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Rosie the Sissy – Part Eight

By Beverly Taff

List of characters

Me Robert, now called Rosie!
Wendy My twin sister
Angela Our younger half sister by my mother’s second boyfriend
Doris My drippy mother who lets everybody walk all over her
Aunty Janet My mother’s pushy domineering sister.
Harriet Our friend from the next farm
Aunty Margaret Harriet’s Mother
Jessica Harriet’s older sister
Charlie My New found clubbing friend
Sally Charlie’s landlady
Toni Sally’s Sapphic partner

Harriet giggled as Wendy studied my cum-splattered jaws and rigid tongue.

“Oh. I see. Couldn’t wait could you. I suppose I’ve missed all the fun.”

My erected tongue prevented any speech so Harriet explained excitedly.

            “Oh you should see it Wendy! There’s no stopping her. She can keep it up for hours. You just saw how she sent Charlie over the top.”

            Charlie’s gasping moans were still emanating from the shower like the lowing of a cow calling for the bull. Wendy smiled as she quickly got the jist of what had been going on. She turned to me and gently pinched my erected tongue with her fingers.

“So what are we to do with this beautiful morsel?”

I let out a gagged squawk.

“Oooowpphh. Oooon ooww aaa.”

“What was that? ‘Don’t do that’. Well why not? I don’t think anybody else needs its services just now. I’m still recovering from this morning,” declared Wendy. “D’you want another rogering?” She asked Harriet.

Harriet wagged her head as she grinned.

“Not just yet thanks. Tonight perhaps.”

“Well we’d better just leave her for now then.” Finished Wendy as she gave my rigid tongue an affectionate flick.

“Oooww aaaan eeeevv mmeee iiiii iiissss!” I gargled.

“Oh yes we can leave you like this.” Countered Wendy. “Unless you are relieved through your rosie, you’ll stay like that until we decide what to do with you.”

 I frantically reached for my frilly little organ to relieve myself but Wendy was already anticipating this. She grabbed my wrists and held them behind my back as she nodded towards the draw of the sideboard and instructed Harriet.

“There are some hand-cuffs at the back of the left hand drawer under the doilies. Get them for me.”

Harriet dug them out and deftly slipped them around my wrists then Wendy released me. It was now impossible for me to finger my frilly little rosie and I fidgeted urgently as I tried to frot myself against the sheets.

“Stoppit you little slut!” Commanded Wendy as she slapped my silk encased butt.

Tearfully, I desisted then struggled off the bed to stand before Wendy and Harriet with my tongue erected from my mouth and my rosie throbbing with need. My large breasts were also straining at my bra as my nipples stood out like organ stops. Wendy studied me then buttoned up my silky blouse and adjusted the hem of my miniskirt to make me a bit more presentable.

“There. That’s a bit more respectable. If you can call that thing on your face respectable! Now there are a few new house rules that are going to have to be obeyed.”

I stood nervous and helpless as Wendy elaborated.

“It’s obvious that your special talents are going to become public. Charlie has a reputation for gossiping and blabbing at the club so your secrets wont be secret for long.

Firstly, we’ll have to be extra careful when we go clubbing. You’ll need protection and you’ll not be allowed out unchaperoned at night. During the day at college you should have enough sense to avoid any situations that might cause an erection so we’ll have to trust that to you. Shopping shouldn’t be a problem either.

Secondly you’ll not be employing that delightful tongue of yours without our supervision and control. We all realise that’s it’s tantamount to a deadly weapon – for women at least.“

            “Albeit a friendly Weapon,” interrupted Harriet with a grin.

            Wendy smiled at the joke then continued.

“We are going to have to find some way of controlling your services whilst not being too cruel to you. Special sissy clothing might be one way and I’ll have to discuss this with Charlie. As you know she has some strange clients and she gets lots of odd clothing requests. This one will not be any odder than others she has already handled. I don’t really want to involve her too deeply but her tailoring experience is invaluable. I’ll speak to her when I run her home later. You’ll have to stay here. We can’t have you gallivanting about in the car with that thing sticking up in front of your eyes. Besides the effects it might have on any women who saw it, you can’t see properly ahead to drive. That thing must affect your vision.”

I wagged my head vigorously but I was utterly unable to explain that my eyes could see either side of it. I could see ahead in middle and distance easily. It was only close up like reading and sowing that it might become an issue. Then I realised how lame-brained my argument was. If I drove around town with a cock on my face, every woman who saw me would react one way or another, not to mention the men and worse, the police. For want of any argument and my inability to talk, I stood sullenly with my erect tongue-cock flagging my horny condition.

Harriet studied my erection and grinned as she turned to Wendy.

“She could pretend she was from a harem and wear a veil.”

Wendy smiled patronisingly and shrugged.

“She’d have to wear it from her forehead. Anyway, As soon as Charlie’s recovered, I’ll run her home. I’ll try and persuade her to keep quiet about this but I think the damage is already done.”

On cue, Charlie reappeared still looking a little flustered and walking a little gingerly as she stared at my cock-tongue and gasped at Wendy and Harriet.

“My God! Is she still horny?”

I wanted to explain, but my erect tongue still precluded speech. Instead I shrugged hopelessly as Wendy declared she would run Charlie home. At first Charlie seemed reluctant but eventually acquiesced as Wendy explained about my new alternative clothing needs.

“I could easily run some sort of face veil up. But how would it hide that-, that thing?”

Wendy and Harriet studied me again and fell silent. Charlie was right. Short of some sort of total face mask with a surgeon’s mouth cover, there was nothing that could appear normal and yet at the same time hide my face cock. I would have to go out looking like a Tourag woman with an extra wide nose bar between the eyeholes of my burqua mask.

Reluctantly, Wendy and Harriet agreed that they would have to relieve me to reduce the erection. Wendy instructed Charlie.

“You relieve her whilst I run Charlie home. Try and get that thing on her face down to size. It’s making me wet just looking at it.”

Harriet smiled as she glanced knowingly towards me.

“Will you be away long?”

“Well Charlie will have to run up a burqua ASAP,” declared Wendy, “that might take an hour or so. What d’you think, Charlie?”

“I’d have to run up a full burqua outfit. She’d have to disguise herself as a devout Muslim woman. She’d look a bit incongruous with just the headpiece.”

“So; how long?” Pressed Wendy.

Charlie took a tape measure from her purse and quickly ran it over my body. Harriet rooted out a paper and pencil as she read out some figures then she took the paper and joined Wendy in the car.

Harriet and I heard Charlie say about two hours to knock up an outfit then the pair drove off. Harriet turned knowingly to me with a grin as wide as a Cheshire cat.

“All the time in the world darling.”

“Mmmmphh. Iiie cooon ooo iiiph aain.” I squawked incoherently.

“Of course you can do it again darling. But not just yet eh?” Sniggered Harriet, as she demonstrated that now she was beginning to understand my muffled snorts.

Defeated, I slumped helplessly on the settee as Harriet cleared away the table and filled the dishwasher. Then she returned with a wider smile.

“Well. Two hours eh. We can take it nice and slow then can’t we.”

“Mmmmph!” I snorted uselessly.

With my hands cuffed and my tongue still erect I was nothing but a servile sissy plaything at Harriet’s beck and call. I wriggle helplessly against the cuffs but I was little more than a worm like bait on a hook. Harriet looked at me like a cat that had found the cream.

“So, shall we do it in the bedroom, or here in on the carpet in front of the fire?”

“I wagged my head and rolled my eyes skywards to try and indicate the bedroom. Fortunately, Harriet got the message but not before she had slipped off her frock to reveal a saucy set of frilly lingerie. She knew me exactly and my eyes widened appreciatively as my tongue stiffened just that little bit more; enough that Harriet could notice.

She giggled eagerly as her fingers gently stroked it and my neck twitched urgently.

“Ooo-oh! Don’t tell me it’s getting sensitive now. Gosh that makes me even wetter.”

I shuddered nervously for Harriet was right. My tongue had responded like a cock and I was getting nervous. She turned for the bedroom and her heels clipped urgently up the stairs. I was forced to follow as I watched her beautiful frilly butt swaying provocatively in her silky yellow basque, panties and low denier, glossy, black stockings. Never was there a sight better designed to arouse a man or yet more, a horny sissy. I traipsed eagerly up the stairs behind her and fell to my knees expectantly at the end of the huge bed as Harriet slithered onto the bed and turned to study my cock-tongue.

“So which way shall I take you; missionary or doggie fashion.”

“Mmmmmiiiioooomph,” I spluttered incoherently.

“Ah yes, Missionary. It’s so much better isn’t it? Your lovely little button nose can diddle my clitty as your wiggly tip can diddle my ‘G’ spot. Come on then darling get busy.”

Harriet rolled luxuriously onto her back, tugged down her panties and spread her legs apart in lustful invitation. My eyes fastened greedily on the glistening dewdrops and I stretched forward with my hands still handcuffed behind me. It was much easier to do it while kneeling on the floor because bending down to a girl on the floor caused my neck to ‘crick’ something awful. This way with Harriet sprawled on the bed and me kneeling servile on the floor, I could bend to enter her without any strain on my neck and thus serve her better.

Harriet could readily see the improved mechanics of the position and she moaned lustfully as I stretched forward with my silk encased breasts resting on the silky satin sheets thus titillating my extra sensitive nipples.

This time unbeknown to Harriet, as I thrust back and forth with my shoulders I found myself getting hornier and hornier. My stiff nipples savoured the delightful sensations of the silky bra cups of my basque slithering electrically on the satin sheets.

            Nevertheless, I was sissy-bound; to serve my mistress first and I struggled manfully to avoid setting myself off before she came. Fortunately, my efforts to please Harriet proved successful. She slowly started to rise to the swelling crescendo of her burgeoning orgasm and she started to whimper uncontrollably. Then she started bucking furiously as her needs finally overtook her and I felt with my sensitive cheeks, the first warm waves of lust growing between her thighs. Her hands then gripped my beautiful hair and she tugged desperately at my head to mash the ridge of my nose harder against her stiff swollen clitty. A long low wail started growing in her throat and started to swell in volume like a melodious siren as Harriet finally achieved her goal. Finally her hips gave a series of furious lunges as she crested towards her orgasm before she slowly started to subside. I was quickly learning to sense my mistress’s different natures and I sensed that Harriet needed one quick violent series of thrusts to complete climax.

Being so close to my mistresses during our lovemaking and having all my senses concentrated so close to the very cores of their sexual well-being had made me the perfect love toy. I sensed the very point at which Harriet was entering her final climactic explosion and suddenly started nodding my head furiously. My tongue started rapiering furiously back and forth as I twisted and flicked the flexible tip. Harriet let out an uncontrollable scream of delight then collapsed in exhaustion as I slowed down in perfect parallel with her subsiding needs. Her screams turned to gasps and finally to a feeble whimper as I felt every muscle in her over wracked body slacken and sag with repletion. For fun, I continued diddling the tip of my tongue and a feeble cry died to a gargle in her throat as she twitched helplessly on her back. I knew she was trying to somehow expel my tongue from her satiated maw, but all she managed was to drum her heels helplessly on my back as she beat a tattoo of defeat and exhaustion.

“Please. Stop -, stop! Stoppit! No! That’s enough -, enough! No more! Plee-easse!”

Having wreaked my sissy revenge, I, the servile sex slave, had now become the mistress and, despite my state of handcuffed bondage, I had Harriet at my beck. Her fingers toyed feebly with my beautiful blond hair as she finally collapsed with exhaustion. I glanced along her heaving chest and watched as she finally slipped into sleep. Slowly, I shuffled back to slip my tongue from her overloaded body. Her loins twitched slightly but she was too far out of it to notice. Now I was free to explore my own solutions and I resumed rubbing my silky satin bra cups against the satin sheets.

With Harriet now asleep she failed to notice my secretive activities. I, Being a fully developed sissy was now free to indulge my own peculiar she-male delights.

My double d breasts had given me all the blessings that all woman enjoyed in that particular department but in addition, I enjoyed the additional luxury of exquisitely sensitive nipples. The drugs that Aunty Janet had overdosed me with during childhood had left me peculiarly sensitive throughout and around my nipples. Now my two beautiful little cherries strained urgent and stiff against the silky embrace of my silky bra, as they demanded relief. The simple action of sliding my silky satin bra cups against the satin sheets was more than enough to send me over the top and within minutes the accumulated frustrations of that whole afternoon finally found relief. I felt my rosie start to twitch salaciously then the old delightful sensations surged through my loins as I felt my seed seeping into my silky knickers. I looked down to see the wet sticky patch filling the crotch of my panties and my heart thudded with excitement as my hips humped uselessly to try and enhance the delightful sensations. Sadly, there was no responsive stiff erection to squeeze and frot, just the frilly petals of my rosie brushing tantalisingly inside my silky panties. These were not my ordinary panties with the aperture to allow my Rosie freedom. There were more like punishment panties, where the hypersensitive circumferential petals of my strange sissified organ were confined to rub frustratingly against the inside of the silky panties

Nevertheless, any orgasm was better than none at all and I gasped with pleasure as the delightful sensations pumped relief through my loins. More importantly, my orgasm finally caused my erect cock-tongue to eventually subside. Slowly my tongue withdrew back into my mouth and was able to talk again, albeit with the usual lisping characteristics.

Regretfully, there was nobody to talk to. Harriet was lying asleep on the bed while Wendy and Charlie would be gone for quite sometime yet. Dressed only in my suspender basque, frilly panties and stockings, I went down stairs and watched television.

Wendy and Charlie found me curled up asleep in the chair with my hands still helplessly cuffed behind me. I woke to find knowledgeable fingers gently caressing my nipples.

“Hey. Thtop that. You’ll thet me off again and make my tongue grow, I bleated feebly.

“Well, put this on. See if it fits.” Ordered Wendy as Charlie held out a large pink silky garment.

I turned to demonstrate my helplessly handcuffed state so Wendy went to get the keys. I heard her talking to a sleepy Harriet then she returned holding them up in her fingers and grinning.

“I’ll bet you wish you knew were these were hidden.”

I eyed the shiny jingling keys and sighed hopelessly. Wendy slipped the cuffs from my wrists and I waved my arms stiffly. As I looked at the clock, I realised that I must have been asleep for a couple of hours. No wonder my slender arms were so stiff and sore. Once my arms were OK, Charlie held up the all enveloping silky gown and invited me to slip it on. Charlie held up the hem and slipped the silky folds over my head and extended arms.

It was only after the whole garment had settled over my shoulders that I realised there was no head opening just some sort of headpiece, and the sleeves were ‘blind’.

“Hey. I can’t get my head or my hands free!” I protested.

“That’s right darling. It’s called a burkah. Women wear them in some Islamic countries to remain modest. I think it quite becomes you. You’re quite the most modest little lady now. In fact we can see nothing. See. Even your hands are covered.”

I peered through the narrow slits in the face of the headpiece and realised that there was even some fine silky gauze lining the face-piece. I could see out, even though the view was very restricted. There were only two narrow vertical slots and my peripheral vision was non-existent, not to mention the hazy faded light filtering through the fine gauze that reduced much detail. Wendy and Charlie were shadowy figures. Whilst I could just about see out enough to avoid bumping into things, nobody but nobody would ever recognise me. Then as I lifted my hands to try and adjust my headpiece, I realised that my hands were severely restricted. The sleeves were in fact sown to the side seams of the gown as far as my waist and only allowed a little freedom at the wrists and just below the elbows. This proved utterly pointless for it made me look like a penguin trying to flap its stubby little flippers.

“I can’t move my arms!” I blubbered.

“Good. Then you’ll be obedient won’t you,” observed Wendy, “now try the next modification, Charlie.”

Before I could react, Charlie had slipped behind me. With my hopelessly restricted vision, I was utterly unable to see her as she slipped a belt through some loops sown into the waist of the burka. As I felt the belt tighten and buckle, I realised that I could never get free of this horrible gown without help. My hands were absolutely helpless.

I stood tense and nervous only to feel a pair of soft fingers gently stroking my rosie through the soft silky folds of the ping nylon burka.

“Hey. You’ll get me horny again!” I cried.

“Exactly darling. We have to test the face piece.”

Even as Wendy replied I felt the familiar feeling begin again as my rosie started to twitch and uncurl inside my silky panties. Already I could feel the waves of lust surging up my tummy and my nipples hardened inside the satiny cups of my basque.

“Well, well!” Chuckled Charlie. “Who’s getting stiff nipples then?”

I felt unknown fingers gently caressing my turgid nipples through the silky material of my burka and I gasped as I sagged in surprise. I wanted to object, but already, my tongue was stiffening again and words were becoming impossible.

“Pleeth shtop aaat!” Was the last beseechment I could manage before my tongue became fully erect and pushed eagerly against the silky gauze lining on my burka headpiece. I could feel him growing and ‘tenting’ the face-piece.

“Ahh. Now that’s what I hoped,” declared Charlie as I felt busy fingers grip the face-piece of my burka. She lifted the face-piece up so that a tube of silky material slipped over my cock-tongue and imprisoned him against the inside middle section of my face-piece between the two vertical slots. My cock-tongue was now fully erected, but encased in silk and all but invisible from the outside. The only indication was the headband of the burka headpiece was now set firm around my head and unlikely to move, as long as my erected cock-tongue anchored it firmly in place. I felt Charlie gently stroke the silky outer front of my headpiece between the eye slots and this was like stroking a penis encased in a silky tube. It sent paroxysms of delight down to my rosie and I twitched and squealed with nervous delight.

“Is that nice darling?” Whispered Wendy.

“Eeeethhh”, I muffled as the silky tube trapped my cock-tongue against the headpiece and left it totally vulnerable to whatever abuses my cruel sister decided.

I wiggled my trapped hands uselessly like a penguin destined for a seal’s mouth.

The final insult was when they unzipped the back of the burka up to the waist and exposed my rounded peachy curves for anybody to see that I was dressed as a provocative sex siren underneath.

“Now when we go to the club darling, this is how we’ll have to dress you,” declared Wendy, “we can’t have you waving that delightful cock-tongue of yours to all the other clubbers.”

I could make no response other than let silent tears run down my cheeks invisible to all under my all-embracing burka. I peered carefully for the sofa and flung myself down to resume watching television. Wendy and Charlie went into the kitchen and prepared supper.


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