it on much heavier than she usually did when I was lucky enough to have her do that for me. When I was allowed to look, I realized why. Mistress had given me the look of a cheap whore. Finishing off the look, Mistress Michelle added a long platinum blonde wig and dangling earrings. I resembled the prostitutes I often saw walking the streets when I went downtown some evenings. I was beginning to get very scared.

I asked Mistress about the lack of panties. “Oh, you won’t be needing them tonight.” She giggled. “With what you are going to be doing, they would just get torn anyway. That reminds me. I think it’s about time for you to see your tattoo. Then you’ll know exactly what your job will be tonight.”

With that statement, my Mistress picked up a small mirror, which she handed me. I was instructed to face away from the mirror on the vanity and to look into the hand held mirror. When I looked into the mirror I could clearly see the tattoo on my right shoulder. What I saw made my heart skip a beat and nearly brought tears to my eyes. There was a bright red pair of lips formed in a perfect “o”. Underneath were the words Mistress Michelle’s sissy cocksucker.  I was in total shock. I had often fantasized about being used in this way but this was permanent. How was I ever going to take off my shirt in front of anyone ever again? How could Mistress do this to me?  I was in tears.

Mistress then informed me that it was time to join the party. She fastened cuffs to both of my wrists, which were then locked behind my back. The Mistress placed a collar around my neck to which a leash was attached. I was then led outside still in a daze over the tattoo, my tears making little lines in my foundation as they dried on my cheeks.

It was still a little before six o’clock and I was surprised that there were already so many people there. There were probably at least thirty people in attendance. I was aware that over a hundred people had been invited so I knew there would be many more before long. There seemed to be about a fifty-fifty mix of women and men. Mostly, they were Mistresses and male slaves, although there were a couple male doms with their slaves. There were also about a half dozen sissy maids to serve everyone.

Mistress Michelle led me up onto a stage in the middle of the party area and told me to kneel on an odd looking bench which was located in the middle of the stage. I had never seen a bench that looked anything like this one before. But once I knelt down on it, I understood its purpose. It forced my legs apart and at the same time, raised my ass into a very inviting position. At the other end, my head was supported facing straight ahead at approximately crotch level. In this position, I could be used to service anyone in several different ways. Around the bench were several tables with a variety of whips, paddles, nipple clamps, funnels, and a few things I had no idea of their purpose. There was also a large jar marked “tips” and I could see a sign stating that I could be used by anyone for their pleasure. There was a price though according to the sign, at least for men. For men there were several prices.

To cum in my face would cost $1.00.

In my mouth would cost $2.00.

And in my ass would cost $5.00.

Ladies could use me for free.

Mistress Michelle decided to start things off. She lifted up her skirt to reveal an eight inch black dildo. “You are going to be well used tonight, my little slut.” She snickered. “I’d be surprised if you can walk after you are through.” With that Mistress put some lube in my ass and started to insert her cock. She was merciful at first, inserting it a little at a time. Once it was all the way in however, things changed. Mistress started to fuck me as hard as she could.   At first, the pain was intense but after I had relaxed some, I started to enjoy it immensely. I was starting to become very excited but the chastity devise deprived me of any pleasure.

After Mistress Michelle had been fucking me for about ten minutes, a Mistress from the crowd approached with her male slave in tow. She ordered him to remove his pants and he quickly obeyed, revealing a cock that was about five inches long, but was still soft. I was afraid to think about how large it would get when erect. I didn’t have to worry for long though, as she ordered him to insert it in my mouth and eagerly I accepted his cock into my mouth.  Since my hands were cuffed behind me, I didn’t have much control over the blowjob I was about to give. About all I could do was allow him to fuck my mouth and try to excite him some with my tongue.  At the time, I thought I was in heaven. Here I was, getting fucked in the ass by my most Beautiful Mistress and giving a blowjob at the same time.  Before the night was out though, I felt like I was in hell.

After approximately another ten minutes, Mistress Michelle got tired of tearing apart my ass and pulled her dildo out. Seconds later, the male slave ejaculated in my mouth. After he pulled his cock from my mouth, Mistress walked in front of me and inserted her dildo in my mouth and ordered me to clean it. The thought of licking clean the dildo was very humiliating and a bit sickening. But somehow I managed to get through it.

The slave’s Mistress approached with a bottle of water and asked if I would like something to wash the taste out of my mouth.  Amazed at her generosity, I quickly accepted her offer. I should have known better.  Instead of giving me a drink from the bottle, she picked up a funnel with a rubber hose attached. She inserted the hose in my mouth and squatted over the funnel. Before I knew what was happening, a stream from her golden fountain was running into my mouth. She must have noticed the look of shock on my face because she laughed and said, “I guess that wasn’t what you were expecting, huh? You didn’t actually believe I was going to give you some water, did you?” With that she told her slave to put $2.00 in the jar and they left with her laughing and he following obediently.

It wasn’t long before I was busy again. This time, a male dom came up with his male slave.  The dom told his slave to fuck me in the face while he took me from behind. Before he could begin to fuck me, I had to get him hard with my mouth.  Luckily, he was not too large having only about a five inch cock.  Is it my imagination or do all male doms have little dicks?  I quickly got him hard and he moved to my rear and began to roughly pound away. After experiencing the eight-inch strap-on of my Mistress, this was easy to take. The slave on the other hand was very large and I had to stretch my mouth to get it open large enough to accommodate him. I guess the extra tension made it easier to get him to orgasm. It only took about five minutes before he was ready. When he did cum, he pulled out and shot a tremendous load on my face. His sperm hit me in the forehead and ran down into my eyes and mouth, the salt burning my eyes.  They left after adding $6.00 to the jar, and again, I wasn’t alone for long. The party was filling up rapidly and it was going to be a busy night at “Mistress Michelle’s Sissy Cocksucker Discount Stand.”

Before the night was done, I think just about every male present at the party and a good number of the women had used me in some way. I lost count of the number of times someone came inside or on me. By the time the party was over, I had been used so much that I could barely move my jaws and my ass was completely raw. I had been thoroughly fucked in both orifices. Many of the Mistresses had decided to use me instead of going into the house to use the bathroom. Some used the funnels and peed into my mouth. Others just stood above me and peed on my head.

When I was finally done for the evening, my head was covered with dried sticky cum and pee and I had sperm running out of my ass and down my leg. I was a total disaster. I had lived my fantasy and learned it should have been left as that. Mistress Michelle had two slaves help me up from the bench. I silently thanked my Mistress for that.  I was so sore that I couldn’t stand by myself, so they were forced to almost carry me to the house. Before I was allowed in the house however, I had to be cleaned up, so Mistress had the slaves take a hose and spray me down to wash all the bodily fluids off me. When my exterior was finally cleaned up enough to be brought into the house, I was given an enema to clean out my insides, and then I was put to bed.

I don’t know what time it was when I went to bed, but it was already the middle of the afternoon when I finally woke up. There wasn’t one area on my body that didn’t hurt more than the night before. I could walk, but just barely and managed to slowly make it to the bathroom where I took a long hot shower, which alleviated some of the pain making me feel a little better. I then got dressed and went to the kitchen to see if I could find some leftovers to eat. I was starving but my jaws still hurt too bad to eat anything too hard, so I just had some fruit salad.  I gently opened my lips and allowed the soft fruit to fall into my mouth, hardly giving it a chew before I let it slip down my throat.

About the time I finished eating, my Mistress came in from supervising the clean up. She gave me a hug and told me how proud she was of me, which lifted my spirits tremendously. I fell down to my knees, which was harder than I anticipated, and kissed my Mistress’s glorious feet in profound gratitude for allowing me the privilege of serving Her.  I told her I was the luckiest sissy in the entire universe.  She smiled and told me that I should go home and rest up for work the next day. I thanked her again, then went to get my things together and said goodbye when I was ready to leave.   As I was walking out the door, she laughed and told me to call her the next evening to let her know how work had gone.  How thoughtful and caring, I thought.  She was so concerned about my aches and pains. It wasn’t until I was halfway home, I noticed my long red nails that I had no way of removing before work the next day. I also remembered the jeers I received for my blonde, now newly permed tresses.

It occurred to me that Mistress Michelle was probably just looking forward to hearing about the resulting humiliations I was going to get the next day. How was I going to explain this?  A smile passed my dried, cracked lips...it didn’t matter.  I was the luckiest sissy in the world.


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