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Twins - The Girls

By a Happy Wife

Beth, the husband of the Mistress and Patty are sissies. In the last story they met for the first time. Beth was introduced to Patty and told that the new girl would become her best friend and they would become like sisters (sissy sisters).

Beth and Patty sat side by side at their makeup table; both were naked except for bra, panties and bunny slippers. Their hips and shoulders touched as they applied makeup. Their penises were restrained in the decorative sheaths they both wore. With each stroke of the makeup brushes and each addition of color any semblance of masculinity disappeared from their faces. Each one of them looked at their own disappearing manhood with shame and a deep feeling of humiliation. However both looked at the increasing beauty of the other with longing and lust. Both of them were very fearful and ashamed of their desires and hoped the other had failed to notice. They hadn’t and were both secretly proud of knowing the other was attracted to the false femininity. Their Mistress knew of their crush on each other and enjoyed using it to add a little fun to the growing stack of indignities the poor pair already endured.

Today the girls, as they were now called had assisted each other with showers and body shaving. Both Patty and Beth had suffered the humiliation of giving and receiving close inspection of intimate body areas. They had touched up private areas of each other with a razor to make sure they were free of any manly body hair. They had applied body lotion to each other and checked out each other’s feet for calluses and pump bumps. This closeness and the intimate touching that it produced over their months of working together had turned the girls into best friends and, if allowed freedom most likely reluctant lovers. Both would be loathe to admit that, especially Beth who was married to the Mistress.

Beth had not had sex with the Mistress in over six months, and had not had any sex, even solo sex in over three months. Beth was not happy today because Mark would be coming to the house. Beth hated Mark because of the attention the Mistress gave him. Mark was masculine, tall, well built and often escorted the Mistress to places when she needed a man on her arm. Beth had been humiliated in front of Mark and had had to assist him in his dressing and toilet prior to going on a date with the Mistress. Patty had assisted the Mistress, something Patty loved to do as she often got to see her up close and sometimes even naked although only briefly and discreetly. When Beth saw Mark naked it wasn’t discreetly, he would parade around in front of Beth and Beth couldn’t help but marvel at the size of his genitals. Beth had to kneel in front of him to assist in the dressing process; Beth polished his shoes, tied them and gave each one a light kiss on the toe.

Both girls had been trained to only speak when spoken to but when alone with each other they chatted like schoolgirls. This amused the Mistress she liked to hear them talking about shoes, dresses, the beauty of the Mistress and the size of Mark.  Mark looked virile and he was used for dates with the Mistress and Beth suspected for the Mistresses sexual pleasure. When Beth rebelled over Mark all she received was “don’t worry your pretty little head about things that don’t concern a girl like you”. Beth was furious about that answer. Beth still had delusions of manhood and someday resuming martial relations with this woman she had married.

Patty and Beth had become very intuitive about each other’s feeling and they often talked about the humiliation of sexual rejection. Beth had told patty that when she agreed to the sissification she had no idea that she would not even have some sly masturbation to relieve her frustration. Both Patty and Beth would love to be allowed even an erection an ejaculation would be sheer bliss. Beth knew not to push the Mistress because if punishment resulted both girls would receive it. Just as if praise was given both girls received it. The girls would receive light punishment today because of a mild transgression that Patty had made. The girls would have to wear a humiliation outfit and endure some form of bondage. Patty really didn’t mind too much. The dresses were silly and both girls didn’t like appearing childish and the bondage was painful after a time but they were always tied together and Patty liked the closeness. Beth wasn’t as content about it as Patty but it was bearable and her little penis would try to expand in its feminine little sheath, it was a futile attempt but it felt good. Both girls were very sexually frustrated and anything that offered some stimulation was worth almost any discomfort. Their makeup finished they checked each other for lipstick on teeth, mascara blurred or loose powder anywhere. They hadn’t seen today’s outfit but would soon.

The girls faced each other; their penises were side by side sharing the same sheath. The girls could feel the heat of each other but the sheath was too tight to allow an erection. Both girls wanted to get hard but were relieved by the fact that they couldn’t. Neither wanted the other to know that the attraction existed, but both did know. The Mistress knew also and enjoyed their discomfort and embarrassment over it. In addition to the penis sheath that joined them their testicles were tied with a short leather line. Each wore a white leather collar that was joined with a short silver chain. They wore pink and white corselets, white stockings and pink pumps. Their smooth girlish butts were bare and each had a large flesh colored plug inserted in it. Each girl had inserted the plugs into the other one while the Mistress looked on. Beth burnt with shame as she imagined the object invading her rear end was Patty’s real erect penis. Both girls were careful to be gentle with each other and noted the response and the pleasure expressed. It was after having the plug inserted for a while that they became aware of what an uncomfortable feeling it was to try and move about with this thing in such a private area.

The girls tried to comfort one another but under the watchful eye of the Mistress it was difficult. And could result in a session of teasing comments from her and her soon to arrive friend Mark. Mark was a male submissive but was very masculine and handsome. The Mistress dated Mark from time to time when she needed a real man around. Beth and Patty knew that Mark would find their costume and bound together position funny. Both girls knew he would spare them no discomfort as he watched them move about in their dancers bondage. Mark was very attracted to the girls but knew better than to let it show. Mark didn’t mind serving as an escort and did as he was told. But he knew that if he screwed up he could wind up in a dress himself. There was nothing Beth would have liked better than watching as Mark was presented with his first pair of panties.

Beth was wise enough to know of the effect she and Patty had on men and as embarrassed about it as she was she wasn’t above using it to make her life a little easier. So if she needed to she would flirt a little to get Mark to help her with things or to go easier on her if punishment was due. Mark really wanted to order Beth to felate him but knew that was a favor that only the Mistress could grant. Beth would hate the idea of that but making love to Patty would be all right with her, she blushed at her own thoughts. The doorbell interrupted those thoughts.

The Mistress pointed and the girls danced their way to the front door and opened it to let the grinning Mark into the house. Mark was pleased at the new indignity imposed on the girls. He spent quite some time examining the duel penis sheath. Mark already enjoyed humiliating the girls about their individual sheaths telling them how feminine they made their already small penises look. Mark admired the ruffle at each end of the sheath and ask them how it felt to feel each other “side by side” so to speak. He complimented them on their shoes and how nice their little fannies looked. He voiced mock sympathy at the plugs they both had inserted in them. Mark made his mistake when he slid the plug in and out of Patty’s rectum a few times. The Mistress saw the whole thing.

Mark stepped out of the Mistress’s car; his white pumps touched the pavement gently his nylon-clad legs looked even longer than they were in the short pink skirt. The white sweater showed off the D cup breasts to perfection. His pink tipped fingers clutched his little white bag. The girls smiled and waved at mark as the car pulled away from the curb. All mark had to do now was walk the six short blocks to the beauty shop for his makeover and wig fitting. Mistress was wondering what she was going to do with another sissy.

A Happy Wife


Sissy Girl Stories